Sometimes I wish

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Time, you funny, funny fellow

Submitted: January 08, 2007

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Submitted: January 08, 2007



Sometimes i sit down and i write

for no apparent reason

but to express a thought or some ridiculous emotion

sometimes friends and an outing are the "Soup du jour"

off chasing women, or polluting ourselves

with the water of life

sometimes the TV seduces me

many a quiet evening has been spent

the tale woven, colorful and real, just watching

sometimes the secrets of others

masters of the pen, especially, intrigue me

from cover to cover an exercise of the imagination

sometimes I just close my eyes

engulfed by black, unmoving

regressed form everything, yet knowing I'll be refreshed

when I open them again

sometimes I thirst for the unethical

a prey, in simpler terms

a taste for the hunt

then anticipation, the lust

sometimes, restlessness arises

the urge to run, anywhere

not necessarily away or to something

just to run

A jigsaw of personal time

many pieces forming complex designs

flashbacks of what was

up dating what is

speculating on what will be


Sometimes I wish there were less sometimes

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