the creation of arco

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This is a collaboration between two friends of mine and myself. It is a roleplay out of the creation of the world of Arco, a world of wolves. The gods mentioned, Vespertine, Noc, and Vrede, each represent parts of life; Noc, Lord of Time, Vrede, Goddess of Light and Music, and Vespertine, God of Death. This tells the story of the brother's (Noc and Vespertine's) birth and Noc's creation of Vrede from the essensce of a white moon.

Submitted: March 11, 2008

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Submitted: March 11, 2008



VESPERTINE - - roleplayed by myself
There was darkness. It was though I was suffocating, though I did not know who I was; I slept in the sweet hold of my "womb", though suddenly I was awakened. A starling pain shot through me, tingling along my spine. This was my first true "feeling"; I had felt comfort a moment before, yet now I felt only pain. Writhing desperately, confused in mind and still hurting in body, I could not see. These thoughts were odd - see? Hurt? It was as though I had existed for eternity, and had felt only agonizing pain, as I was feeling in that moment. Suddenly it dissapeared, and instead I floated. Lights danced around me, but my eyes could not comprehend their brightness. Eyes? Yes, I could feel them, young and new, showing me the world around me. No, not world. Universe. My newly discovered eyesight slowly changed itself to fit, and I felt what seemed like a body around me - though when I looked around myself, there was nothing. I was invisible, though as I pondered this suddenly I took shape. A hulking black creature, though what, I couldn't be sure - not even with the vast, uncomprehendable knowledge beginning to flow through my mind. From the corner of my eyes I could see a blast of silver, though when I turned to stare to such brilliance I found nothing, only darkness. I ventured forward, and as I past a rock - mixture of iron, stone, ice... it crumbled, showing me the contents of its being. Blinking slowly, I turned, sighting a small, round planet in the distance. Striding through the sky, I noticed with slight dissapointment that all around me was slowly dissapearing. The stars, whose light had blinded me, blinked out and I found myself oddly hungering for their warmth and brightness. I alighted upon the planet, taking full form of the creature I had become as my enormous paws touched the loam. I glanced around, curious eyes taking in the miniscule world. Someone, as great as I, had been here before - green grass grew, a small stream ran through the center and around the tiny planet, an island in the blackness of space. An oasis. Stepping forward gingerly, I halted suddenly and stared toward my padder, which all around the brilliantly emerald grass had begun to fade, leaving brown, dead, brittle stalks behind. This displeased me. Where was the color? Oh, colors. How I longed for them, in the future. To no longer be surrounded by the black emptiness, the browns, the yellows, the grays of bodies as I swept their souls into my arms.

NOC - - roleplayed by Loveislies

I only saw the light. Emptiness and vast white, there was nothing else to be known. I could only hear the silence, there was nothing else to hear. I could not tell if I was sleeping or awake but what I did know was the light, and it was now distorted. The whiteness bent, it shivered, it quaked. There was sudden coldness, and I was wrapped in it's bitter blanket. There was noise, the loud sucking as my mother was engulfed, the screeching as the other died. I watched this sudden blackness, I stared into it's depths without thought. What was there to think about? My mind raced, and my eyes could not focus with the distractions. Eyes? All I had known was the pureness of the white that engulfed me, and now I was surrounded by brilliant colors. I turned to my right. All I had ever known was the light, and it was leaving. All I had ever been was the light, but now I was myself, I was something apart but something so much greater. Suddenly, all light fled, and only the stars were left. The loudness of the black hole had died down. I turned once more and saw another. Excitement flourished through my thoughts, the cold was now not so bitter. I wanted so much to touch this person, I tried toreach him, I tried to talk. My great jaws opened and my breath merged with his own. Then I saw his greatness no more. The galaxy began to decay. I found myself drifting, there was more but in other places. I walked in the darkness, but as I roamed light grew from behind me, flourished and became something of it's own. I reached out and let myself hold the emptyness before me, planets developed on my palms. I gazed onward with great admiration. I had great love for this universe, it was barren and empty but beautiful none the less. Beauty. I could only describe such a word with the white moon, the only moon I had come across that roamed without companion. My great jaws opened to comfort her, to tell her she was not alone and I found my lips touching her own, and just as when I had been born, our breaths merged. I simply looked on as she became other then the moon, something as beautiful if not more gorgeous then what she had been before. She was divine as I was and together we were more. Had she only seen the light before, had she nothing to think about as I did?

