Lands Above The Clouds

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Its my Imagination and Feeling and Understanding on Chinese Mythology, which im very interested in. :). It also has a taste to what my perfect fantasy world would kind of look like. It has a sense of an Angelic touch to it aswel.

Submitted: July 24, 2013

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Submitted: July 24, 2013



Lands Above the Clouds


Above the Clouds Lies A World

Were the Lands Are Made of Light and Stone.

Power Grows here with its Dignity Intact

It Controls its Ego and Lives Only to Help.


The Sun and Moon Rises on this Land

and When it Does Magic Begins To Dance.

Forests Grow with Leaves Made of Jade

Bamboo so Strong its Used By Dragons for Childs Play.


Chinese Palaces Reside Made from White Marble 

With Golden Patterns of Dragons and Power.

The Beings that Live here are Peaceful within an Everlasting Tranquility

The Powers they Hold could Destroy Yet they Remain Peaceful in Hope and Joy.


The Five Elements Reside Here aswel 

Each with its Own Unique Being and Power.


 Black Water Flows Through the Veins of This Land While it Heals

Were the Blue Turtle Ponders When it Should End All Ordeals


Red Fire Dances Around only To Inspire

The Phoenix Decides When this Power Should Expire.


Green Wood Bends to Maintain Stability

The Azure Dragon Decides Its Fragility.


Yellow Earth Upholds The Balance

The Golden Dragon Governs its Hold.


White Metal Cuts Out the Evil

Were the White Tiger Decides its Durability.


There Lies a Sixth Element within This Land

Made From Pure Energy and Light it Always Understands.

It Changes Evil To Pure Light

The White and Golden Dragon Decides How Bright.


Lightning Jade Trickles Through the White Pillars Made from Marble

While the Clouds Erupt in Ever Increasing Virtue.

Dragons Swim through the Clouds with the Greatest of Ease

You Can See Them When Dawn and Dusk Appear With Ease.


Kind Mist Flows around the Mountains of this Land

Were Meditation Creates Tranquility.


To this Land Honored With Power

I Will see You Within my Hour


But Until Then Remain in Tranquility

Within Power Made From a Source of Infinity


Keep me Hopeful In Your Existence

So That I May See Your Power.


The Lands Above the Clouds :)


What Can I say I love Chinese Mythology :).





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