color blind

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we live in a world of hate, where love is scattered, yet rarely sensed. trust in your god to find the love you and many more have not seen in quite awhile.

Submitted: April 05, 2016

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Submitted: April 05, 2016



You see the world in color, vibrant and full of joy.

You see happiness, love, peace… in time of need you shadow humankind. Helping one another, as brother and sister reunite…humanity connects as one.

When there is famish and war, children dieing at your pray. Your faith is bright with color. Your walls painted with hope. You pray. Words that reach a higher power, someone who brings compassion for thy neighbor. He is the ear to your pain, the one that covers your open wounds.

You see the world in color.

The violets and the reds, the bursting yellows and calming blues. Your world is only color.

Black and white confine my vision day and night.

I see no color.

No longer can I have hope for tomorrow, there is no pigment to aspire. The world I see cries for the people...the world I see bleeds for thy men and women. My eyesight is witness to her pain. It testifies of the broken souls inflicted by infants growing old.

Where is your God? The one that whispers optimism. The one who pumps your veins with warmth and relinquished tranquility. Can a color-blind mortal like myself be in presence of such power?

Can I trust in him to bring me color?


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