The Fate of Nations

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The free countries of the world struggle to halt the conquest of the Sebiatin Kingdom. Half of the world has fallen and the rest will follow if nothing is done. Follow the lives of the men fighting for not only their counties but for the world.

Submitted: April 05, 2013

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Submitted: April 05, 2013




Chapter I

The cold bitter Sebiatin winds kiss at my frozen brown cheeks. I slowly open my eyes and gaze my sight upon the plain grey ceiling. This cold grey room doesn’t compare to the happy beautiful house I left behind in Accron, My wife and five year old son. I left them behind for the adventures of the Army. But all I do is guard this outpost in Sebiata. ‘Just another day in this god forsaken land away from my life’ I lift myself up and sit on the ledge of the bed. I grab my heavy winter -camo combat pants off the ground and pull them up my legs. I then, grab my combat boots and slide my frozen feet into the boots. I stand up and grab my helmet. I flatten down my scraggly Black hair and strap my helmet onto my head. I walk to the door, throw on my winter-camo combat jacket and swing my winter coat on my shoulder and I open the door. I walk out into the long corridor of the Accronian outpost. I walk down the hall to the door leading outside. An Accronian soldier is walking by “Morning Field Marshall.” I respond, “Morning.”

I continue my walk down the barren hallway to a steel door. I pull the steel handle down and push open the door. The cold winter air and snow rushes in. I shiver and pull my winter coat on and shove my hands into my pockets. I pull my gloves from the pockets and slide them onto my hands. I trudge through the heavy snow across the snow covered courtyard to the outer wall of the outpost. I made it to the towering wall and entered the small doorway in the wall. I walked up the stairway to the battlements of the wall. I open the hatch leading to the battlements. I climb up and walk over to the Accronian Capitan leaning against the wall. “Morning Simon.”  He turned his head towards me, “Morning Armand.”

Simon turns around and revels he is holding two cups of coffee.  He hands me one. I grab it and the warmth of the cup shatters the blood freezing cold on my hands. I shake my head to show my gratitude. “Any sign of activity?” I ask. Simon responds with a laugh, “Please! The Sebiatin have learned their lesson years ago. They won’t start the war again.” I nod my head and lean against the wall to the right of him. Powdery snow falls on the roof up above. I turn to my right and see James walking over hold a standard issued AX-7 assault rifle of the Accron Army. James leans against the wall next to me and speaks in a raspy voice, “Morning fellas.” Both Simon and I respond in unison, “Morning.” I look over to him, “No sign?” He replies with a smile, “Nothing and I’m sure there will never be any. Why can’t high command just let us go home already?”  I respond in a stern voice, “We still hold little trust for the Sebiatin. Trust is hard to earn back after a 50 year long war with all the countries of the world that was barley 30 years ago.” James continues to insist, “The Sebiatin military is in complete shambles, they won’t be able to attack for at least 30 years! Factories were burned to the ground. Whole battalions wiped out because of their stubbornness! They cannot and possibly never attack again!”

I nod my head in agreement and turn my attention back to the snow covered land beyond the outer wall. From the shadows I see figures that make the shape of men appear. James continues to rant about how we should be allowed to go home but I tune it out and I focus on the shadowy figures beyond the walls. My heart sinks when I learn the truth behind the figures. The warm coffee mug shatters on the concrete ground as it slips through my fingers. I turn to Simon and James, “The Sebiatin has returned….muster our defense’s…” Simon’s brown skin turns as white as the snow around us. He jumps down the hatch and I watch him disappear down the stairs. I turn to James and see him staring off towards the shadow army. He is lost in a trans of some sorts; he knows the deep trouble we are in. He snaps awake and turns to me, “I’m going to the mid station to grab you a rifle.” I nod my head and he sprints to the mid station. I continue to spy on the advancing line of shadows. Soon large tank shadows appear.  My garrison at best can muster 70 troops and 2 defensive cannons, while I see hundreds of enemy soldiers supported by tanks. This is our last stand. I fear no one will survive and that I will never see my family again.

I snap out of my thought as the sirens of the outpost crackle awake. I turn around and see my garrison running through the snow to the outer wall. James returns and throws the rifle towards me. I grab it; cock back the bolt and it snaps back pushing the first round in place. I aim down the sights at the shadow army the sights. My men have made it to the wall and crouch down behind the battlement walls for cover. James turns on the megaphone as the enemy has finally emerged from the shadows of the snow. It is clear they are the Sebiatins. My mind races as I try to figure out how they can muster such an impressive army with their shattered economy. Simon returns and whispers to my right ear, “I have activated the distress beechen and the transports in the harbor are starting up. Our soldiers are spread out along the wall. We can evacuate in about an hour we have to hold them off.” I nod my head and turn to James. I make eye contact with him and he nods. He specks into the megaphone, “Soldiers of the Sebiatin Army! Disband your battalions and return to your camps! Do not start a war you know you cannot fin”-BOOM!

