Secret Darkness (Final Part)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic
Davis and Marianne run to and fro, attempting to get out of the maze. Will they make it out in time?

Submitted: September 09, 2014

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Submitted: September 09, 2014



While Davis and Marianne passed by the “offices”, they saw the strangest thing; one of the men who was behind one of the large desks, was dressed in a blue skintight suit, and was busily attending what seemed like a customer who was checking in. “Are we in some Star Wars facility?” he snickered in Marianne's ear. She shrugged. “Davis, this is weird. When we came here, we thought this was a hospital. Then we opened some horrifying doors that showed us otherwise. Now we are seeing that someone is checking in. Besides being a Hell something hole, is this place also a Hotel?” She whispered back. Now it was Davis' turn to shrug. They both turned their heads at the same time and right before their astonished eyes, the man behind the wooden counter and the nervous customer – vanished – into thin air.

Marianne covered her mouth in shock, and took Davis' hand, hoping to get away from there as quickly as possible. She subconsciously opened another door, DCX (610) and jerked back. The scenery was not as disturbing as the others they had seen behind the other mysterious doors. There were beautiful, majestic vessels that were at least a 100 years old! One ship that stood out quite a bit was a Roman Galley, and another one, which was far more modern and colossal, sailed somewhat slowly in the “sea.” Its black, sinister color was rather unusual. What was far, more unusual was that the color of the large ship matched the deep, dark waters. The river is very much like the River Styx – the river of death! Davis thought, as he pulled Marianne away from the scenery. He slammed the door and took her hand.

“Davis, I want to get out of here!” she exclaimed. Davis nodded simply, and they stopped by another door. This one was wide opened. They both expected a different horror show, but to their surprise, a seamstress in her mid-twenties, with gold brownish hair and pale skin, sewed away boredly, almost sadly. Davis and Marianne exchanged looks and slowly approached her.

“Hello,” Marianne began hesitantly, “ Can you help us? We're lost.”

“I'm Macy.” She replied instead, without looking up. She was too focused sewing on a dark blue, leather jacket. Davis stepped closer to her, and Marianne did the same. “This jacket's pretty cool.” He commented. Macy's dull brown eyes filled with tears and did the following; instead of showing off the nice back of the jacket, she showed Davis and Marianne the other side. A name was embroidered in black. It read “Coosa.”

“That's my boss's name.” She revealed, tears trickling down her cheeks.

Marianne was confused. “Mr. Whoosa?” she asked clumsily. Davis shrugged. They both shut the door behind them and headed over to the lobby. “Remind me, why are we here again?” Marianne voiced, when they reached their destination. The five selfish individuals were too busy to notice Davis and Marianne. A woman, however, looked up.

“Because we came to find out about this Mr. Coosa guy.” He answered his partner's question.

“Are you nuts?!” She whispered angrily. “Trust me on this one.” He said shortly, as he approached the counters. The woman with the brown, short bob hairstyle who had been watching the youths, motioned for Davis to come to her counter. He did, warily so, with Marianne following close behind.

“You're waiting for him, aren't you?” she asked, avoiding eye contact with Davis. She was writing listlessly on her ancient typewriter, like she was tied down to it or something. Marianne felt sympathy once again.

“Excuse me, miss? Am I waiting for who?” Davis asked, sounding a bit confused. She looked up momentarily before typing away furiously. “Mr. Coosa, of course. Wait just a moment and he'll register you shortly.”

Cold beads of sweat began to form on Davis' forehead. Registered?! Here? No way.

Unlike Davis, Marianne kept her rising panic in check. Davis suddenly grabbed her arm.

“Mary, I don't want to be registered in a place like this! I'm not staying here a second longer, I'm leaving! C'mon, babe. Let's leave this dump.” Marianne nodded wordlessly, and let him rush her along. As they ran away from the five compartments, Davis and Marianne spotted the same gray haired man in the blue skintight suit following them in hot pursuit. The persecution lasted long minutes, until the man decided to take a turn to his left. Davis decided to follow him against Marianne's pleas. To their surprise, the man threw a dark cloak on his back and ran  towards one of the rooms.

“Davis, isn't that the same creeper we saw two times in this building?” She wondered out loud.

“Yes, and he's headed to Door DI (501), Macy's room! I think she's in trouble!” He asserted. When they reached the room, they could see the man talking to Macy into following him to his apartment. The frail figure reluctantly agreed, and was soon following him. Desperate to save her life somehow, Davis yelled at her.

“Macy, don't go with him! Don't do it!” He called out frantically. Wait, do what?

The burly gray haired man, who now Marianne and Davis recognized as Coosa, stopped in his tracks.

“You are in no position here whatsoever to tell anybody what to do. You don't even belong here! This is our job and our business, and it is not by any means YOUR business! Get the hell out of here!” He bellowed in a deep rumble. Marianne wondered if that was perhaps the rumble she had heard minutes earlier. Davis grabbed her hand instinctively and began to dash through the hallways, like he had done many times before in the confusing and horrifying maze.

