The Divine Mother

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Speaking to God

Submitted: May 08, 2012

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Submitted: May 08, 2012




When I turn to you in sadness,

When I turn to you in delight,

When I turn to you in doubt,

When I turn to you to thank,

When I turn to you for help,

When I turn to you for companionship,

When I cling to you, and can’t let go you,


You hold me in your arms, and rest my head on your shoulder,

You give me all the care in the world, unconditionally;

You never ask me if I am worthy of it,

If I am good enough to deserve it,

If my ignorance will let me experience it,

Unasked, you give me everything through nature to nurture me;


I take all, without winking once, a second thought, as the arrogant one,

Claim my right as the most deserving one…!

I am the special one and hold on to it desperately;

I believe everything will cease beyond me..

Forgetting the transience of everything that is ME …!!


I can’t recognize your smile,

Your gentle ways of love,

I wake up suddenly to a trouble that is too hard on my petty mind

I ask you ‘Mother, why me?’

In good times, I never asked you, ‘Why me?’


And yet, your kindness is all around,

You remain my Mother and me your forever dim-witted child!!






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