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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
A poem of mixed emotions and overcoming ultimate feats.

Submitted: February 09, 2016

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Submitted: February 09, 2016





In the midst of a Labyrinth

They both were lost

Among the pain and sorrow


He sat and waited and cried

Praying for guidance.

He got up once or twice to ask for directions,

But those whom he asked were lost, too.

Sitting down again, he cried into his lap.

“I can’t do it by myself!”

He yelled.


On the low, behind the growth

There was one who heard him.

She too was lost.

She came to his aid, though he forbade

And on his refusal she was off again.

He stayed on the ground praying for sound.


In the midst of a Labyrinth

They both were lost

Among the dreary screams of agony


Tired of running,

She sat for a while, crying and catching her breath.

She looked up from the darkness

And noticed a sun in the sky.

She looked and meandered and wondered why.

“It’s so far away.”

She said.

“I want it, but I can’t reach it.”

No, she thought.

I can’t reach it by myself.


Standing up she ran to him

And found him still on the ground.


She cried.

“Let’s go!”

His eyes looked up with such pain and sorrow.

“We can reach it, I know!

“Together we go!”

But he refused.


He looked up at the sun

And though for a minute it sparkled in his eyes,

It vanished a moment later.


She looked at him then turned away.


She spoke.

“I’ll get it myself.”

And all within him shattered.

She left again and ran again

Through the mazes of the Labyrinth.


He stayed and cried

And prayed some more,

Waiting for an answer.


As the day went on, the sun went down

And she ran for the horizon to catch it.

She jumped as it touched land,

She caught it with both hands.

She sat with her arms clamped around it.

She would never let it go.


He waited through the night

Unaware of her flight

And sat with the shadows engulfing him.

They devoured his mind,

Yet he still sat behind

Murmuring words to the Forbidden.

He waited for directions.


In the midst of a Labyrinth

Only one is still lost

Cowering for help from another.

The other made it out,

Still alive, still about,

But once she reached her hand

He refused again.


In the midst of a Labyrinth

The sun still comes up

And still goes down,

But you have to catch it.

© Copyright 2019 A. L. Culverhouse. All rights reserved.

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