A young troubled girl is lonely and feels empty inside. She wants love and for her father to stop mistreating her. There will be five parts to this story. This is part one.

"So how was school sweety?" Elizabeth's fater asked. "Oh just fine i guess......" She replied after a moment. "Any boys you think you like Lizzy??? You need a boyfriend or some friends! Your home to much." He yelled as she raced up the stairs to her room. There was one boy she liked...Alex . She loved him. She was sure he felt the same way because of the way he would look into her eyes and stare at her. Or maybe she just looks weird and he hates me! She thought about the possibilites all day and night everyday. Why woud Alex like a girl like me anyways? He has a great life...friend and girls. Eizabeth sighed. So many girls liked Alex that is was almost impossible to say it, because they already guessed you did. After a moment she went downstairs and out into the rain. "The sky is crying just like me..." Elizabeth whispered. She ran down the steps and into her car. She thought of were to go...."Maybe the park over there, I don't care if it's rainig. She drove for an hour just to get to a rainy dirty park. She got out and let the rain devour her. Then, she saw a figure. She made it out to be a person so she went over to introduce her self. But when she was close enough she couldn't belive who it was. Andy Linderson! What was he doing here? He was ony the most popular boy in school. Why would he of all people be here in the rain?!?! She went up to him and he saw it was her. "Hey Elizabeth..." he said. "I'm surprised you even know my name!" she rudly said. "Just cause I seem bad doesn't make me bad. You know i'm not the dumb jerk you think of me as. I'm not rude like I am in of school. I just don't want to be called one of the loners like you. Sorry.....I know, you think i'm rude don't you?" Andy said swiftly and quietly. "I sure do Andy. A loner?" she asked. "A loner is somebody who is always alone and has no friends or anybody to hang with. That's what everybody calls you. Actully Alex doesn't." Andy explained. She was surprised aAlex didn't call her a loner. She was more than shocked, she was happy. "Well i'm surprised he doesn't call me a loner, connsidering everybody does. Why doesn't Alex?" she asked. "I don't know, he's just a nice guy. That's not why all the girls love him though, it's because he looks good. But he's really nice." he said laughing at his answer. "Your nice to though." she found her self saying withhout relizing she had. " Yeah I guess, when we were younger I always wantesd us to be friends but you never let me talk to you ever! Now it's to late because you never gave anybody a chance. That's why we alll stopped trying." he protested. Elizabeth stopped walking and sat on a bench. Andy did as well. "I'm sorry....I really am Andy. I regret it a lot now.. It was just around the time my mom died and well it was so hard to even breath. Then my dad started drinking and he left me to fend for myself!" she whispered as she started to cry. Andy sighed and huged her. " I'm your friend Elizabeth, i'm your friend.". "But at school your not! Your just going to avoid me! But if you don't avoid me you will be a loner to and I don't want to hurt your life!!" Elizabeth cried. They were soaking wet from the rain now, like they were just swimming. " You know what, i'm tired of those people. There rude to me and there really annoying. I rather ony have you then them. Let's go and get out of the rain." she followed him under the big luch rea that had a oof above it. They just sat silent for a while. " I gotta go Andy. Sorry," she said. He yelled bye as she drove away. When she returned home, her dad was passed out on the couch. She wasn't surprised. She took a shower and changed. She was tired and glad it was the weekend now. She went intob her bed a watched movies but eventully fell asleep.

Submitted: March 17, 2012

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Well though m nt mch of an experienced writer but i think this book needs sort of you to refine it..its kinda..whats da word "odd"..nd simplistic..anyways good story but nt expressed in da right form

Thu, February 28th, 2013 12:13pm

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