Love vs Materialism

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For her monye mean EVERYTHING.
For me monye mean NOTHING.

Submitted: December 01, 2011

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Submitted: December 01, 2011



We live in a world full of people liars.
In a world where truth became lie and the lie became became truth.
We live in a world where people began to forget that there are people and they began to trample on us who still beeing left like people in the true sense of the word.
I noticed that it is now fashionable to love a woman who lives only for money (do not you have money goodbye, the next is already in line and is waiting for you to go ,to it takes your place).
Men have became to like just the women who eat all the money that they have in the account.
And the others womens who love and are honesty and we offer them everything and we are devoted to them without asking something for return, perhaps only one thing: to love us as we do love them and not to lie at us.
Well, actually this honest and sweety woman are becaming just bad in front of them because they like materialist woman.
They Make fun of us and walked up and break our heart in millions of pieces of any god could not fix ever, so we the good women that relly love them, we let us trampled for the sake of man we love, just the simple fact that we loved him madly and we can be able to dem our lives for him, if somebody would ask for it..
We offer complete trust and we are near them for better or for worse, but as I noticed I no longer working like this,type of caring and loving woman is summit them stressful, i mean make them bored in other words.
God forbid if he makes an accident and you're desperate to be 100% sure that he really he is fine and that feels good,that thing annoys him a lot something like(who the hell gived you the permision to care about me?).
If you worry about it if you ate and if he takes care of him properly, here already he start hate you.
In other words US.the women who truly love a man became a shit in front of him.
The materialistic are queens and princesses in front of him and he would be able to leave his wife for one and who wants just to eat him money...


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