This is a major rework of a previous story I started a long time ago. I'm only posting it here long enough to get some feedback and constructive critique as to what works and doesn't work. And also for a possible entry into a contest. The title is a working title based on the mythology being built in the book.

Table of Contents

Rest, Interrupted

John is interrupted from his rest by an unknown entity.
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Rushing In

John has gone through the portal. Mystery and darkness surround him. What is this new realm, and how will he cope?
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Rain and a Lady

    Finding that robed bastard meant everything right now. Sleep, rest, and life—the culmination of so many things hi... Read Chapter

Temptation and Stone

Sol introduces herself and devises a way to steal a kiss, at the very least, but sends him on his way as she realizes his purpose here.
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Wondering Hunt

**Not happy with the Chapter title just yet. I will entertain some suggestions on it. It just seems too on-the-nose, if you know what I mean.** Feel free to point out any inconsistencies or
oddities. I've tried to edit this down to a quick read for a slip into the next chapter.

John finally reaches the end of this dark world.
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Stumbling from one world to another, John finds himself in deep water. Surviving is the key.
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