for someone who will never read it.

I promise I’ll get better

I’ll do it for you

I’ll do it for your sister

I’ll do it for me, for us.

I’m getting better

I’m doing good baby

I promise.

Your promises mean nothing.

I love you angel face,

I can’t wait to see you,

Baby what’s wrong? I missed you.

Are you okay? I love you.

Look at me.

This was my mistake.

I know it was.

I’m so proud of you my angel.

I’m going to be there I promise.

Send me lots of pictures!

You look so beautiful my love.

You told me these things once,

But yet again you disappointed me, so now

Because of you, I hurt. 

Submitted: December 29, 2015

© Copyright 2023 a world unseen. All rights reserved.

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Salma Said

I like this poem. It's so sad, but there is a meaning behind it. It sounds like two people I know....Great job!

Tue, December 29th, 2015 10:14am

a world unseen

Thank you

Tue, December 29th, 2015 7:00pm

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