Fantasy Faith

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This is how I define hope, be it in self or "out there". I hope you can find some as well.

Submitted: January 07, 2007

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Submitted: January 07, 2007



Purity is its very nature

Free unbridled, owned by no one

Perfect serenity its mother

Inner strength its father


Freedom, trust, goodness, its ancestors


Unmathced, unyielding, rippling in a coat of silver

With eyes of crystal and crown of ivory

It understands that which is beyond reason

Serves one whose very existence defines power

While those from the shadow and the night

Hunt it, crave to corrupt this purest of innocence

The challenge is awsome, but they salivate with anticipation

Fore the reapings are exponentially greater

They search, they chase, they fail, they die...


Standing proud, battered, victorious, bleeding

Its mane, like a cape, flowing in the wind

The symbol of freedom that outreaches liberty

The wildest among the wild

Unique in a domain of wonders

And beautiful beyond awe

It... they are the proudest among the proud

For they are the Unicorn

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