His sentence is cut short by the blood curtailing sound of a rifle.  The bullet smashes through the megaphone and tares through James’ skull. I look on horrified as I watch one of my closest friend fall face forward over the wall. All is silent after we hear the thud of James’ body fall into the deep snow. I yell to my men, “They have said their answer and I think it’s time for us to give our answer!” I fire my assault rifle into the large body of Sebiatin. The powerful gun unleashes round after round into the Sebiatin Army. My troops instantly open fire. The world is at war once again. The enemy troops scramble for cover as bullets fall all around them. The large Sebiatin army returns fire with thunders volleys. My men duck behind the battlement walls after they take their shots to evade the enemy fire. I duck down and a bullet slams the top of helmet grazing my hair and knocks my helmet off my head to the snowy ground below. I stand back up and fire another magazine into the thick wall of Sebiatin troops. In the corner of my right eye I see a tremendous flash, followed by a thunders boom. I yell to my men, “GET DOWN!” A Sebiatin tank shell smashes into the wall. I’m thrown off by the tremendous force like a rag doll. 20 other men fall from the wall with me. I hit the snowy ground with a hard thud.

I open my eyes and see the world around me in flames; a tremendous ringing will not leave my ears. I hear nothing as I lie on the ground unable to lead my troops. The torturous ringing continues in my ears as I see my men continue to fall off the burning wall. I sit up slowly and address my body. “No broken bones……good…..”  I stand up slowly and realize my men retreating from the wall heading towards the dock. I stop a passing soldier, he speaks in a shaken voice, “The men are falling back to the docks…..once the transports are ready we are getting the hell out!!” I sway to my right almost falling, the soldier grabs me before I fall face first to the ground. “Sir, get to the docks!” He runs off towards the docks behind me. I grab my rifle off the ground and start running to the docks.  I continue my sprint with my fellow troops to the docks. A large explosion comes from behind me. I turn around and see the Out wall has crumbled. Enemy tanks smash through the ruble of the once proud wall. Enemy troops rush through the hole. I turn around and continue to sprint towards the docks as bullets fly all around me. I jump behind a crate with another soldier. He has blood running down his ragged face. My eyes open up when I realize it is Simon. “Simon! How many troops are still alive!?” He speaks in a shaken and weak voice, “Only around 15 remain sir…..we can’t hold out much longer…ahhha!” He screeches out in pain and grippes his ribs. I look down at his ribs, “Move your hand.” His shaking hand reviles a gunshot wound. I yell out, “MEDIC!” Simon shakes his head, “I don’t want to live in a world consumed by war.” He eyes slowly close and his breathing comes to genital stop.

I put a finger next to his neck. His pulse has disappeared and replaced with the icy cold feel of death. I closed my eyes at Simon lets go off the little life he has left.  I open my eyes and grab my rifle from the ground and I pull the bolt back and slam a new magazine in and the bolt flies forward. I fire a 4 rounds and a Sebiatin trooper slams to the ground. A soldier hiding behind me rushes up to me and yells into my ear over the screams and explosions of war, “The boats have been destroyed….we have no escape.”  I look at his ragged face covered in dirt. He looks tired and weak but I find not a single look of fear on his face. He continues, “It’s been an honor to serve with you, sir.” I shake my head, “Do not say that yet. We aren’t dead yet.” I stand up and unleash another volley at the advancing line. I drop more Sebiatin troops and duck under as bullets wiz at me. I stick my head up once again only to see a Sebiatin Rocketeer aiming right at me. I close my eyes as I hear the thunderous roar of the rocket. It smashes into the heavy crates I’m behind, launching me into the cool air. My life flashes by me as I fall throw the sky. The sounds of war are unbearable with the whistling of the air. I slam into the cold water of the Sebaitin Ocean. The hard fall leaves me dizzy as I float help less in the ocean. I float away from the outpost desperately trying to swim back to the aid my men. The powerful ocean waves bash against me. The freezing water stabs at my body, I yell out in pain but I refuse to leave my men. The cries of men dying echo as the outpost burns to the snow covered ground. I see the silhouettes of two men on the port. One is on his knees with his head towards the ground. The other is holding a pistol to the man’s head.  I hear the distant yell coming from the kneeing soldier, “VIVA ACCRON!” The standing man fires and the kneeing man falls to the ground. The heroic man died giving glory to the empire. A powerful wave carries me farther from the port. The silhouette of the man starts to fade. I start to close my heavy weak eyes; my flailing arms fall numb and all feeling in my legs vanish. My hope of seeing my family again disappears from me.  A final wave pushes me under the freezing water with the screams of war destined to be the last thing I hear.


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