“I thought you had a plan, genius.” Marianne retorted, gasping for breath. Coosa slowed his pace down and marched angrily at them instead. Davis, unsure of what to do, grabbed a broom that just happened to be there, and tried to hit Coosa away with it. Macy stood watching from a short distance laughing. To Marianne and Davis' unexpected surprise, their persecutor plucked three little hairs from the back of his neck, and rolled them between his thumb and index finger, crushing them into what looked like a powder. “This will take care of you,” he smirked, throwing the little powder in Davis' face before storming off with poor Macy. Davis held is head, and shut his eyes.

“Dave, what's wrong?! Are you okay?” She voiced desperately. Davis didn't respond, and instead, fell on the floor.

“Davis, get up now! It's not time for games! We've got to find our way out of here before you fall asleep and before it's too late! C'mon!” She urged. Davis smiled and got up. He kissed her cheeks and held her tight.

“I was just a bit tired from all the running, Mary. Let's go.” He said in the steadfast tone Marianne knew all too well.


They were soon dashing through the hallways again like there was no tomorrow. Somehow, Davis and Marianne ended up in the lobby with the five offices...again.

“Goddamn it, Dave! Why are we here?!” She demanded below a whisper.

“I think the exit is behind the fifth desk, Mary,” he whispered back, ignoring her animosity.

“How would you know?” She asked. “Because every time we went around the corner, I could see the people vanish.”

“And why didn't I see it?” She sarcastically muttered. “Are you going to trust me or not?” He questioned.

She nodded sheepishly. He took her gently by the hand and they made their way around the corner behind the fifth desk to their right. The was no door, much to their disappointment. “I see no exit.” She stated the obvious.

Suddenly, the dark room with the spiral staircase reappeared in front of them.

“Oh ye of little faith.” Davis smirked. Marianne rolled her eyes. She went inside and nearly tripped.

“You've got to be kidding me. This staircase goes downward.” She thought out loud.

Their attempted escape did not go unnoticed however. A different man in the same skintight suit, who Davis guessed was one of the selfish receptionists, yelled “Stop them! They're not registered! They don't belong here! After them!”

Davis turned around and to his shock, Marianne was no longer beside him. She must have gone down to the exit, he thought with relief. He too ran down the steps and soon caught a glimpse of Marianne doing the same. Only this time, she was running at full speed, like Hell was after her. Since when did this chick have so much stamina?

“Marianne!” He shouted. “Yeah?” She yelled back. “Don't you think it's darker than before?” He asked loudly.

“Yeah,” came the answer. I know You are the one Who sent the key. Please, I need it again. He prayed silently. The luminous gold key appeared in Davis' hand. He dashed faster this time, until he caught up with Marianne.

“Oh, you have the key!” she exclaimed happily. He nodded.

Down the spiral staircase they dashed, until they reached a round, wooden door with huge letters that read “EXIT.”

Davis and Marianne gave simultaneous sighs of relief and opened the door. There were only a couple more steps upward. They both climbed up and soon found that they were back up on the surface of the earth. Marianne threw her arms around Davis and smiled broadly. Davis couldn't help but laugh a bit himself. They were finally out of there. Their joyful moment however, stopped. “What's wrong, Davis?” Marianne asked curiously.

“Marianne, didn't you feel a thrilling sort of electrical wave when we climbed back up?”

She paused and cupped her chin. “Strangely, yes. Almost like we got back to our own dimension.”

“I know, right?” Marianne yawned. “Yeah... hey, I'm tired. Let's go, okay? I've had enough for one night.”

“Sure. I can give you a piggyback ride if you want. Wouldn't want you to lag behind.”

“Are you cool with that?” She inquired worriedly. “Yeah, yeah.” He replied.


Marianne had fallen asleep on his back in two seconds. He smiled to himself and looked back to where they had just emerged from. The little short cellar stairwell they had climbed up from was a very dark hole almost like a dark green grave, covered with spooky looking weeds and vines. There was a little building of which the green getaway door was its cellar door. The old stone building was covered with vines, and it was like a closed burial crypt, where they bury corpses. From the outside it was locked up. It was part of a park or burial ground. The fact that Davis and Marianne could come out of its basement seemed to mean it was there to cover the access.

I have to remember exactly where this Hell hole is in case we want to find it again, Davis thought to himself, as he struggled out of the woods. He was soon on the side of the dirt road with Marianne on his back. Minutes that seemed like hours passed and it was getting darker. To Davis' relief, there was a house to the right and dim lights shone. He stopped walking and listened intently. British voices could be heard from the house, much to his pleasant surprise.

“Mary...Mary. Wake up. We're here!” He whispered softly. She gave a loud yawn. “We're here? Really?” She asked with a sleepy face. “Yeah! Jack and Trace are probably waiting for us, come on!” He urged, holding out his hand. As she took it, a pair of bright headlights showed in the middle of the road. It was headed towards them!

Oh my God! Maybe its someone who's coming after us! Davis panicked. The car stopped instead at the house to their right, and the driver turned off his lights, stepped out of his car and disappeared into the house.

“Boy, that was close, Mary! I thought for sure someone was chasing after us.” He managed, attempting to recover from his shock. “Well, nothing happened now, did it?” She teased. Davis looked into her eyes and smiled.

“No.” He leaned closer and planted a tender kiss on her lips. They then both held hands, and walked up unhurriedly towards the dirt road to meet up with their friends. They were finally safe and sound.

© Copyright 2020 A.R.Silver. All rights reserved.

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