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A boy and girl find love in an unexpected place.

Submitted: October 10, 2013

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Submitted: October 10, 2013



Sky and Haven

By Ashton Lee Martin

Chapter one: Dreaming

Haven, grab my hand! Says a young 17 year old Sky Haines to the love of his life the beautiful Haven Milan who is hanging off the ledge of a cliff that separates them from safety and death. 

“Grab my hand Haven! I can't lose you!” Says a frantic Sky. 
“Sky I can't do it. You're too far away.” Says a hopeless Haven.
“No I won't give up on you,” Sky Says. 
‘beep beep’  
“You don't have a choice sky. I love you.”
 Haven lets go of the ledge and begins her descent to the ground. 
Haven, No! Sky jumps after Haven, 
"Beep beep beep beep Sky wake up Sky wake up now!" 
The cliff begins to crumble towards the falling lovers and by this time Sky knows he has met his inevitable death but it would be by the one he loves. 
"Sky wake up right now!"
Sky begins to shake he's getting closer and closer to the ground he has already seen Haven slam to the ground. Sky is already dead. Death just beat his body to the afterlife. 
"Skyler Albert Haines wake up right now!" Sky is shaking uncontrollably, closes his eyes. He'd prefer to see pleasant images before he dies. 
"Sky open your eyes right now!" Sky opens his eyes. 
"mom?" Says a confused Sky. 
“Wake up for goodness sake, You're going to be late for your first day of work. I already made breakfast for you so just get dressed and.. Phew.. take a shower. Hurry up now Sky" Says Sky's mother. 
Sky and His mom Ane Are very close they used to be like every other son and mother distant and awkward around each other but ever since Sky's father died six years ago the two of them have became a lot closer. Sky stretches his arm's takes a quick whiff of his under-pit. 
"phew, she wasn't kidding" Sky gets in the shower, 15 minutes later he gets out and gets dressed, as he is getting dressed he sees Haven across the street pushing her little brother on the swing set in her parents backyard. Haven briefly looks up and notices sky, she waves, Sky gestures to her to wait right there. That he would be right over. Sky hurries and gets dressed so rapidly that he doesn’t even put on the same pair of socks. 
"Bye mom, Gotta go! Love you." Sky says. 
" wha.. oh. well alright.. love you too..  
Sky walks to Haven's parents backyard gate and lifts the latch. 
" Hi sky, I'm excited for you and your new job" says Haven. 
“Thanks Haven, hey have you had any weird dreams lately? Asks Sky. 
“Weird like how?” Asks Haven. 
" I don't know, never mind." Says a regretful Sky 
" No, Sky tell me. What's going on. Have you been having dreams about your dad again?" Asks Haven, 
They both have experienced sky having night terrors about the death of his father. In his dreams Sky sees a monstrous black silk blanket draping over his father and all he has to do is lift it up and let his father get some air but in his dreams he is too weak and he can't lift the silk blanket. Every time he has one of these dreams he believes more and more that his fathers death has something to do with him. 
" No, it was worse" a single tear slowly slides down his cheek. 
" Oh my gosh Sky, I am sorry" Haven gently pulls sky in and holds him, doesn’t say a word but speaks many, She let's him know that he's safe, everything would be fine. 
" I lost you" Sky whispers. Haven just as gently as she pulled sky in she pulls him out, hands still on his. 
" You lost me?" 
" Yeah" "Like in a maze, or a store?" Asks Haven.
"No, not like that" answers Sky. 
" well like how then?" "I wasn't strong enough, I was too far way, everything was shaking, you fell and I couldn't save you" sky begins to cry.
" Oh, my gosh Sky, I have to tell you something" 
" What is it?" " I had that same dream" Haven says. 
Sky looks up at Haven. "You lost me?" 
"In my sleep I did. But not here. You're here and so am I." Haven says. 
" You're right. We're here. I love you Haven. I have to go to work though."
"I love you too Sky." Sky heads to his new job at the new local record store 'The Clap Slap' Sky cleans the insides of the horns and sweeps the floor, One day he hopes that he'll be the one selling the instruments. So Sky puts in his six hours, punches his time card, and heads home. Sky lives in a small town, population only about 847 people, and his house is only two blocks away from both his school and his work so Sky walks everywhere. He enjoys it, it gives him more insight and perspective to the outside world. Seeing the trees and the clouds tower over him makes him feel small, makes him feel like there is plenty of room to grow. 
"Sky wait up"  Haven calls out. 
"How was you're first day at your new job?" Sky still semi still in his mind trance just stares into Haven.
"you're the most beautiful of them all" Sky says. 
" Ha ha, what who's all of them?" Asks a blushing Haven. 
Sky pulls Haven in and kisses her. 
" I love you Haven Milan" 
"I love you too" Haven replies. 
“Hey, Do you want to come in my backyard and swing on the swing set for a minute. I need to talk to you about something." Asks Haven.
" Yeah, Sure. What's going on? Asks Sky. 
" Remember that dream you told me you had this morning?”
Yeah, what about it? Asks Sky. 
" Well I kind of lied when I said I had the same one" 
" What do you mean?" 
"I didn't lose you, we found each other. But in this dream we were always side by side but never completely there with one another. Then we met this lady and she gave us love. Our eyes were finally open and I found you" 
"What was this lady like" Asks Sky. 
" She lived in the tree, not on the branches, but actually in the tree. She was beautiful, she was the definition of positive." Haven says halfway day dreaming about her encounter. 
" Did she have a name?" Asks Sky. Haven smiles, not just with her teeth but her eyes glow as well. 
" Her name was Love" 




