Women Vs Men

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Man was God's second mistake.

Submitted: December 02, 2011

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Submitted: December 02, 2011



Woman is the creation of the gods but man is the devil's creation.
Almost every woman has within her an angel face hidden in a corner inside her but man is the devil face is the devil in human body came to earth to hurt any woman who comes along him way.
To injure any pure soul that will come by  him road during the entire life.
Devil feeds on souls pure which give him more powerful.
The same man is  maket to broke the hearts of the woman and to make the woman cry oceans of tears.
I believe that there is no honest men in this world, I think we are just some trophies for the men in their collection but once laid hands on the trophy after trophy that its use is already worthless object transformed in their eyes  as they stop using,  they throw it like a pair of old socks no longer needed, and start  looking for a new trophy an trophy that will soon become an reach worthless object and soon will be in garbage and he  will forget it ever existed.
Although men do these things to us women, I wonder what they do without women?
We can live without men, but my question is:
-Men can live without women? Although majority of them treat us like garbage.
What would do a man in life whit out him  present trophies future garbage?
There would no have what to collect ..They will no have by what  to brag ... would not have how to say that  they conquered woman hearts done or what not even have destroyed lives,and that ia a vrey sad thing for the man.
I say  lifes because after someone crushes your heart in  millions of pieces of thousands  times already you have  changed you you stay destroyed and lost and it will be hardly to restore back, although you can never recover in complete, although for you  will be hardly to may find a way in life again ...
Honestly, I feel sorry for the  men because they do not have heart and soul.......BUT more sorry for us the womans because we are always broken.



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