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This is a short story that I made up off the top of my head.

Submitted: May 18, 2012

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Submitted: May 18, 2012



The Foggy House
By Ashton Lee Martin

Part 1: Past, present, future, gatherings.

It was foggy in the house as I stepped inside, I could feel the conversations of the walls growing stronger, deeper, more terrifying. As I walked around, observing every closet for a humidifier, so I could cease the fog. I heard a man call out my name, “Silas are you here?” His voice echoed throughout the house, so it was hard for me to pinpoint his location. Finally, I found him lying in a bed; He looked at me with a blank stare on his face, what is this place his eyes read.
I could tell from the shivering in his voice that he was not real, so I gently covered his ghostly hands and told him 
“you are here, your heart has departed, your soul is lost, and your mind is out of control.” Then for just for a split second, my heart stopped, and the hairs and my neck danced to the music conducted by the trees right out the window from where this man lays in his bed. 

“Please don’t leave me, I have never been so scared in my life” the man cried.
 “Don’t you worry I am here, my heart has arrived, my soul is found, and my mind is in control, listen to the leaves sing with the trees, it will help you.” I replied
When I arrived in this house, it was day the sun had just greeted the clouds and the birds were singing for all of us to wake from slumber.
Then before I knew it, the moon was saying hello, to the stars, and the stars were guiding people home. How did I end up here? Who was this man? My arms became my legs because I was too afraid to walk. 
“Silas where are you?” the man called out. 
Not even realizing I had left his side I raced to find him once again, still laying in his bed with the same stare on his face. 
“Who are you old man?” I asked him
 “I am the future, and you are the past,” He whispered in my ear.
Is that what the walls were saying when I walked into this foggy house? Do the leaves and birds sing songs of such things? 
“Why would you say such a ridiculous thing old man?” I asked him with confusion. “Because this house is the present, and we are not.” His shaky voice said. 
“We are present, you are here, and so am I. We are here just as much as this house is.” I said with a firm tone. 

This old man was obviously senile, and did not understand what was going on.
 “Bathe the walls with spring, and you will realize that it has nothing to show” The old man said, 
“Well if it has nothing to show why would I bathe the walls with spring?” I asked. “Because you will realize, how the history, the philosophy, the science, and the math, shapes the past leading the present, but how the future is on its own.” The old man said this with such conviction that it was hard for me to know what to say.
 “The past shapes everything, the future is never on its own, if one hand opens for another to grab, the cycle will continue,” I said with uncertainty.
The old man gestured me to come close and I swear everything in the universe stopped when he whispered to me. 
“I am you, and you are I. You are my past and I am your future, you are healthy, and I am ill, only this house can bring the past and future together at one time.” His voice drifted to a place I could not see. I could not ask him any question. I just had to understand. That I was him, and he is I.

Part 2: A chest, one hundred keys, and a locked door.

As the old man rested his eyes and drifted away, I felt like a little chick when its mother abandons its nest, I did not really understand this man, but I knew him. His heart was my heart; his skin was my skin, his dreams and ideas of how he envisioned the world was my dream and ideas. Even though this old man had now passed away he probably felt more alive then I do right now. Finally after who knows how long I left that cold foggy room from where the old man laid in his bed, I walked down the hallway right out of his bedroom and walked into the living room. It was empty like the inside of my body.

The old man took a part of me with him. I looked out a giant window located on the east end of the living room I looked out hoping to see birds singing, flowers blooming, kids flying kites, and choirs singing. Nevertheless, even though that is what I hoped to see it did not even come close to what I imagined. The trees refused to dance, no bird was chirping, the wind spit on the children who wanted to fly their kites, and the choir turned deaf. This old man had changed everything around me, how could someone of my past make such a huge impact on my future? I thought to myself.
He was wrong when he said the past shapes the present. I feel now that the present is always, on its own. However, his past is shaping my future. 

After realizing the disgusting nature of what I imagined outside looked like I stepped away from the window and explored the foggy house, I walked into the kitchen, lime green painted walls, old broken tiles on the floor, a sink, some cupboards, and an old broken wooden table is all my eyes saw, all my fingers felt. The old man had lived in filth. I was living in disgust.

As I was just about to step out of the kitchen and continue my expedition in this foggy house I noticed a door. I slowly walked towards the door; I put my hand on the knob and started to turn. However, could not open it, it seemed to be locked. But that’s alright no big deal I can search for a key while I look around the house, So I stepped out of the kitchen and back into the living room but immediately left that room and walked back through the hallway passing the old mans room. His bathroom was just right across from his bedroom, a simple bathroom it was. A shower/bath, a single sink, a toilet, a small window over the toilet. In addition, a medicine cabinet over the sink.
I opened up the medicine cabinet expecting to find empty or full medicine bottles. However, it was only filled with nothing, why was there nothing in this house? Was the old man planning to move, or did he just not own a lot? Only he could answer me these questions but I could only wonder and answer for myself. Therefore, there was nothing in the bathroom so I left. 