Chapter two: Separated minds(Joined hearts)

“Haven, get in here.” Says Havens mother Janelle Kwon.
“Okay mom, hold on.” Haven replies, 
“No now young lady, I'm not holding on!” Janelle paces up to Haven and Sky on the swing set and grabs Haven by the arm, so tight that she was sure to have a bruise. Even before Janelle closes the door to their home she is already screaming at Haven forbidding her to ever see Sky again. Sky turns around, his heart already destroyed. 
“Skyler, if I ever see you around my daughter she may just be the last thing you see. Now get out of here!"
Days go by, They both see each other everyday because they live across the street from each other, and go to the same school.
One day in English class, a class Sky and Haven actually shared. Haven slips a note to sky. Sky opens it. 
"Sky, I miss you. I know somewhere we go and spend a few hours together. 
Sky looks at Haven, haven was already looking at sky. She sits just two seats diagonally behind sky. He gestures to her yes. After school Both Haven and Sky told their parents that they were doing separate activities. Haven takes Sky to an old railroad bridge, there they meet up with a few of their friends from school. 
"Hey girl, oh my gosh this looks so much fun! is the water cold"?
asks Haven to her best friend Hanah. 
"It's not too bad, Come on try it yourself" Hanah says.
Haven climbs up over the ledge, stares at the water, and jumps, AHH! Haven screaming and laughing simultainously. She splashes to the water and seconds later rises to the surface catching her breathe and then yelling to sky for him to jump in. as Haven swims to the rocks and starts to climb back up the hill to the top of the bridge, sky is getting read to jump in. He takes a deep breath, he also looks at the water, but he sees something different, he sees himself, but in a different form. He sees himself alive. Sky jumps, hitting the water, the water stands still, nothing more then maybe a tiny little droplet.
"Oh no, Sky!" Haven jumps back in for sky. and once again. There was no splash. Both Sky and Haven now falling below the water, But the weren’t under it anymore. Where they were was incredible, silver streams flowing into the eyes of trees, or maybe the doors. lanterns on the trees and row boats parked inside the trees door. Sky already sitting on a row boat, that is waiting for Haven to arrive. She hits the boat. and without any warning the boat begins its decent up one of the many streams both of them see. About five minutes later the boat comes up to a tree, a bright, tall and wide tree. the boat comes to a complete stop. Sky and Haven too confused to freak out just stare at each other. Each of them looking around. observing everything, Haven hears a creaking noise. eeerrrr... And out walks the most beautiful woman. Haven shakes sky, 
"Sky that's her" says an even more confused Haven. 
"Who"? Asks sky "The lady from my dream"
sky finally turns around and sees the woman, She was tall, shining skin, literally. flowing blonde hair and light bright eyes. 
"Hello Skyler, nice to see you again Haven" Says the lady 
"You..You. You're" Haven tries to speak but is too stunned as to what is happening.
"Haha yes Haven I'm" 
"love" sky says. 
"You know"? asks Love so gently. 
"Haven saw you in her dream, she told me about you" Sky replies. 
