My Own War

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Some people come and go from our lives ... but after some of them are going, we will not ever be the same ...

You was everything for me but i was nothing for you...

Submitted: November 29, 2011

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Submitted: November 29, 2011



Every war has its significance, and every war is different ..
I live it every day is my own life war that every day becomes more difficult and the pain becomes unbearable ...
It is the war that is happening inside of me.
It is the war between my mind and my soul and my heart.
It is a war where only one struggling is importent,and that is to find my purpose in life again, to find the light of the end of the tunnel ...
That light that all of us come to look for it,in a certain period of our lives ..
But that depends on how quickly everyone finds that light or if you really get to find it ...
Once you find the light you are saved, but if you do not find it, forever you will remain lost in a world unknown to you ...
 I'm still lost in a world unknown to me, trying to face my own war inside of me and hoping to find light that must be at the end of the tunnel to can give meaning to my life again, because my life from two years ago it lost the way that once i was have, has no head nor tail,curenttly my life has no meaning.
But I hope that the war that i'm living every day,that every day  is make my wounds become more deep  and that is creates a unbearable pain,tit will be ending soon,for my life to make sense like before.




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