Listen! Mother Listen!!

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Submitted: July 29, 2018

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Submitted: July 29, 2018



The day was creeping to a glorious end;


In the main lounge, Mrs. Williams paced back and forth; her full body gown swept the glittering surface of the Italian designed rug which covered the entire floor area of the lounge. The center table was also a victim; she would lightly kick the heavyweight ceramic material, sometimes doing more than lightly, she hit so hard. Her face was burning; and she seemed to be impatiently waiting for someone


"Mother!,” Juliet called


She flipped her left hand up and twisted sideways twice. With that, Juliet was in the know of her mother's emotional state; she was completely off the path; she was angry, for nothing. This reaction would have been free of guilt and criticism if she had the slightest idea of what had happened.


"Mum, "began Julius - Juliet's twin, "at least hear us out for once"


"So you could defend your father as always?", she hissed, "you both should just scamper off and leave me alone with my destiny", she sat for the first time in like forever, "I have been dealing with him before you were even conceived"


"Is that not enough reason for you to at least hear us out?", Julius quickened.


"Mother please...", Juliet made to force a sentence


"I know you love him more. It's obvious", Mrs. Williams interjected

Chief Williams had promised to pick his wife up at the airport without the company of their twin kids. She adored it; she would prefer that to a warm hug at her arrival but her husband was always giving excuses upon excuses.


Today, he promised, and he was determined to fulfill it.


"I knew he would not come, he had never showed up", she said, "I only gave it a shot today, and I waited for four hours. Four full hours!", she rose, "Do you even know what that means at all?"


"But he left the house for you, in his car", Juliet said gently. She was almost crying, as tears glistened her pretty eyes.


"And as you two agreed, he didn't tell us. He...", Julius hesitated. "He was so happy today. I have never seen him like that before"


"So why did you two end up coming to pick me, uhn?", she flared, "tell me"


"Because he had an accident on his way to the airport", Juliet cried, "that's why we came to pick you mother"


"And now, he demands your presence", Julius added


;When she ran out of the house, almost losing her mind, it was already dark

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