"Well I hope it was all good" Love smiles at both Sky and Haven. 
"What is this place"? Haven asks 
"this is Midean" 
"Midean" Sky whispers to himself. 
"This is the place where your true heart, mind, and soul reside. Here you can have whatever you want. But only if you are chosen by our King life and Queen death." "Chosen, For what"?
Asks sky. 
"Chosen to love, thats why you brought to me. You see each tree inside of them is living every dream and emotion someone can have. You were chosen because Life and Death saw your reflection, they saw what you both yearned for so badly and that was love. Unconditional love. No skeleton in the closet kind of love.. In Midean everything is true, But..." 
"Of course there’s a but" Haven remarks. 
"But there is a catch. You cant leave, if you do the spell will be broken and your true bond of love will shatter" 
Sky and Haven gaze at one another not speaking any words but still saying plenty to each other. 
"Can we walk around and think about this"? Sky asks 
"Take all the time you need" Love says.
Sky and Haven walk closer to Loves tree, and they see that the lanterns on the branches were actually jars filled with fireflies. 
“This place is amazing Sky” 
“It is pretty great isn’t it.. But we don’t know hardly anything about it” Sky says. 
“ Yes thats true, but what we do know is that here we can be together.” Haven says. 
“But its like what you said in your dream Haven, We were always side by side, but never truly together. Is it true love if we are still hiding? is it true if its in an under water world called Midean”? Says a calm Sky. 
“Thats true sky, but you can’t tell me that you don’t feel the same way I do about this place. You know that the only way we can be together unconditionally is by staying here. We can at least give it a try ad if we decide its not for us then we’ll leave.” Haven replies. 
Sky looks around more he sees a darkness off in the distance, looks at Haven and points over at the dark 
“If we stay we’ll ask love about it.” Haven responds.
“Okay, lets stay, a place like this is too interesting to pass up.” 
Sky and Haven walk back up to Love who is sitting on a small little ledge dipping her feet into the stream. 
“Hello again, did you decide what you want”? Love asks in such a tender tone. 
“ We want to stay” Haven replies 
“But we want to know something” Sky says. 
“Yes, anything you want to know.” Love replies. 
“ Whats the darkness over there” Sky points to way off in the distance.
“That.. that is once of the many things I’m going to teach you about. If you are to become Mideaneans you will know everything about Midean.


Chapter Three: Reflections

“So love what is this place”? Asks Sky. 
“This place is full of wonder” replies Love, 
“we can tell, this place is absolutely magnificent” says Haven. 
“It is very much so, but their is still much to it” Love says.
“Well what more is their to Midean”? Both Sky and Haven ask.
“Midean was created over 3000 years ago, it means middle ocean. the earth is surrounded by water even below the lands still resides the seas that once completely inhabited the earth, Midean is the land in the middle of the ocean. It was created by four people, very powerful people, Hate, myself, life, and death. Life wrote a poem when he became king years ago describing the beauty of Midean. Would you like to hear it”?
“Oh you bet we do!” Sky excitedly says.