I noticed the old man had a closet and a dresser so I went back into his room and opened up the wooden white painted doors to his closet, old shirts, khakis, and several suits. I pulled each item out and laid them on the end post of the bed.
I looked all around in the closet and then I saw s small square located on the ceiling. I knew it was the opening to the attic but how could I get in to see what the old man had stored away? The broken table in the kitchen! I could use it to stand on then I could pull myself up through the opening. So I ran to the kitchen, dragged the table into the bedroom, and in the closet as far as it could fit. I stepped on top of the table and pushed the attic door open; I could not see anything at first glance before pulling myself up. So I lifted my arms, gripped the sides of the attic floor, and pulled myself up once I got in all I saw were treasure like chests and in a row but none of the chests had a lock so I started at the closest one to me and lifted it.

A chest full of keys, I continued opening the chests, seven chests to be exact, all full of keys, some small, some large, some broken and rusty, some looked brand new and shiny. One of these keys has to be the key to the door in the kitchen. So I dragged each chest towards the attic door and dumped all of the keys out on to the floor of the bedroom. I jumped down on top of the table, picked up all of the keys in my arms, and brought them to the kitchen. I threw out all of the broken rusted keys, but still had a little over a hundred keys to test.

What could be behind this door, I have never been so intrigued by something I knew nothing about, I need to open this door tonight, I will not encourage my eyes to close even if they become bricks I will find this key and open the infamous door. Finally only three keys left, I put the third to last key in, it went in all the way but wouldn’t turn to unlock the door, So then I put the second to last key in, this key fit all the way as well, and it did turn but that’s all it did was turn. The door was locked and so was my mind. This is it. This key must be the one to open up the door, so I put the key in the door lock 
turned the key and heard a click.

The door was unlocked, so I held to door handle and started to pull, the door was so heavy like dirt was filled in between each board of the door. Finally, I got the best of the door and once I had it fully opened, I could not believe my eyes….

Part 3: A lonely tree

The kitchen door was finally unlocked and opened, along with any part of me that was closed and locked away. When I opened the door, I expected to see either stairs going into a basement or just a normal storage room but when I opened the door, it was just a plain dirt field with seven trees along what it seemed to be an abandon old road. Why would this door lead to this road and trees? Why was it locked? Just the fact that the door was locked and it took quite some time to find the key to unlock the door just made me feel like their was something more to all of this then just a locked door and a plain dirt field. I stood just right outside from the door looking around studying every spec of dirt every crack in the road every branch on the tree. The more I looked at the trees it almost seemed like they were reacting to seeing me.

No way could these trees react to real life things. But I was still very intrigued by these trees so I walked closer and the closer I got I noticed that some of the trees would either shake their branches as if a gust of wind came and blew on it or they would moan like they were being cut down. However, every tree was still in tact and no wind was around us. I stood in the middle of what it looked to me to be the three tallest trees out of the seven. I brushed my hand across the bark of one of the trees and I swear the tree whimpered this time I knew it was the tree because there was nothing around to make a whimpering noise
 “Hello? Is there anyone up in the trees?” No answer, Maybe its all in my head, I’ve have been in that house for a couple days now and being told what I was by that old man I guess kind of made my mind play tricks on me.

“Hi Silas did you bring me an apple?” 
“Huh! Who was that? Where are you?!”
“ It’s just me Silas, I’m right here” 
“Right where?!” “Look up” 
“AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” I was amazed by what I just saw that I had just about fainted. 
“How are you talking to me? You ‘re a tree, trees don’t talk”
“When was the last time you tried talking to a tree Silas?” the tree said
“Well... Never, I guess, but that is because trees don’t talk. Is this a joke?! Who’s in this tree, talking to me?” 
“No human if that’s what you are talking about is in this tree” said the tree
 “prove it” I demanded.

