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Submitted: March 10, 2016

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Submitted: March 10, 2016



CANDLES Sages, Aristocrats, distinguished individuals of infinite imagination have always searched for the significant purpose of mankind´s existence on Earth, or the meaning of life itself.

Thousands of years separate the different theories and words beneath each great thinker; however, the meaning of life itself remains hidden. It is set upon each individual to find the true meaning of life, since no life has come to be equal for two people since the beginning of times.

A new path is set upon each individual, which is not finding the meaning of life itself, but to discover the factor or entity that makes one feel livelier. It is not the finding, but the enjoyment of these that bring true life to one´s soul. By enjoying every second and making the best of what makes you feel lively, one can reach true happiness, consequently reaching true living. Life is too short, too short indeed. ..

< People tend to prioritize the gaining of wealth, instead of the gaining of happiness. Greed has absorbed human mind in such extent Earth itself has come to pay the prize over time. The need for wealth has infected people´s minds with the fake idea that wealth could in some manner bring happiness, when in fact, it brings but the contrary.

Love, honesty, compassion, righteousness.Read these words; appreciate them while they still exist, for in this world gone too foul,it is no surprise they will seize to exist in no long time from now.

One shall ask, then, is happiness a reality in the world we live in? I then shall answer: I am afraid peace and overall understanding have become extinct, however, hope prevails. It is hope itself the answer of all the prayers and desperation of the clean minded people still prevailing. It is the people who still believe in happiness over anything else that can help us reach our own happiness. It is you, the individual who is reading these words, understanding and relating the meaning of them. It is impossible to see in complete obscureness, however it becomes an easy task when candles are lit around, providing a clear path and relief for your eyes. Such darkness in one´s life is the putrid venom responsible for the eerie place the poisoned people have created.

Therefore, I write these words for you, hoping to bring the slightest happiness in your life, for it is you the brightest candle that led me out of the eerie, dark place I once lived in

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