“In the echo of the water lives the leaves
 growing on trees they blossom and inhabit the life of light and dark.
 The power that they endure
 will become enforced on the mind, 
body, and soul.
 Strength and loyalty, 
trust and honor, 
  life and death all of these you will find
 in the echos of the water.

water the echos then find these lives and honor,
 trust their loyalty, and strengthen the soul,
 embody the mind and enforce the life
 endure the death cast the power of the dark and light
 blossom the trees and inhabit the leaves
 in the water of the echo”

“So what does our reflection have to do with Midean”? Haven asks.
“When you look at your reflection in the water, we are also looking at your reflection, but what you wish to see is what we already see, and when we see truth in what you wish for, you become accepted into the hands of Midean” Love answers.
“So anybody who looks at their reflection gets into Midean”? Sky asks. 
“No, not everyone. Like I said we must see truth in what you want.” Love says. 
“So our reflection is sort of like an application to Midean”? Haven replies.
“Yes, exactly. Great example Haven, but I must warn you two. While the lighter side of Midean is a little more strict with who they accept the dark side of Midean is a bit more lienent.” Love exclaims. 
“Whats in the dark side”? Haven asks. 
“All the darkness of the soul lives over there” 
“but what kind of darkness, like demons”? Sky asks. 
“In a sense yes, hate, greed, vanity, horrible feelings like those live in the dark.” 
“So is that why it’s so dark over there”? Sky asks. 
“No that has to do with the fireflies” Love answers. 
“ What about the fireflies”? Haven asks. 
“each firefly represents the people who are accepted into Midean, the fireflies and placed in jars and then are hung in the branches, the light from the firefly gives power to the trees making the one living inside the tree stronger and wiser” 
“So then the dark side of Midean is weak and thats why there is no light over there”? Haven asks.
“ No, I wish that was the case, the darkness is very powerful, there isn’t light because they absorb all of the strength from the fireflies glow then sacrifice the fireflies themselves to their queen. Death.” 
“ So since you said the fireflies represent the people who get accepted into Midean does that mean when darkness sacrifices the fireflies they are actually sacrificing the people”? Sky asks.
“ As much as it tortures me to say it, that is exactly what it means. luckily though the darkness has had less and less people trying to enter.” love replies.
“So does that mean that they are slowly becoming weak”? Sky asks.
“ Again no, by absorbing the fireflies glow the have the permanent power, still not as powerful as the light side, but it only takes one deep, dark, hateful soul to look at their reflection and become accepted by the dark side and then they may be more powerful then anything we have ever seen before.”


