What is it to love?

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This piece was written over ten yearws ago when I was trying to understand the meaning of "loving someone". I understand more know but I'm still a work in progress. Enjoy.

Submitted: January 13, 2007

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Submitted: January 13, 2007



What is it to love?

How does one know?

Is it feelings and experiences

Navigated under certain circumstances

With certain people?

I know love of family

It is the bond that holds

A tether from one generation to the next

It can be seen in the sparkle

Of a grandfather's eye

And heard in a grandchild's laugh

I know love of friends

Those special people

Who know you

Even down to secrets

I know it in the fact

My life for theirs

I do not know what it is to love someone

I see it everyday, but I don't understand

How do they know?

What are the signs?

Doest it start with a smile that make you shake?

And then grows to a touch

That reaches beyond your soul

Is it that look that kills?

One secod of eye contact

And all inhibitions peel away

I wish I knew

But the necessity of being certain

May come at the cost of happiness missed

What I can give

The amount I offer, astounds me

But do I dare?

Am I ready?

I do not know

What it is to love someone


I am afraid....

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