Secrets to the Imagination

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I want people to open there hearts and then! to open their minds. You ill see a different world, not just one that is moving molten rock and that supports life. But that there are gateways and doors to magnificent things. I like to call these places secrets to the imagination.

Submitted: September 12, 2012

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Submitted: September 12, 2012



Secrets to The Imagination




First Open Your Eyes to a World

Made of Dreams.

Believe what you See with you Heart

and every Fibre of Your Being.


Illusions Will Come Hard and Fast

Never Ending they Will Race Your Heart.

Hold Yourself Steady and Never Give in

Soon Lightning will Come to Defend you Till the End.


Keep Calm and Breath Slowly

Watch the World as it changes Elegantly.

Yin and Yang Begin to Merge

Your Sole Begins to Wake you with a Powerful Surge.


 Fire Breaths as it Consumes in the Dark

Flowing without a Sound and Wonderers Sparks.


Metal sharpens itself , gleaming in the Light

It Shimmers with Power and becomes Invisible at Night.


Water Flows Glowing with Blue

and Modestly Following only the Moon.


Wood Begins to Strengthen Stronger than Normal Metal from and Illusional World

Ancient with Wisdom and Even Older than a Pearl.


Earth has its Honor with Stars Envious of its Heart

With Strength to Crush it holds no Grudges Against the Harsh.


Pure Energy Flows in the Light

With Power so Great It Shines Through the Night


Acknowledge Nature in all Its Splendor

and Allow Your Faith to go on Forever.


Secrets are There to be Unlocked

So Tighten Your Ego in a Never Ending Knot.

Throw it Away Never to be Seen Again

So That You May One day Understand the Secrets that Will Never End.


















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