Chapter four: A Darkness Cast

Back on Earth. Havens mother, Janelle, wakes up early in the morning to get ready for work, she flips on the television and already has it stationed to the local news channel. She pours herself a cup of coffee and is vaguely listening to the television until she hears one of the reporters say 
“sources today tell us that a young Haven Milan and Sky Haines are missing after a day of hanging out with friends at a local water hole” 
Janelle drops her coffee and focuses on this news involving her own daughter. 
“No signs of foul play, or suspects.” 
Janelle doesn’t care if the police have a suspect, she is already convinced Sky took her, probably forced her against her own will. Little did Janelle know it was Haven that doing the forcing at that moment. Back in Midean. “Haven, You can’t still be considering staying here,” Sky Says. 
“Why not sky? this place is everything we ever long for.” Haven replies. 
“To a point yes, but what about the darkness and the dark soul that can take it over the edge and destroy Midean, I don’t want to be here when that happens.” Says Sky.
 “I understand that Sky, but how likely is it that the dark soul lives in our town?” Haven asks.
 “How likely was it that we ended up in a underwater world?” Sky exclaims. 
“Nothing will happen Sky, and if something does at least we’ll be together.” Haven says.
 “You’re right Haven, Okay lets stay.” Sky says. 
Back on Earth. Janelle is calling around to all of Havens friends trying to find out exactly what happened. None of them will answer their phones, because they all know Janelle and are terrified that she will explode with anger when she finds out what really happened. 
“Well since no one will answer their phones maybe they’ll answer their doors.
”Janelle says to herself. 
So she gets in her car and drives to Havens best friend Hanahs’ house, walks up to the door and doesn’t knock but pounds on it, screaming for Hanah to open the door, after about fifteen seconds of pounding and screaming, Hanahs’ father finally answers the door. 
“Look Mrs Kwon Hanah isn’t here, and she doesn’t know where Haven is, in fact she doesn’t even remember what happened at the water hole” Hanahs’ father exclaims.
“Whats this water hole I’m hearing about?”Janelle asks.
“It’s just a swim spot that some of the local kids go to for fun.”Hanahs’ father replies. 
“ugh, well do you think you could give me directions to this hole?” Janelle asks.
Hanahs’ father steps outside and points down the street to a bridge. 
“Go to that bridge and thats where it is.” Hanah’s father answers
So Janelle gets back in her car and heads for the bridge, with her imagination running a muck she is creating scenarios in her head as to what happened to Haven. She finally makes it to the bridge she walks around it inspecting it, like shes a sort of detective. She too sees to signs of foul play, but she still isn’t convinced its not Skys doing, just then she hears a noise from around some bushes, shkshkshk 
“Come out now” Janelle exclaims 
shkshkshk then from around the bushes Hanah emerges, Janelle runs up to her and grabs her by the shoulders. 
“Where is my daughter? What did he do to her”?! Janelle screams. 
Back in Midean. 
“The darkness is acting unusual today” Love says to Sky and Haven, 
“Weird like how?” Haven asks. 
“it’s more active today” 
“So what does that mean?” Sky asks.
“it means acception is near” Love replies.
Sky and Haven both look at each other, not knowing if this is the end, they just look at each other and are happy that they are together.
Back on Earth. Hanah doesn’t say anything she just walks to the center of the bridge and points to the water.  Things get quiet, 
“Sh..she drowned?” Janelle stutters.
Hanah nods, ‘yes’ Janelle just stares at Hanah trying to find any fallacy in her eyes. She finds none. 
“Please leave Hanah” 
Hanah stands their not sure if she should leave her best friends mother behind. 
“I said leave!” Janelle yells. 
Hanah runs away scared what Janelle might have done if she had stayed. Janelle walks to the edge of the bridge and just stares at the water, she can’t believe her daughter drowned, she still doesn’t believe it though, Haven was on the swim team, their was no way she could have drowned, it had to be Sky, He killed Haven. Janelle screams so loud that the birds in their nest flock into the sky, Janelle climbs up on the ledge, and says to herself, 

“if I don’t have you I have nothing.” She then jumps in attempt to drown herself and meet Haven in the afterlife. 
Back in Midean, The darkness shakes and for a brief moment, long enough for all of the light side to witness, the dark sign is imploded with a light, brighter then any of the light side. And as fast it came, it left. 
“What just happened”? Haven asks,
 “the darkness just gained a new citizen.”
“HAVEN!” Sky, love and Haven all turn their heads towards the darkness. 
“It seems someone you know just entered the dark side of Midean” Love says. 
“I know that voice” Haven replies.
“It’s your mom” Sky trembles

