The Bath In Love

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The Bath In Love .
The boy from his blossoming adolescence stepped in flooding youth and was little aware of the enemy that may drag his blood in guise of motherly care and affection . The widow cook in the hostel ,often shared the boy with all sorts of caresses as solace of loneliness and companion .She often hugged him and this grew into a strange fascination . The boy felt a sort of ignition in his dumb impulses . Sometimes he thought in his lonely hours how the embraces and kisses differed from those of his dead mother at his elderly childhood days . Then , he did not feel the storm in his body and mind , as now he is feeling .Perhaps the sleeping libido now has awakened !
Ajanta the widow ,-had lost her husband in her early girlish days when she had just shared the privilege of landing into the no man’s land and getting lost into ecstasy .As a Hindu woman ,she had to remain in fast ,from the age of 20. The traditional austerity and imposed conventions proved bar to her blood thirsty tigress . There were eyes to eye her womanly allurement , there were secret winks to tease her wild volcano , there were occasional intruders to cause gratis assistance. But alas she was undone ! Her conservative Hindu-Brahmin family reduced her into a forlorn desert .
With the waning of the family resources and gradual stopping of her widow allowances ,she was proposed to work as a cook and caretaker in a boys’ hostel .Her time passed in work and service .Her dormant mother hood though was deprived of the chemistry , yet she ever fostered the desired operation . Moloy ,-the 18-years boy since his arrival in the hostel was under the sole guardianship of Ajanta as the woman was a distant relative of his father and it was his father who managed her the job some ten years ago . Once Moloy feel ill , his fever continued an week , she nursed him , and sat by his bed till Moloy slept . One night ,she fell asleep while she was laying healing balm on Moloy’s fore-head .Moloy pretended to be in sleep ,as as she might come closer to his body . His conscious grew , he began to breathe heavy and warm , his hands came up ,his lips rose , and his man’s tool turned into an erected wine . He could not even feel how the tiger from his unconscious forest had it’s nature’s incarnation .
Ajanta too ,in another way dreaming the dream of her first melting with her husband . Who knows how dreams often cause miracle ! She with stirring tidal set herself in the whirl wind of mutual alchemy .And when she came into awareness , then her fiery tigress was in an irresistible ride, took route to the crescendo of climax .Nothing save hot breath of the two sweating figures with up and down of wangling hopers found entry into that colossal frenzy .
Ajanta after the over of the miracle perhaps had unasked recognition from the teen aged guy as how she could drag him to dig her hidden treasure and how Moloy proved commensurate to rise into the occasion by tearing the kinesthetic recesses of organisms . There prevailed a pause ,and the pause demanded mutual confession . They waited and waited without verbal recognition .
The night was stormy with thick and dense clouds .The first shower after its wild fall resumed .The dim lamp of the silent bed room no longer felt its unnecessary intrusion .The already operated bed cast a lustful tongue . Ajanta and Moloy were unconsciously conscious of the inner geography that sprang from the weather of their cohesion .They vehemently felt the echoing revival of the land of oblivion and involuntarily lent each the other ‘skin ,-cozy touch ,lapping infusion . Then the inferno came out with blue flame. Lingered they with accelerated ignition .And the body’s book began to open its pages , they only shared a bit of liberty of their dumb instincts .
The unprecedented tornado was over and Ajanta with glee-deep-shyness quitted the unconventional bridal bed . The morning came into consciousness .It was spring and the seasonal cuckoo let loose the catalectic of romantic commotion with its full throated induction .Moloy’s ears caught the cuckoo’s passage ,-
From your buried –deep come I,
To play on the pleasure of your measure ,
Dear unquenched women and love-loran-guys .

My voice evokes nature’s chemistry ,
I do seduce , who ever refuses ,
To test the forbidden mutual mystery .

The wall-clock signals the class room serene .Ajanta in half-melted voice inquires of placing the dining disk .But today Malay has no hurry .He felt no cause to attend the college .The last night’s tornado till spells its bewitching mandate .Moloy’s whole concern as if is captivated to the invisible laboratory where two opposite genders witness the atomic fusion . He now hears the clarion call of his he-man , and wishes a hat-off-salute to Ajanta .He approved all that happened as a bliss .He ardently wished to give a grand thank to the lady irrespective of age and social relation . But felt cowed to translate his wishes into verbal reality .

After the completion of the day’s cooking and house holding Ajaanta found private –time to muse on Moloy’s probable reactions over the nuisance where she had her soul role . Her natural and moral balance weighs different factors . From societal justification she is Moloy’s aunt ,a lady next to his mother , and again Moloy is half of her age ,and moreover what Moloy’s father would think if he knows the impossible lapse of her womanhood with his 18-years son .But so what ! What else is there for her legitimate appetite ! .The prerogative of her vitality suffered a prolong starvation .Had she not been furrowed and harrowed continually for two succeeding years by her military husband , she never felt the burning fury of irresistible must to such degree .Hers is a vacant stay and she is a repressed bonsai .

The Monday late-noon broke its silence with Moloy’s call ,’Hey where are you ,-hungry I am , please serve the lunch’ . Ajanta was breathlessly waiting for the address .It came to her as a gust of fresh air . The only exclusion,-‘aunty’ from Moloy’s habitual address bore to her certain secret code of approval . During the lunch neither of the two looked at each other face to face , but their eyes searched the hide and seek notice in one another’s countenance . The hanging feels felt the willing suspension .

The afternoon , the evening , seemed reluctant to take their usual speed . Their minds had galloping steeds to bed-time destination . Moloy directed his mind to the ways of his conjectures,- as how he would pretend ,how he would call Ajanta to finger his headache ,-how ! Ajanta formed her gut with the surest proposition that she would dress Moloy’s bed early that night , and would message his body ,in the same manner as she once did to her dead husband .Besides she had already in Moloy’s eye the language of the ‘bath’,-bath in her lake .

Ajanta who so long kept her beauty uncared , tonight took a peep into the old mirror .She beautified herself with a navy blue Shari and shoulder-cut matched blouse . She took out the bra from the year-worn tin-trunk and coped that with her swelled but elastically pointed breasts . She took a view of her own image , and burst with tears for the providence’s negligence to her woman’s capital . Erotic now she is , and her python has risen from the wintery sleep . Moloy ! she reminisces the last night , equals her vitality . If she discloses the sixteen-arts of Kam Sutras to him ,-then he would surely be the valiant counter .

What she and he within each self surmised found the truest reality . The bed waited to be a deluge of artesian well with setting of a lagoon at the heart of some Abyssinian forest where a phantom shadowed of two wrestling cobras in gravitational twist ‘.In the faint candle light Ajanta and Moloy were hissing .No vocal speech they uttered as the language of their crude instincts swayed even their human dimension . The untamed tiger and the tigress got lost into remotest wrath .Their lips teethed , tongues sucked , hands frequented , feet rubbed , and the cook and the hole turned into the piston and cylinder a light-velocity rocket .They felt and knew the nadir of libido’s banquette .

Some weeks and some months went on . Their passions turned into natural habit . They were leading the conjugal life of a husband and wife . It was more of Ajanta’s concern than Moloy . For , she needed a stay , but her fate did not allow . Since her husband’s death , she had some occasional union with Moloy’s father who was in a habit of keeping several kept in several places . Moloy had no idea of this . But if that man ever could know the liaison , what would happen , she can’t imagine . And again during the college vacation , Moloy goes home and his father , with some business pretext , takes tour and often Ajanta goes with him .

Submitted: March 02, 2013

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Submitted: March 02, 2013



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