The Joker

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Submitted: September 03, 2017

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Submitted: September 03, 2017



I escaped a dead reality to the catacombs of sleep

Where i forget this life and I forget you,

I dream, a dream of indecision

I know your face but I no longer know its place

You plagued me like a ghost formed from an injustice

The hierophant, useless and lame

His chants will no exorcise your ghost,

You linger in my mind

But you are just a spade in a deck where I am queen

And I willed the joker, who came and came again 

I now understand the fool,

Why must I strive to attain sanity

I would rather be amongst this lunacy,

for against sensebility it seems pure,

I cannot be the moon, luna, lunatic lies

Hidden enemies whose faces I despise

Folly plays to notes that seem pure

Somehow I would sacrifice myself to ignrance 

For ignorance is bliss where you are concerned 

May I impart on a journey, where I am my only keeper,

and you, a gravestone deeper...

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