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A true Fact of My Life

Submitted: July 30, 2012

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Submitted: July 30, 2012




Suddenly I woke up…..strange after such a long time I went to sleep in afternoon, and hence the result she, I mean my x again came into my dream. Once upon a time I use to cry but now a day I hate her like hell. Sometime I think people are so mean they are always there when you are happy they will all share that but when you are unsuccessful they will look you into your eyes just like you are a disgusting human being in this whole world. I was very close to her and she was also I never forget what she had done to my life, after my mother she was the one who always gave motivation she gave “Go and Fight attitude” but you know there are some people who do not want you to be happy in your life and the most embarrassing thing Bad time has friendship with them, and I am just victim of them. My one year of happiness and love and affection may be on that time my god wanted me to do this recharge of love, affection and happiness for only 1 year. Some of friend of mine call me sometime PLAYBOY, some says I play with love, some say I am a Bad Ass. But believe me from the core of my heart I never expected she will go away from me on that time when I need her most. Generally speaking we are not such bad couple as used to say each other we use get drunk together, smoke together and many more things what generally couple do not think about.
People always blame that one time I used to say to them “I will never change” but believe me I changed not physically but mentally, once I used to solve problem of my friends but now a days I don’t have such time to do some filthy things although there are some friends who are always close to me and if they have any problem I am always there, but it seems I also stopping myself to do that, well reason??? My Answer will be “Don’t know”, Few days back one of my friend shifted to New York due to his office while leaving from Kolkata I asked him to sent me a New York times few days back she sent me from there, I was very happy to see that I am reading a famous Newspaper of United States of America who had won 108 Pulitzer Prizes more than any news organization. There was a story on page 4 where a couple broke up 3 years back and now they are getting married and most interesting thing they were a couple since childhood “God Bless them”.
Anyways from that column I started thinking may one day we will be together someday may be god wants to separate right now, but this is the space which I hate most or may be not maybe we will never meet again I must share interesting fact when we meet after that by any mean we used to see each other in our locality before we came into relation we never say each other I hardly know there is some someone with name S****** in my locality while she also told me the same but believe me when we were into a relation we found knows her and me in our locality. Well this gave a bad effect to me after that break up, for some people it was shocking news and for someone still they can’t believe what we have done, On that moment we she last called me up I thought “oh thank god I am out of tension” but after that I never expected that each and every moment I will wish for her well being and after sometime when I realize that she was not beside me when I need her most I started to hate her but from the started to hate her she always come into my mind and make my all day miserable.
So now nothing new the same situation is going on, well I am good actor since school days so I always pretend to be happy in front of my office seniors and friends and also with my Mom and with my close friends, sometime I do realize whatever I had done or whatever she had done “IS THAT WAS RIGHT” ???
Rohit Chhatry 

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