The enlightened

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A child that has gone through a blot and realises that he can change and so can the rest of us.

This a short story of something i have put together and please excuse me of any spelling mistakes. Enjoy!

Submitted: April 18, 2015

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Submitted: April 18, 2015



In my whole life i would never have thought that i was abaut to crumble in to sand, i used to think i was a strong hearted boy and nothing could ever touch me but i was wrong. Was my whole life a lie? and have i been tricked?.

it all started a few years ago i used to be so happy and optimistic when ever there was a bad momment i used to brush it off, nothing ever effected me, my mind was solid as a rock. But that rock was about to be shatterd and enlightened.

Darkness consumed the earth but there where two lights that shimmer across the darkness, one of the lights was the moon and the other light was me, my room light. The reason my light was on was because i found out somthing that was hidden from me and everyone else around me. Indigo. Indigo made me feel speacial and i was wondering why everyone else did not know about it, questions that i have never thought floated through my lucid mind and i unlocked a gate that had never been touched by a "normal human". The things i had discoverd was reality and no one that i have ever met had talked about it, i asked people and teachers about it and they didn't know what i was on about. The main question was why does knowone know about this? and why is everyone trapped in there own reality and living there lives, ignoring the disaster that has already consummed everysingle one of us. controling kids and teenagers makeing then follow rules that haven't even been written down. But along the way i fugured out somthing ...  we people choose to ignore the signs that are infront of us we people are stupid and gullible. I was thinking we can change it becuase We dont need a power to help us because if we change out minds and our conscious we will be enlightend.

imagine the impact we could couse humanity, we could change lives , we are the youth and the future and i dont want to be a reancarnation of some one i want to be the reancarnated. i want people to realise and follow us in to a path of no violance, no pain, no sorrow. But the only thing stopping us is our selfs, we can choose to follow others or we can be the followed. We just think low of our selfs and dont realise what us humans are capable of and we dont need to be a indigo to make a change to the world you just have to be human.

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The enlightened

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