The Answer

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A script reffering to the daily questions and doubts that trouble our well being on a daily basis, also, a guide on how to find the answer to all of the troublings.

Submitted: March 14, 2016

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Submitted: March 14, 2016



The Answer

Never been a believer of the magic arts.

But I think I found a way to disappear.

It finally seems to be clear...

To be happy, one must avoid the people who bring your spirit down,

ignore the people who see you as a clown.


So now, is it more dangerous to be seen or to be hidden?

Should we discover what is forbidden?

Are words more powerful when told or written?


To many questions that seem to have no answer.

Can someone find the answers in other people´s minds?

Or perhaps we should look inside us, where the answers are waiting to be found?

Shall one day people realize how souls and minds interact with each other.

Can we someday understand mother´s instinct or the love we feel among brothers?


First, it is the questions in our minds that make us feel unsettled that have to be answered first.

Cure the disease, feel the love, stop the hunger, seize the thirst.

Settle everything in our minds until we find ourselves with a wide smile.

Not trying to be just another one from the pile.

Stopping, and thinking for a while...

Getting to know yourself, or else finding yourself always lost.

Figuring yourself out to the core, not just the crust.


Love yourself, be your own best friend.

Forget about addictions, other´s oppinions, and stupid trends.

It is understanding yourself the anwer to it all; setting your own questions at ease,

and finally enjoy the true meaning of happiness and peace.

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