A Spidery Encounter

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A spider's journey in my bedroom one night.

Submitted: January 09, 2018

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Submitted: January 09, 2018



Yep, here I am writing weird stuff once again. But so you know, this is where this one comes from.

Spider Tale: #1

Once upon a night, in years past by, I was engaging in a time of rest. As I lay in the bed, watching some show upon my television, I suddenly felt the sensation of a presence upon my skin. At first, I wasn't sure what it was, since sometimes the covers can kinda just be slightly touching your arm giving off the same indication of a creature crawling on you, but alas this time it was not the case.

In the flickering light of the televison bathing my body, I could see the eight legged monstrousity just casually moving across my left arm. I say monstrousity, but it actually wasn't much bigger than a nickel in total radius. Now, this next segment is going to seem rather freakish to those who have a true fear of these things so: Warning do not read any further.

Now, not knowing what type this little bugger was, I did the smartest thing I could think of doing, despite my initial instinct to swipe it away as quick as possible. Keeping my eyes on the spidery little sucker, I laid there watching its journey across my entire body. Thankfully, it was going perpendicular to my body's direction which shortened the time it remained upon my skin, but still when something that creepy is moving across you staying calm isn't always the easiest thing, especially if you have a fear of the buggers. Thankfully, I don't. I just don't like them crawling on me. Nuff said about that. 

Anyway, I laid there for approximately two minutes, if that long, for this--all high and mighty-- arachnid to walk all over me. Of course, I couldn't quite tell what type it was though I could tell it wasn't the Black Widow variety, unless it was a male. It didn't have the distinctly dark coloration that is mostly associated with that group. It's actual color was probably more a light brown, since the light of the television reflected the surface of its body as quite light in color, but not transparent of course.

After it had made its way across and on to the bed, I planted my arm and vaulted over its presence, landing with a slight thud on my feet off of the bed. My eyes never lost sight of the creature during that whole acrobatic affair. With a quick grab of the nearest hard object--a rolled up magazine--, I whacked the blasted arachnid fiend, sending it off to that beautiful spidery heaven in the sky.


Spider Tale: #2


Now, this little story happened a lot more recently. In fact, it was only about a year ago. This one actually scared me a bit because this time the spider was bigger and it wasn't crawling on me, but lying in wait in a most discouraging place.

As with most mornings, I awoke at 5 A.M., since I have to be at work by 6. My routine follows this pattern mostly with little deviation. Wake up, after fighting the alarm clock with three doze settings. Go to the bathroom to urinate. Wash off hands, splash some water on my face to get the sleep out my eyes, and return to my room to begin putting work clothes on. I usually put on my pants right after slipping my socks on.

Well, this particular morning, I learned the hard way you should shake your clothing a bit more before putting them on. Socks on, I put my right leg into my pants that I had lying out during the night. Plop! A rather large wolf spider drops out the bottom of my right pants leg. My right leg immediately jumps back out the pants and I drop my pants on top of the spider. Stupid, yes, but when faced with a large hairy creature roaming around inside your pants that isn't your leg I felt my action was rather justified. 

So, now, I have to lift my pants back up off the spider. Of course, its going to try to hide and run off, but I have Lysol or something similar to spray it with. As soon, as I spot the beast, I start spraying. It runs off toward my bedroom door. I'm thinking it came in that way and is now tring to run back to its way in, but no. It runs to the wall next to my door, right to where the doorstop is. I'm still spraying this bastard with the Lysol as much as I can. Of course, I'm unsure if it'll kill it, but I know that archnids and insects are similar in their ability to breath through their exoskeletons, so I'm coating this bastard with as much as I can. Hell, if nothing else, it'll be smelling really fresh when it actually does go off to the afterlife.

Well, the spider eventually shivels up into its textbook dead position, but continues to move into the crevice underneath the edge of the wall and the laminate flooring. We hadn't finished putting the floor moulding in place in this spot just yet. I note its position and move back to my pants, shaking them vigorously for any more arachnid fiends possibly lying in wait. I check my shoes too as a final precaution. They like to hide in there also.

I go off to work after finishing my morning routine and came back that afternoon. The spider wasn't there anymore. I don't know if it eventually died or if it just managed to shrug off that Lysol bath or not, but I'm sure the other spiders, now, know not to mess with me if they don't want to be Lysol-ed into submission. I haven't seen another spider in my room since then, aside from a Grandaddy Longleg, trying to take up residence in my boots under the bed. He was evicted also.



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