Kid-thief and the chasers

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A story that gives account of what he calls his life changing event.

He hurried straight to his younger twin sisters who had been waiting ecstatically for his arrival. It was the end of Olympic, and he - as an athlete - had not won any medal, not even a bronze. But, why were they happy when he had not won any medal? It was simple; to them, Mark's participation in the Olympic was as magnanimously superb as winning a medal. He was their hope. Their sunshine. The only person they could call Father, Mother, Brother, and Sister. He hugged them tight - their frames felt like merging into one.

"I missed you, Mark", said Luccy, as she raised her head, tears already filled her eyes.

"Me too", added Lizzy, as she sobbed deeply, still pressing her head on Mark's muscular chest.

"I missed you too, my angels. I missed you more than you could ever imagined.

Right in front of him were three men dressed in black suits and sunglasses. They sure looked like CIA agents. As Mark held her sisters closed to her chest, he looked ahead and saw them. And all he could remember was the story that abound how they had met, ten to twelve years ago. ** Aminat, the pioneer president of Arbind Charity for Education (ACE) was at the wheel of the car - waiting for her team members to return. Sitting beside her was Zaynab - her deputy. Mike and Ridwan were at the shopping mall across the road, paying for the clothings purchased. Philip was leaning on the right rare side of the car, in a phone conversation with one of the proprietresses of the orphanages to be visited - fixing the time of visit.

A boy of about twelve wobbled around the car at the rare end of the driver's side - he walked from the trunk to the front then back to the trunk. He saw a luxury of clothes, food, and a little cash - in the open trunk. Aminat did not notice this, she was deeply inside a conversation with Zaynab - it was actually more of an argument. Philip was standing, backing the boy. Philip chose to guard the trunk as h colleagues shopped. The boy - noticed that Philip was out of watch, and the two ladies at the front seat seemed to be lost in a conversation - made a move to cart away some clothes and cash, food would be too heavy to escape with. Mike and Ridwan approached the car now, only to find a boy at the open trunk. "Hey!", shouted Mike, as he caught the boy fumbling with the truck. He had seen him pick some clothes.

"Oh my God!", Ridwan shouted, "He is making away with some clothes!!"

Philip ended his call and stared at them inquiringly with a note of surprise: "Who?". He looked back only to find a boy holding some clothes and cash. "Oh no!". Before he could grab him, the boy bolted.

Mike and Ridwan gave the boy a chase. Aminat and Zaynab alighted and saw Philip standing - with an air of sangfroid, as though he wasn't concerned. Aminat asked: "So?"

He shrugged and said: "So what? Why should we chase a boy who just made away with a little cash and probably two clothes?"

Aminat raised her eyebrow: "Really? A little cash and probably two clothes? Those clothes and monies belong to some kids, kids who need them. You think it's cool to lose them to a kid thief?"

"It doesn't matter. It's not our money, we sourced for it. I can't run after a kid on the street because of that. You could join the chase if you like?", he said with pride.

"Boy!", Aminat called with a pinch of fury, "don't give me any of your sass!", waving her hand in the air, "I'm not one of your pets"

Aminat was highly disappointed. Philip had always been like this. No passion, always insouciant.

"It's ok", Zaynab said, "Let's not fight over this, let's wait for Mike and Ridwan to return. I believe they'd recover whatever he stole"

As boyish as he was, he was fast - fast for Ridwan and Mike to catch up with. He found it easy to jump fences, skip gullies, and glide between rocks. Ridwan thought: "He must have been doing this before, this is not his first". After a not-short chase, they lost him between adjacent buildings. The two chasers stopped to breathe hard, they've never done this before.

"He's gone. Son-of-a-bitch!", Mike huffed, "We've lost him". The ambiance was silent. Ridwan looked around and saw a boy - John - with a bleeding nose, cursing aloud. Ridwan said as he approached him: "No! We haven't"

"Hey kiddo", Ridwan started, "did you see a boy about this tall (he used his hand to illustrate the height of the boy) run past here, with some clothes in his hands?"

The kid - holding his bleeding nose - said: "Yes I did. I saw him. The bastard stole my soldier-b

Submitted: April 09, 2017

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