The Glory of Rome

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Hey this is my first story. It is about a Roman Centurion Cartono Cossio in command of the 5th Legion. This story is set in the future if the Roman Empire returned and United the nations of the world and beyond. This story depicts the horrors and glory of war Cartono has to witness. Make sure to review and point out any mistakes you see.

Submitted: February 25, 2013

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Submitted: February 25, 2013



Hey guys this is my first story. Warning starts slower but gets better. Hope you enjoy! Please R/R! Thanks guys!

Chapter I

"Only the dead have seen the end of war."


"Cartono! Toss me an apple!" hollers Achilles. I grab an apple from the basket in the center of the table and toss it towards him. Just as the apple leaves my hand the ground jolts with tremendous force. Achilles stands up right away knocking his class of milk off the table. "What the hell was that?!" It takes me two seconds to figure out what is going on. I turn to my men, "I believe we have guest gentlemen and it will be really rude if we don't go greet them."I grab the centurion helmet that reaches down to my neck. I click the button on the side of my helmet and the Iron visor comes down and covers my face up to my mouth. The eye holes turn green and my vision turns to computer vision. Computer Vision allows me and my men to see through the thickest smock and gas. It gives us perfect night vision and protects us from any harmful gases. My men see my actions and do the same. I grab my energy rifle and energy shield handle and order my men out the door of the mess hall. Outside on the forest planet Nagota, we see hundreds of Aligned System Authority ships peppering the sky. The ASA is an allegiance of different solar systems against our glorious empire, rebels who left the Roman Empire and seek its destruction. I turn and see my troops rallying all over the fort, gathering and readying their arms. My trusted Lieutenant Aurius steps up to me, "Sir I have gotten reports of ASA ships attacking all over the planet. All our Legions are engaged with the Rebels. Orders?"

I yell at the top of my lungs, "Power on your shields!" I push the power button on my shield handle and the energy field takes shape to the Roman shield, a circle in the middle with the Roman eagle with in it and the letters SP on top of the circle and QR on the bottom of it. My men power up their shields as well. I holler to them, "Fan out and dig in outside the fort walls. We must hold our fort and kick them out of Nagota! God will protect us and lead us to victory today!" The men yell their war cry and file out of the fort. "Achilles and Aurius! You're with me!" "Yes sir!" they respond in unison. We make our way out of the fort and run to the front trench. I jump in followed by Aurius, Achilles, and several other legionaries. We line our shields against the trench wall. I bring up my rifle, aim down the scope and flip open my heartbeat sensor. At first I see nothing but the cool, heavy morning mist and the shadows of the surrounding woods. Then my sensor gets a bing, then another then another. Soon hundreds of small dots appear on the tiny screen. Then though the heavy mist hundreds of ghostly figures emerge. Thousands of ASA men marching towards us. I count what look like fifty Maronian class tanks supporting the troops. I feel a small sweat break on my neck. Aurius laughs, "I've seen worst." Achilles and I chuckle. I yell to the men in the trench, "OPEN FIRE LIGHT THEIR ASS UP!" I aim down the scope and squeeze off my first shots into a group of sprinting ASA troops. The orange beams of light slice right through the enemies flesh. I hear piercing yells of pain as they begin to drop to the ground. I crouch down next to the trench wall and shot out the overheated mag and snap in a new one. I stand back up and continue to spray the enemy soldiers. Aurius yells into my ear, "We have to fall back! The enemy have tank support; we can't hold out much longer! We need to fall back into the fort to gain a better defensive position" I nod my head in agreement and scream to my troops, "Fall Back! Get to the fort!"

My men grab their shields and climb out of the trench. I climb out and face my shield towards the advancing rebels. My fellow Romans use their shields in the same manner and we inch our way back to the fort wall in a fighting retreat with artillery support. The Romans in the trenches behind us climb out and begin their retreat as well. I can hear rounds deflecting off my shield with tremendous force. With my one free hand I sling my rifle onto my back and pull out my magnum from my waist and to the right side of my shield. I continue to fire rounds into the enemy troops. The ASA tanks fire at my retreating line of men. Shells land all round us giving us showers of dirt. A shell lands 30 yards to my right killing many of my men. They let out spine tingling yelps of pain. It pains me to know i can't help them and we must keep moving. My men continue to fire as we slowly inch back. Within thirty minutes we have reached the fort walls. I yell to the gate keepers to turn off the energy gate. The gate vanishes and I order my men into tight ranks. The front troops use their shield to protect the troops behind them as they run into the fortress. The front troops then inch back as the gate reanimates. At last 5,000 of my legionaries including 2,000 Auxiliaries are within the fortress walls. I gather my troops in the courtyard as the Fortress defenders hold off the ASA Army. I yell to my troops, "Everyone man your stations on the battlements and rain hell in those basters!" They reply with a simple, "Yes, sir!" Achilles, Aurius and I run to the lift generator with several other men. It carries us up to the battlements of the fort. Achilles turns to me, "Cartono, the enemy will over run our position, we must retreat!" Aurius snaps at him, "We are Romans we don't know the meaning of Retreat!" I snap at them both, "Both of you shut up. We are going to hold this position at all cost we shall not back down from the rebels!" They nod their heads in silence. We crouch under the battlement walls as shots wiz by. My men return fire and duck as well to avoid incoming shots. We inch our way to the Battlement command. I shake his hand, "My name is Centurion Cartono Cossio, commander of the 5th Legion. This is Ordinarii Aurius Greer my second in command. And this is Triarius Achilles Carlson my third in command." He lets go of my hand and shakes Aurius' and Achilles' hand. "It's an honor to meet you all. My name is Manipularius Jonathan Gomez, I'm in charge of the defense of Fort Regarta." Achilles speaks in, "Do you have a plan on how to defeat these scum?" "I do. All men will duck under the wall and activate their active camouflage and turning themselves invisible. Then we open the rear gate. This gives the illusion that we have abandoned Regarta. Then by your leave we shall ambush them!" He smashes his fist into his palm. A smirk appears on my face, "They shall die!"