The tree then shook around like a giant wind storm just rolled through and no person fell out. Once again, I just about fainted, once I realized that a tree was talking to me. “Silas I need your help, I am very sad, fall came, changed my colors, then took my leaves, then winter came and froze my smaller branches, I was looking forward to spring to get those nice may showers and grow my leaves back.
Nevertheless, spring never came. Because of that, I have never been so sad and lonely. I am an apple tree, but where are my apples?” the tree said
“I... I... don’t know where your apples are.” I said 
“Find me a nice juicy red apple and bring it to me” 
“But where do I find an apple? There are no grocery stores around here and there is no food in the house” 
“Follow the road there is a small convenient shop just a couple miles ahead” the tree said. 
“But I don’t want to walk two miles” 

This tree was obviously in desperate need of an apple and is a big jerk. 
“Okay I’ll go and get your apple” 
“Thank you Silas, I’m sorry for getting angry with you.” 
“Its fine tree, but May I ask why you want an apple so bad? You are an apple tree with no apples but bringing you an apple won’t make more grow on you.”
“Because, look right here” the tree said and then pointed at a small little door. 
“Is that a door? What does the door have to do with anything?”
“Because Silas I have no purpose anymore, I cannot grow my branches and my leaves will not grow back. If you find me an apple you can place it in this door and the apple seeds will flourish through my bones and I will no longer be a lonely tree but a tree with meaning” the tree said
“Say no more Mr. Tree I am on my way to get your apple.”
 I started my two-mile trek along this dirt-covered road finally; I could see the convenient store just a few yards ahead. I finally got to the store DING! A bell rang as I opened the door. 

“Why hello there young man, how may I help you?” The store clerk said.
“Yes, I need your biggest, juiciest, reddest apple.” 
“Oh I have just the thing for you young man,” the store clerk said to me then gestured me to follow him. He took me into a back room and then handed me a large red apple. I could even smell the juice in the apple. “How’s this for an apple young man? “The store clerk asked.

“This is perfect sir, how much will it cost?” I asked 
“it’s on me young man, we don’t get many customers around here except for an old man who lives just up the street from here, but we haven’t seen him for some time now, its very nice seeing a friendly face so this apple is on me” the store clerk said. 

“Thank you sir, I wish I could stay and talk but I have to go do something” 
“No worries young man, it was a pleasure helping you.” The store clerk waved goodbye as I jetted out the door DING! Goes the bell as a raced out. I ran so hard back to that lonely tree down the dirty road. Finally, I got back to the trees and boy was I out of breath, I could barely even talk.

“Here is your apple Mr. tree, is this okay for you?” 
“Oh, Silas! It is perfect! I have never seen such an exquisite fruit. Now what you need to do is take the stem off the apple and wrap the leaf attached to it around the stem and put it in the lock on my door. That will unlock the door, and once you have the door fully open just place the apple inside and close the door leaving the stem and leaf in the door lock.” 

So I took the stem off wrapped the leaf around it and placed it in the lock I didn’t even have to pull the door open, it just opened on its own. I then placed the apple inside the tree and closed the door.
Then all of a sudden, every tree was snapping their branches back and fourth, ground started rattling, and then all of a sudden it all stopped and then the tree started to grow taller and thicker, its branches grew stronger, its leaves grew all over and next to each leaf was a juicy red apple. I could instantly see that this tree was no longer lonely. It had meaning to grow strong and heavy. 

“Thank you so much Silas, you have saved my life. How can I repay you?” The tree asked “You don’t have to repay me in any way, just answer me this question
“ask away” said the tree
“Why was I brought here?” 
the tree made no noise it just looked at me for a couple minutes 
“next to your left foot is a small bit, of one my root legs just barely poking out. Lift it up and under my roots are stairs. Go down those stairs and all your answers will be revealed,” said the tree. 
So I pulled the root leg up and sure enough their were stairs, I started my way down and once I was completely underground the root leg slammed shut and more questions came.

Part 4: Trestle of Paradise. 

It was magnificent, a true masterpiece, if there was any real beauty in the world it was under all our disgust. Everyone gazes at their diamonds and their piles of green paper thinking those items are beautiful. None of that compares to what my eyes see right now. Crystal gold bridges crossing and intertwining with one another. The roots of the seven trees above me wrapping around each bridge railing, their were even birds singing in perfect harmony and all of this beauty soon had created a light for the underground.

Nevertheless, I was still left with questions, Why was I here now, I knew from all the things that has happened to me lately that this has to be something big. After standing still and just looking around. Observing everything, I started to cross the first bridge, but as I started to cross it, everything behind me started to change. I had no idea where I was and even less of an idea as to where to go, 
“come with me boy.” 
“no you must come with me.” 
“no it is I you should come with.” 
“just take my hand and come with me young man.”
“ over here boy.” 
“This way.” 
“I can take you where you need to go.” 

