Forgotten Ghosts

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When dealing with disease it amazes me how soo many are not seen.

Submitted: January 09, 2007

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Submitted: January 09, 2007



A convulsed sobbing can be heard

a broken man can be seen

in moral combat with himself

asking questions to which there are no answers

the source of his tears, anger and fear

Control tries to set in

as ivory sinks into dusty peach

rivulets of trickling crimson the price paid

albeit too high for it is tainted

he knows not how, this fear entered

He was brought to an establishment of healing

what seems eons ago now

lost in the mist

but he remembers, for his body was broken

yet his spirit stood

Strong, immovable

now the spirit has withered

a pile of dead hopes

within a fleshy carcass

watch closely, as he slowly fades away

A singular among plurals

isolated, yet part of a community

scattered  beyond the horizon

all living with fear

not only of themselves

but of what action causes

the slightest mistake, spreading

learning to cope, survival

Secrets of those who are dead

kept from the living

a burden caused by stereotype

resulting in ignorance and hate

How curious this fear can be

for among words

it is microscopic

among people

king of giants


Three letters and a positive mathematical sign

Are its entirety

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