Chapter five: A Beautiful Battle

The darkness grows across Midean, all of the humans who have been accepted into it have no clue what is happening, and the one person who has no idea where she even is, is Janelle Kwon.  Janelle stands their screaming Havens name, Janelle, thinks this is the afterlife, she doesn’t realize that she is in a new world, a world of power and might. Just then a tall lengthy fellow emerges from the shadows, Janelle sees the man, and runs up to him, 
“Where is my daughter. what did you do with her” 
The man points to the light side, Janelle begins to move towards the light, the man stops Janelle 
“Not so fast my child, the time will come, but for now, we prepare” The man says. 
“Prepare for what, and who are you, what is this place?” Janelle asks.
“Ha so many questions for such a tiny woman, This is Midean, I am Hate, and we prepare for war” 
“War, on who?” Janelle asks. 
Hate points to the light side.
“Will this war get me my daughter back?” Hate nods ‘yes’ 
“Now where is Skyler?” Hate again points to the light side.
“And will this war kill him?”
“You really do seek it don’t you?” Hate asks. 
“Seek what?” 
“Death” Hate replies, 
“when you jumped in the water you wanted death but not for yourself, you want it for sky.” Says Hate.
Janelle nods ‘yes’ “their will be plenty of time for that, come I want to introduce you to some people” Hate says.
Back on the light side. “Why is your mom here? how did she find this place?” Sky asks.
“She found it the same way you two did, by seeking something and Midean found truth in it.” 
Love replies 
“But their is one thing you two should know” 
“What is it?" Haven replies. 
“Midean doesn’t accept doubles, if someone living in Midean has sought out something, someone else who seeks the same thing will not be accepted” 
“So what does that mean?” Sky asks.
“it means that Haven, you’re mother may be the key to bring all of this crumbling, and where does something crumble when it’s already below ground?” Love asks. 
“into Oblivion” Sky replies.
“Exactly, now I don’t know about the others, but I’m assuming you two don’t want to lose each other” 
Sky and Haven grab each other hands and stare into each others eyes. 
“So what do we do?” Sky asks. 
“Well we normally don’t do this, but we do what the darkness is doing right now.” Love replies. 
“Whats that?” Haven asks. 
“We prepare for war” Love replies.
Love steps away from Sky and Haven and enters her tree, her branches start to shake and all of the leaves suddenly turn red. Love steps out and walks to one of the jars of fireflies and opens the lid to let the fireflies out. 
“Ladies and Gentlemen it is a same that I bring you this kind of news, soon the darkness will cast its blackness and wage a beautiful battle on the light side, they will try to destroy us, but I will not be destroyed, will you” 
all of the citizens of the light begin to make noise. Back in the darkness, 
“Oh, how cute, Love is trying to get her friends rallied up” Hate laughs.
“When does this war start?” Janelle asks. 
“Soon enough” Hate replies
“I don’t want soon, I want know! I want my daughter back!” Janelle screams.
Janelle furious with Hate and not wanting to wait begins to have a panic attack she starts to pace around kicking the ground and punching the trees she then grabs one of the jars on the tree. 
“No, leave that alone” Hate angrily says.
“or what?” Janelle pulls it off the branch and slams it to the ground, 
hate stumbles backwards, Janelle pulls another and slams it to the ground hate falls to one knee, she pulls another and slams it again, hate falls to both knees, hate reaches for Janelles legs to try and pull her down with him. Janelle notices and backs away. 
“You must stop, you will destroy me” Hate says.
Janelle grabs another jar and before she smashes it to the ground she kneels down and stares hate in the eyes and says 
“I will destroy all of this” she then screams at the top of her lungs and slams the jar to the ground, hate begins to shake and moan, and just like that he is gone. 
The citizens of the dark side all standing around, just stare at Janelle, they have never seen something like that before. 
“Hate is dead. I am your leader now and right now we go to war”

Chapter six: King life.

