When the End Comes

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Sometime the end can be blissful.

Various hues of grey covered the once blue sky, there was no rain but it looked as if the heavens would release its tears at any given moment. Mountains stood tall, seeming black in the dim light, enclosing a valley formerly covered in vibrate green grasses and small yellow weeds. The valley use to be a place for first date picnics and late night star gazing but that was back in a time when the world was at peace; back in a time before the green grass was dyed red by the blood of soldiers fighting for their country.

They had nowhere to go as the armies came like bats out of hell surrounding the quite town from all sides. The people locked their doors and watched the war rage from their windows. They were forced to listen to the cries of battle each clash of swords, every groan of pain, and all yelps of victory. It wasn’t their war to be fighting but somehow they got caught in the middle. Their only hope was that the victor would be kind enough to leave the humble town in peace; so they listened, watched, and waited as the timeless war continued.


Jayden’s house sat in spitting distance of the battle, she watch from her window half hidden in her dark purple curtains. Everything seemed to blur together the longer she watch, she could barely see the difference between the two sides. It had been three days sense they arrived and she was running low on essential supplies; it all felt hopeless. It was as if the war would never end but would continue until starvation over took the town killing everyone off one by one and even after they are all died and gone the war would still carry forward. Maybe it was time to start praying to God for a hero to save us? Jayden scoffs “Like God gives two shits was this pathetic insufficient town, he doesn’t even know we exist. No one does, even the soldiers seemed surprised as they barged through our gates.”

Standing up she walked in the kitchen filling a glass with water. Staring out her kitchen window she could no longer see the battle, the only sight was the mountain side. Desperately she begged for something interesting to happen, the longer she was cooped up in this house the greater her boredom grew.  

As if on cue the heavy clip-clop of a horses hoof thundered from behind the house, she leaned over the sink only catching a glimpse as the horse and its rider stormed past. Staring in awe Jayden gawked as the riders red cape snapped against the wind. He was headed straight for the gruesome battle, sword raised high. Leaning a little further she strained to see if anyone else would follow behind him but no one appeared.

Quickly she ran back to the living room window, already he was at the edge of combat, instantly off his horse smacking it on the rear causing the animal to take off back in the direction it came from. Surging into battle he wiped out any enemy in his path with one powerful swipe of his alluring sword. Even from her window Jayden could see the magnificence of the sword, its blade glistened, a dim blue, in the pale light. It had engravings climbing down the blade leading your eyes to the hilt. The hilt was completely transcendent, molded in intercut cravings that were hard to follow yet made it difficult to look away. The man himself was equally as splendid as the sword he bore. His short brown hair was a mess yet he pulled it off well, it seemed he hadn’t had the chance to shave in a while leaving him with a five o’clock shadow that outlined his jaw line nicely, he had full lips that drew you in making you want nothing more than to press your against his, but perhaps his most captivating features were his eyes, they were a deep grey that matched the sky perfectly on this particular day. Jayden caught herself staring much longer then she intended but something about this gorgeous man kept her eyes locked on him.

Yanking her eyes away she turned her back to the window, emotions flooded over her. She was lost and confused having never felt this way before Jayden had not a clue what to do. Turning again she spotted him immediately, his red cape stood out like a rose in a field of sunflowers, spinning he struck down another causing his lips to stretch into an immense smile. His teeth were perfectly straight and shone against his deep plum lips, Jayden felt her heart skip a beat as she watched the stranger swing his sword hitting every target he aimed for. He was good at what he did, she was very much impressed, but not only was he prime at it he enjoyed it as well. There was no doubt in her mind as she saw the smile grow a little more with each enemy that fell. Just that would have turned anyone else away but for some odd reason it made Jayden even more intrigued.

Jayden gazed at the ravishing stranger for hours unable to unglue her feet from the spot in front of the living room window. She had never met this man before but somehow she knew they were connected. “Souls recognize each other by the way they feel, not by the way they look, but I didn’t know how he felt I mean hell he hasn’t even seen me yet. I know how I feel though doesn’t that count for anything?” Jayden thought about it and came to the conclusion that if she felt this strongly about this new found man there had to be something there; a smile crossed her face at the thought. She pictured them meeting for the first time, her standing face to face with him, seeing his beautifully grey eyes up close, pressing her lips against his just letting the world disappear.


The Commander had grown tired, he had lost track of time and was unsure how much longer he could continue. He swung left impaling one then spinning right decapitating another, blood covered his hand crafted sword yet it still shone in the pale light. Placing both hand on the hilt he through it above his head bringing it down on the enemy. Breathing heavy he stop for a moment knowing it wouldn’t last long. He was right another enemy came barreling toward him, lifting his sword with ease he sent it through the man’s chest killing him instantly. The enemy was getting fewer and fewer; the Commander had to watch where he was swinging his sword so he wouldn’t hit one of his men. With the battle coming to an end he started to relax.

Commander Davis was a remarkable mercenary but once a soldier hit exhaustion they become slow and inaccurate with little hope for return. With him there was no return, with one final spin he found the sharp end of an enemy sword. The enemy soldier smile pulling the sword out, it made a sharp scraping sound against the Commander’s armor. A look of shock over took Davis’s handsome face then quickly emerged peace.

 Most of this life had been spent killing other, as a young boy of eighteen he rapidly moved up the ranks not only because he was stunning in combat but because he could easily kill with no remorse. He never told anyone but he enjoyed killing and never saw anything wrong with it until that moment. As he laid there seeing his life flash before his eyes, just like everyone always said, Davis turned his head only to find himself staring into the eyes of a women gazing back at him through the window of a small house. His heart skipped one of the few beats he had left, smiling he mouthed the words “I love you” to a complete stranger; yet somehow he knew he wasn’t lying.


Jayden gasped as the sword pierced through him, it had come out of nowhere. Tears welt up in her eyes, her hand clasped over her mouth. Lying on the ground he turned to look at her and she knew straight away that he felt it too. His eyes glistened, the corner of his lips turned up in a smile, and he mouthed “I love you” the tears starting flowing unwillingly she didn’t know what to do. There was something like magic in that moment and then just like that it was ripped away from her.

Jayden started for the door not caring if the battle was still raging, flinging the door open she ran. The soldiers started the take notice the closer she got they all stopped in awe as the girl ran toward them. Finally she reached the Commander; falling to her knees she slowly took his face in her hand. “I love you too” she whispered then placed her lips on his as every last soldier gazed in confusion but still not daring to move. 

Submitted: August 18, 2015

© Copyright 2022 a world unseen. All rights reserved.

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Zach MacDonald

Interesting story. You captured the perspectives of both characters in a short time, and even though the exact world and circumstances of the war are not revealed, all the necessary details are there to tell the tale of their connection.

I liked the "rose in a field of sunflowers" analogy, and thought you pulled off well the soulmate idea of seeming to recognize in some way a person you've never met before.

A punctuation suggestion: try being a bit more liberal with the commas in some places. For example: "Mountains stood tall(,)seeming black in the dim light(,)enclosing a valley formerly covered...

Nice writing and storytelling.

Wed, August 19th, 2015 3:23am


Thank you!! I very much appreciate your suggestion and will defiantly look over once again. Thank you again!

Tue, August 18th, 2015 8:39pm

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