The Bygone Days

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The real human virtues are left way too behind in this fast pace world.
Just reminiscing the old, happy days,

Submitted: April 16, 2016

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Submitted: April 16, 2016



Innocence, what it is?

To act like a fool of no knowings

Or is it a word never witnessed?

Love, what it is?

A name in books or seen in movies

For there is no care in the surroundings.

Fun, now too, what it is?

To put up a fake smile or laugh showingly

As for these days, I have seen no one laugh whole-heartedly.


So, What is life?

A pretense which we forcibly say we live happily

Or just end up whining over it.

Human, too, destined to take up these as his qualities

Is left as a name with no realities

All these were the bygone days!

When one was so free, so happy

Have you ventured into yhe sixties?

No, it still is in this century

What I force on is a sweet phase

An untired, unruly smooth face

A lovely era we all do share

For I am talking of the childhood days!

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