Every direction my ears pointed I could here people trying to lead me the way, but there were so many, I could not make a decision. then all of a sudden a little boy started to appear from a distance, I was pretty dehydrated so he could be a mirage, I stood still and eventually the little boy came up to me and looked deep into my eyes. and put out an open hand, his hands were covered in dirt and stories, I felt absolutely no fear being lent off from this boy so I put out my hand which was filled with skin and confusion. He gripped his fingers around my palm and started to walk, 
“who are you little boy” I asked, 
the little boy covered in dirt and rags made by the excess moss designed by the tree roots just kept walking. 
“Hello little boy where are we?” still nothing from him.
“Can you tell me where we are going?” 
“Little boy?”
“I AM NOT A LITTLE BOY!”The little boy bellowed, “Oh I am deeply sorry then; I was mistaken by your tiny body and child like hands, my apologies. Sir, Can you tell me where we are, and where we are going?” 
“We are below the surface, I am taking you to the end,” The man said. 
“Taking me to the end of what, are you going to deprive me of my existence?” I asked. 
“Now what in your mind tells you that I am going to kill you? Are you scared?” He asked “Well… Sort of sir…” I replied 
“you weren’t scared when you entered, you weren’t scared to reach out for my hand, you weren’t scared to move your feet with mine when I started walking, and so why are you scared now?” The man asked, he sounded like my father, very concerned but irate at the same time. 
“I don’t know, I just don’t know what I should accept and what I should be afraid of anymore, I have never gone through such things in my life, but I am left with so many questions that I am not ready to die without all my answers.”
“I am not going to kill you boy, the end: under the surface, means to the beginning. Have you ever wondered where all of our emotions and feelings come from?” asked the man. 
“I guess I never really thought about it, but now that you mention it I do find it somewhat curious... Is that where you are taking me; is the beginning a big factory with wheels and gadgets that just create every emotion and feeling?” I asked. 
“Not exactly, just stay with me and you will see, don’t ask anymore questions until we arrive at our destination though.” The man demanded. 
His voice was firm so I listened.

It seemed like hours that we were walking; I was pouring sweat, and could barely even walk. However seeing the man who was exceptionally smaller then I was moving with such ease gave me just enough energy to stay behind him. I had absolutely no idea why out of all the billions of people in the world why I was led to the foggy house, why I was led to the door in the kitchen, why I was led to the apple tree, and now why I was below the surface. For every one incident I am put through, I am left with even more questions, but no answers. 
“We are here boy,” the man said. I was astonished; I thought my eyes were going to implode because they have never witnessed such miraculous sight.

I had an idea as to what was happening but still wasn’t sure, it looked like billions of fireflies were flying straight into the tree roots but then just disappearing, I looked at the man to see his expression, and to see if I could make out what he was thinking. 
“Do you know what you see boy?” he asked. 
“Umm I have an idea in my head but not too sure,” I said.
 “In every text book, in every religion, in every story, in every movie, it all starts with people right?” The man asked.
 “Umm yeah I suppose that’s true, but what does that have to do with anything?” I asked.
“Before every human, before every civilization, before every war, before every tear, before every laugh, there were forests.” The man said. 
“But what does that still have to do with anything?” I asked. 
“You see those tiny little lights?” the man asked. 
“Yes, but what is it?” 
“Everything, those tiny little lights are everything that makes us real, every emotion, every feeling, every heartbreak, every newborn baby, every war, every civilization, everything is all from the lights.” The man said.
“But how could something so tiny be the sole factor of every development of entity?” I asked the man. 
“Have you ever heard the phrase a light in your soul?” The man asked. 

“Yes my mother would always tell me the light in my soul was brighter then anyone I went to school with” I replied. 
“Well then there you go, every soul has a light, it’s just up to that person to keep it lit. So many people are blinded by their diamonds and their flashy vehicles that the light inside each and every single one of them soon is dismissed and they are no longer filled with that light, we must keep our lights bright, or we will remain lost forever.” The man said.

“But I still am confused as to why I am here in the first place though.” I said. 
“Because you have kept your light, through everything you went through before the house, and after, you kept your light. You never gave into the darkness, and that is why you are here,” the man explained. 

“Am I going to live here for the rest of my life now, under the surface?” I asked

“ Oh lord, no young man, I mean if you wish to stay you are more then welcome too, but if you decide you wish to return back to your home just jump from here into that river and you will be back home” the man said.

“But how do I know jumping into the river will take me home?” I asked the man. 
“Have I lied to you once since we have met?” 
“I don’t know I have no idea who you really are.” 
“Okay, okay, I’m sorry sir” I said with a timid voice. 

“You must jump head first into the river for it to take you home, make sure your head hits water before any other part of your body, the river reads your thoughts. So make sure going home is the only thing on your mind.” He told me.

I didn’t know what to do, I thought about looking out the living room window in the foggy house, and how disgusted I was by what I saw, I thought about what I saw around me right now, and I thought about my family, I had made my decision. I looked deep, into the man's eyes, and he knew what I had decided… I stayed...


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