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"somewhat excited, slight malice, slight joy, slight disgust, but I would say this is far from depressing"

Submitted: January 19, 2012

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Submitted: January 19, 2012



Oh, the marvelous organs!
Feel your stomach vibrate!

Listen to the blood rush
all through you -

Look at your heart
glistening red
twitching muscle
quivering tissue

What intriguing lungs
you have!

You work
just fine.

Squishy, squishy organs.

You ingest your poison
plug your face with comfort
food - your arteries scream
agony! Agony!

Stick a tapeworm up
your a** - slithering through
your intestines.

You hate those pulsing, gleaming,
screaming, bleeding,
warm, moist organs of yours,
ruin them, RUIN THEM!

Rip out your liver and feed it
to vultures

Gouge out your eyes and feed them
to pigs

Pierce through your eardrums - pop - pop -
Silence and blood.

You hate your senses
and damn them -
don't use them
and let them decay.
The tissue that you are
built up of
is rotting, still inside your skin.

You might as well be deaf!
You might as well be mute!
You might as well be blind!
and f*ck! -
you can call me unkind...
but you
might as well just be dead!

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