A shadow in the Corner

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A boy who has a realistic view on life, experiences an entity worst then he could have imagined, he doesn't get death, he pays something worse.

Submitted: March 05, 2013

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Submitted: March 05, 2013





The light of my bedroom flickered, and again for a short moment I swore I saw someone standing in the corner by the window. There was no detail to him, just a tall shadowy figure with long hands. He never moved he just stood there. He wasn’t facing me; he was always looking toward the door. It had been happening for a few weeks now, as far as I could tell, there was no trigger. This wasn’t an old house; we hadn’t recently moved into it, we hadn’t dug up any graves. Nothing has happened that you would expect to have happened; well I guess people just watch too many horror films. I am the only one who can see it, and at first I was scared, as any teenager would be when something unexpected happens to them, like growing your first hair, or your first sexual attraction to a girl. But now I ignore it, I just let it stand there and carry on with whatever I was doing. I checked the time and realized my favorite TV show was on, The Mighty Boosh, no one else seemed to like it, but I never cared for other people. I am estranged from everyone else; I don’t fit in for I am different. I see more to the world; people say I am just depressed, but I see things realistically, I don’t bother with the dreams that other kids have. If I do I know I’ll just be disappointed. I sat down and turned on the TV, the image flickered. I moaned at the bad reception. I called for my mother; it was just me and her living together, my dad died in a tragic accident. Well, my mum called it tragic, I called it being drunk and not caring for your own safety. But people are different to each other. There wasn’t an answer, she was probably asleep. I went up the stairs and the lights flickered again, this time though I didn’t see the person out of the corner of my eye, but I took no notice. I opened my mum’s bedroom door and the lights flickered. I saw the person again, but he wasn’t attached to the wall, he was standing above my mum, his dark claws reaching out for her. My mum was screaming witlessly, blood poured down her face and stained the covers of the bed. Before I could react both my mum and the man was gone. I started to weep, but before a tear could fall onto my cheek the lights flickered. And there he was again, directly in front of me, I could see his face. It was torn and shredded, and  could smell alcohol on his breath, but I couldn’t see a mouth for him to breath out of, nor a nose. And for eyes he had a pit, a pit that went deeper than my own eyes could see. A crackling sound came from where his mouth should be and he reached out for me with those claws that seemed so beautiful but just as equally deadly. I couldn’t move I was frozen on the spot, I struggled to move, but I had no hope. His claws touched me and everything went black. I was still alive, but I was in pain, so much pain.


I see a bedroom and a young girl on her bed texting her friend. What’s happening, I don’t understand, I call for her but she hears nothing. I scream, and still she is oblivious to my presence. I cry. And then I get angry, a rage deeper then I could ever have imagined. The lights flickered, I shout at the girl for her stupidity, she looked up and screamed.

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