I hold my breath. Hundreds of ASA troops and tanks fill the courtyard of Fort Regarta. Enemy troops file in. They form up into ranks with their tanks lined up along the forts South wall. Rage begins to boil with in me as six ASA grunts walk over to the flag pole in the middle of the courtyard. Our glorious flag is torn down and the disgusting ASA scrap of a flag reaches the top of the pole. They cheer as the ASA flag flies in the wind. I quietly whisper to the Auxiliary Rocketeer next to me,"See the tanks along the south wall?" He brings up his rocket and aims down,"Yes?" Target the middle tank. This shot has to count." He laughs,"Sir all my shots count." He squeezes the trigger and the rocket flies into the air. The shell finds its mark and the tank explodes into a majestic fire ball. The flames spread and engulfs the tanks around it. With in two seconds all the tanks are engulfed. The explosion and fire rattles the ASA troops. It sends chills and fear down their spines. My troops revel themselves giving a 'wonderful' surprise to them. I yell to the 5th, "KILL THEM ALL!" I swing up my rifle and aim down the sights and begin spraying into the crowd of disorganized ASA troops. Every shot has rage and hated in it. Every shot finding its mark. Countless troops fall to the ground, its time to end this.

I yell to the troops, "JUMP!" My entire men jump off the walls and land in the courtyard. I jump and land on one knee. I look up and see an ASA soldier looking at me. I throw my shield in front of me to block the incoming shots. I rush him with the shield as he tries desperately to break it. I smash the shield into his skull, killing him on impact. I turn around to meet a gun barrel in my face. The ASA soldier sees who I am and a smile appears on his face. I stare him down; I will not give him the satisfaction of fear. But the shot never comes. Instead an energy blade goes right through is chest. He slumps to the ground in pain. Behind him stands Jonathan holding his energy sword. He laughs, "You owe me one Cartono!" I replay, "I intend to pay." I push him to the left, swing my rifle up and let a beam fly straight into the heart of an ASA soldier about to shot Jonathan. He smiles, "I guess we are even then." In the corner of my eye I see an enemy charging full speed at me with an energy sword. I swing my shield just in time to meet with the incoming blow. I can see his ragged and angry face through the shield. Pain and anger are in his eyes. I push him back with the force of my shield, swing my rifle and I bash his skull in. He lets out a grown of pain as he flings back and falls to the ground with a thud. I turn around to see the ASA flag still flying on the pole. As long as it flies, the ASA troops will fight with all their hearts. I must and I will take it down. I push and fight my way through the crowds of soldiers unmercifully killing each other. At last I reach the pole. I set my rifle and shield beside the pole and I begin to pull down the ASA flag. I hear a blood curtailing scream. I turn around and see an ASA soldier charging at me with his bayonet. I ready myself for the blow, but instead the soldier is blown away by a powerful shot gun blast. I turn around and see Aurius holding his shotgun. He slings it around his shoulder."Let's pull this shit down!" he yells. I nod my head in agreement. We rope and start pulling the flag down,and as soon as it's in my arm reach I rip it down with my bare hands. Aurius looks down and see the Roman flag lying on the floor. Aurius grabs it as I strap it on to the rope and we start pulling. The golden eagle on blood red background with the Roman numeral V underneath the eagle reaches the top of the pole where it belongs. The beautiful flag will inspire my men to fight for the fatherland and for the emperor. I climb on the pole and hang onto it with my left hand. I pull my sword handle from my belt.

I click the button on it and the energy blade takes form. I yell to my men at the top of my lungs, "Soldiers of the 5th Roman Legion Do not let up on these bastards! Push them out of Regartar and out of our planet!" I jump off the pole and drive my sword deep into the skull of an ASA captain. His blood splashes on to my face. He roars in pain and collapses to the ground. I wrench out the sword and wipe my face of his blood. I turn to my left and see Achilles barley holding off two enemies with his shield. I rush over and jab my sword into the ribs of one of them. He spits on my face with a mix of blood. With rage, I kick him off my sword and drive it again into his head while he is on the ground. Achilles charges the other man and slams him to the ground. Achilles then smashes his fist repeatably into the poor man's face. I turn and see Jonathan in a fierce sword fight with this ASA Corp's Commander. I pull my sword from the dead man's skull and I sprint over toward Jonathan. I slam my sword down on the ASA Commander. With all his might he brings up his sword to catch both our blades with his. His eyes are filled with fear, he is a man who does not deserve to lead. He turns his head yells with a shaken voice, "FALL BACK!" I bring my right knee up while he is distracted and I bash it into his stomach. He groans in pain, then I slam my left fist into his head. He falls to the grown in pain. He stumbles for his blade but I kick it away from him before he gets the chance. I walk behind him and stand him on his knees. I bring my blade under his chin. The ASA troops are fleeing out of the fort and showing just how cowardly they are. I look up at Jonathan as Achilles walks over. I look both of them in the eyes. Achilles shows me an upside down thumb. So does Jonathan. The man becomes hysterical, "Please don't! Please have mercy on me! I'll do anything! Please don't kill me" I bring my head down and whisper into his left ear, "I don't show mercy for cowards." I slice the commander's throat. His blood oozes out and I push him to the ground with my right foot. I speak to his lifeless body and to my men, "ROME SHOWS NO MERCY AND NEVER WILL!" I raise my blood covered sword in the air and all my men raise their weapons in the air and cheer!

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