Up in Flames

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She was a young firefighter trying to find meaning in her life. He was a young journalist working as security guard at nights. They meet in the most unusual circumstances.

Submitted: April 21, 2016

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Submitted: April 21, 2016



Penelope was the type of girl that most guys would not give a second look if they passed her on the street. Most guys would describe her as "average". She would best describe herself as "casual" and she would describe most guys as "stupid". She was not the kind of girl that liked attention and especially the wrong kind of attention from the wrong type of guy which seemed to be the only type of guys that she attracted.

Most girls were not firefighters either. Her parents told her that she could be anything growing up but by anything they meant a doctor, lawyer or even the President of the United States. "Anything", did not include becoming a firefighter. Her parents were "beside themselves" when she told them she was going to get a degree in Fire Science at the community college. They told her that they were not going to pay for it which they thought would end the matter - which it didn't. She put herself through school working odd jobs.

Ben could best be described as "Just Ben". If you asked Ben to describe himself he would tell you that he was a freethinker. If you asked, Ben's friends, family co-workers or even Ben's first grade teacher they would tell you that Ben was misunderstood. Which was basically a nice way of saying that Ben was easily distracted, unmotivated and would rather just be left alone.

It was fair to say, that Ben did not really have a career path. He had a number of dead end jobs that paid the rent but not worth mentioning. Currently he was working as a late night security guard at a business park. If someone told him in college that a degree in Journalism would mean that he would get to drive a Prius in circles around a business park in the middle of the night for little pay he may have considered changing his major.

It was on one such night that the fire started. He was taking his usual 2 AM nap between tours when the smell of smoke woke him. What was unusual about the smoke was it could actually be described as pleasant or sweet smelling. It was coming from a local warehouse across the street where they packaged potpourri. He thought ironically, that it was lucky that they didn’t package manure.

Ben had the uncanny ability to recognize when he was making a bad decision but lacked the mental fortitude, as he liked to call it, to change the course. After all part of his job description as a security guard was to check things out. He could already hear the sirens from the fire trucks in the distance and he wanted to be the first one on the scene. He was already going over in his mind what he would tell the reporters when they arrived. However, when he was climbing up the old fire escape to look through the large factory windows he was not planning on the railing giving way.

Later when he described how he met Penelope he described the event as magic. He tells the tale of how a Greek goddess pulled him from the flames and the chaos. After he describes how she breathed the breath of life back into his body and when their lips met it was electric and how the air smelled of wildflowers. Penelope describes how she found him lying on his back in the middle of a burning warehouse completely helpless and unconscious. She then describes how she risked her life to drag him through a burning building and how his breath smelled of Doritos and Mountain Dew when she tried to resuscitate him. After a pause she adds, guys really are stupid but when she says it, it is with a smile on her lips.



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