VREDE - - roleplayed by Andolito
Nothing. Her beginning came , but without origin. Light flourished, but held no purpose. Yet beings clung to it, betrothed by it's sweet lustful shine. It's radiance more than there's could ever wish, or even hope to be. Vibrant at the least and exhiliarting if not more. Understandment held no meaning in the face of the dark, and some came to be rid of that. A mere subconsious was her only feeling to possess, her's only to own. Why was one cursed to such a meek existence? What could it be called, these things that she felt? Surely not emotion for she was, just an object of a higher figment. Mayhap one would come to realize there was something more, there was always somethign more. Perfection a joke, but not found to it's truth. Awakenings prevailed as her mild awareness of things exploded into a while new dimension. This was her something more. A hero nonethless, a savior. She felt herself swathed and provoked forth from her encasement, opened to the newly staretd world and it's few inhabitants. The thoughts matching, were they truly true?

VESPERTINE - - roleplayed by myself
It was thus I wandered. At times life seemed to spring from my claws, glorious, beautiful galaxies flowing into a gorgeous tapestry behind me as I moved. I was the loom and the universe was my yarn when this occured, though only a moment later the glorious creations I had woven would fall once more into a piled mass of tangled strings, or it would dissapear completely, fading into the darkness and leaving me without light, without companionship in the darkness. I wandered, without friends, without a light to keep me company - yet I would not fall to insanity. Instead my mind was lost in thoughts, and I sorted through colors. Short as my sightings of them may be, I recorded them, keeping them close to my mind. This was my solitairy life. However, it was to be disturbed.

One gentle day (though I could not claim to know the difference between day in night in my wanderings of the universe; there was no such thing as a "day" or a "night") there came color. Brilliant, flowing, amazing color. Blues and grays mixed with subtle hues of yellows and blacks, whites and soft greens ricocheted across my eyes; entranced, I turned to the color, suddenly feeling everything was whole in my empty world. And then I saw her; such beauty, falling into a silver creature's waiting embrace. Immediatly I felt an emotion course through me, the likes of none I had ever encountered before; what was it? Despite my vast knowledge, I could not comprehend this. However, I knew that I felt I should protect this perfect creature to the extent of my great being.

Though it was not to be, it seemed. Even as I stepped forward to greet the other creatures, the perfect one met the other - and instantly, my dreams were dashed. My thoughts of the other's perfection were cracked, but not shattered - however, the bond between the silver creature and myself that oddly existed seemed to snap, only a single thread lingering. I recognized the two for what they were in that moment as well; as one met the other, my white creature became as I. The silver creature had already been as I, perhaps even more powerful; and I could feel in only a moment that he lived with color, yet he did not relish it as I did. For what creature who has no want of something could passion after it as diligently as I longed for the pigments and hues of everything about me? Despite my sudden... dislike for the silver creature and my heartbreaking, unknown relationship with the perfect one, I did not wish to drift too close for fear of injuring or even depleting the perfect one's colors. Whites. Blues, hidden deep within her pelt - her flowing, glorious pelt. How I longed for her attention, though I could feel her touch was forbidden - I could not let her touch me, for mine was the touch of death.

VREDE - - roleplayed by Loveislies.
How brilliant were the colors before me, the lights and how they shone as they broke off and returned. Each hue, each level of luminosity changed the expression of my eyes. I could feel the pupils of my eyes constrict and dialate with the dancing light before me, the beautiful fire of life. It was something I must have, something so divine I must touch, though I shivered at the thought of leaving the warm embrace of the other being. I was nude, not nude as in without cloth but without knowingness. Afraid of the blackness I clinged towards the grey deity before me, which so eagerly coaxed me towards the lights. I could not understand these conflicting feelings. How could I be so afraid of what aroused me so? Curiosity took it's toll and I began to reach towards the flame of color, which flared ever so enthusiasticly at my touch, though it only reached the very tips of my digits. As I moved away from the god and towards the fire, I could feel myself become one, become another and my mind flourished while roses and daisys and marigolds bloomed at my fingertips. The flame flared once more, enraveling me in it's color. I stood, letting myself be clothed in the greatness of life and when I emerged from the flame I was just as divine as the soul before me, and the being I was yet to notice behind me. In my palms was an unmoving sphere of granite, but about it was a vibrant aura, so powerful that it slowly burnt my delicate palms. "And so I be called the mother of life and yourself the lord of time. and so a new planet shall be born, divine towards the others and it will carry life. and we shall call it Arco." The tender flesh of my palm was now scaleded, burnt by the earth that I carried and unable to carry it further I handed the planet to Noc, whom I knew would add inhabitents that could live my the elements I had placed within the planet. I gazed down at my scarred palms, and watched as the flowers that had sprouted upon my digits dried and fell. I felt faint and the great light that luminated from my presance was suddenly weakened by the negative pull of anothers. Not that it had been and evil energy but a conflicting one, one that very well would have been opposite of mine if he himself had not also been a creator. In my divine grace I turned to see this intruder, knowing that if he were to step up from his lowly state that he'd be glorified alongside Noc and myself, but if he were to flee misfortunes would come upon both of us. I could feel my lips part but I could not will myself to push words forward. I could only stare at the death god with my mouth slightly ajar, feeling faint and becoming weaker with his presance.

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