On the light side, Love is still rallying the citizens of the light together, to prepare them for the mayhem that is about to become. 
“I never thought this day would come, but it seems it has. The darkness has gained its power and will be waging war on us, so grab your swords and hold your hearts, because death is near” 
just then a swift swoosh is heard and then all of a sudden one of the citizens is impaled right in the eyeball with an arrow. Every thing goes silent.....
“Charge!” the citizens of the light charge towards to citizens of the dark and once they meet all chaos breaks loose, swords clashing, arrows flying, blood spilling, and bodies falling, their was nothing beautiful about this battle, most of these people have never even held a sword in their lives, let alone used one to kill another one. 
“Remember what you are fighting for, remember who you are fighting for” Love yells.
Sky makes sure he stays close to Haven, he knows she isn’t as tough as she may think she is, and he knows he needs to protect her. clash, slash, bash the sounds of the battle.
“Haven!” Janelle screams out. 
It is too loud for Haven to hear it though, 
“Haven!” Janelle screams louder and begins to get closer to Haven because this time Haven can faintly hear it. 
“MOM!” Haven yells back.
Janelle runs towards her daughters voice. Janelle moves like a wolf through the crowd killing everyone who gets in her way, even kills a few of her own, not because they were in her way but because they were there. 
“Haven!” her voice gets closer to Haven. 
“Mom” Haven replies, 
Janelle can see Haven she runs to her and grabs her and hugs her.
“Mom, what are you doing here?” Haven asks. 
“I came to save you, to bring you home.” Janelle replies.
“But I am home, I live here now” Haven says.
Janelle just looks at Haven, 
“Haven what are you doing?” 
Sky sees Haven stopping and talking to someone who he isn’t too sure who it is yet, because this person has their back turned towards him. Janelle turns around and both Sky and Janelles eyes meet.
“You” Janelle angrily says. 
She then flings her sword right at sky, the sword spins through the air right towards sky, when all of a sudden a hand grabs it in mid-air. The battle stops and everyone focuses on this person  
“What is the meaning of this? Who wages this war?” The man asks.
Janelle steps forward 
“It is I who wages this war” 
the man steps closer to Janelle and examines her. 
“Where do you come from?” The man asks. 
“Umm I come from a little” 
“No do you come from the light side or the darkness?” the man interrupts.
“The darkness” Janelle replies,
“And what was it that you seek?” The man asks.
“I sought death for him” Janelle points to Sky.
The man smiles. “I am King Life! and that boy you sought death upon is” The man turns around towards Sky
“My son”... 
Sky can’t believe his eyes. His father died six years ago. 
“Da.. dad?” Sky stutters. 
“Hello son, nice to see you again” 
“I don’t care if he’s your son, I seek death.” Janelle says.
King life stares at Janelle right in the eyes and says. 
“If it’s death you seek it’s death you should get, but not from my son.” King life then grabs Janelle by the throat.
“Dad wait!” Sky calls outs. 
“Wait for what?” King life asks. 
“I thought you died.” Sky says. 
“I was going to, but I came to the same place you and Haven came to and sought life. No one in Midean had ever sought life so I was accepted and made their king” He replies. 
“You can’t kill her, that’s Havens mother.” Sky says.
Haven looks at sky and smiles that even after her mother flung a sword at him, he still doesn’t want to see her dead. 
“I am king life, Skyler, if I was going to kill her, I wouldn’t be the one doing it.” 
Then a woman appears from the shadows in the mountains, 
“I would” the lady says. 
“Skyler, Haven, Janelle, meet Queen Death” 
Queen death walks up to Janelle and kisses her on the lips and instantly Janelle stiffens and her eyes roll in the back of her head, King life drops her and she falls to the ground. Then both Queen Death and King Life join hands and the open the doors of Midean.
“What are you doing?!” Sky yells.
“Something that we should have done years ago” Queen death replies. 
“You killed my mother!” Haven charges at the Queen with her sword, but the queen stops Haven, wraps her hand around the blade and shatters the steel.
“I didn’t kill her, I only took her memory, she will die on her own. But not on earth.” 
Then king life grabs Sky. 
“I’m sorry for what I’m about to do” King life says to sky.
He then grabs him and tosses him into the air through the gates or Midean and once Sky is completely through the gates they begin to close. 
“Haven!” sky screams. 
“Sky!” Haven yells back. the gate is inches away from being closed, Sky reaches for Havens hand but she is too far to reach. The gate closes, Sky runs to the bridge that he had jumped off, and jumps into the water again, but this time their was a splash, Sky wasn’t accepted into Midean, but not because Midean didn’t find truth in what he sought out. But because what he sought was too much truth. And it brought Midean to Oblivion. And just like that Sky lost his love and Midean was gone.


© Copyright 2017 A.L. Martin. All rights reserved.

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