My Perception of Time

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Just my perception of time and how time makes me feel and i think time would be if it has personality, which i thin kit doese :).

Submitted: March 22, 2013

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Submitted: March 22, 2013







Tick, Tock Time Clocks

Moving as slow as a Rock Through Space.

Traveling a Thousand Miles an Hour

Freely Unrestricted, it Manuvours with Wonderes Powes.


Time Smiles Circling my Heart and Mind

I Wish it to be My Friend to Find the Light it Comforts Inside.

It knows of All Secrets Since it Began

With Power not Known By Most Men.


Time Traverses The Planet with a Curios and Bord Nature

It Searches Our Feelings for a Familiar Neighbour.

Something so Powerful it Travels through the Past and Future

Yet Something as Small as our Hearts can Hold it Forever.


Time can Tame our Anger and Heal a Sadened Heart

It can Increase our Happiness and Power our Creative Thoughts.

Its What Begins New Stories and Ends Old Ones

 But Allows you to Draw The Content and May let Your Story Carry On.


Time Will Continue Even if We Dont

But we Shouldnt Fear our Reality of Fading Into Dust.

For Time Will! Remember

Each and Everyone of Us.


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