Letters to someone special: The Power Of Love

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a nice love poem i had wrote once to define the feelings I had for a particular female in my life. i think I was trying to impress her at the same time trying to convey a romantise image of what true love could be, if only we made it.

Submitted: December 29, 2006

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Submitted: December 29, 2006



The Power Of Love

Her hair glimmers like a brown fire,

Completely capturing the imagination of my hearts desire,

Theseductious swells and curvesof her body entices me in every way,

So that when weseperate our hearts beat harder and yearn for another stay,

The silkiness of her skin is smooth and soft to the touch,

The rouge of rose petals decorates her cheeks when she blush,

Her teeth reflects the sun and lights up her smile,

Igniting the dim flame of a loney man's world to burn brighter for a while,

Still she holds herself upright, as a true lady, a senorita,

So now I must ask her "Como te llamas bonita?",

The world must have been blind before I don't know how other's could'nt have seen,

That everything about her is the embodiment of a lover's dream,

So that we escape in an oblivion of bliss, when we kiss or embrace in a hug,

Andmy heartbeat likens the flapping wings of a dove,

So baby tell me..... is this the power of true love?

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