Before I Leave

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A poem about, well, i guess you could say forgiveness.

Submitted: January 09, 2013

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Submitted: January 09, 2013



If I left right now

Turned my back on you

Would you weep for my presence?

Or go find another suitor

Like you have so many times


I was weak but now no more

I will no longer give in

You have given me strength

How ironic

When it was your lies and beating

That was meant to make me loyal

Has made me as proud as


Should be

 I will no longer bow down

 My majestic shrew

To your pathetic tries

I am one

I start of all the rest

You are just another number

I think it’s time that you


The memories that we shared

Six feet under

Just like our love

 As one should say

I pity you

Despite what you have done

Here’s a hand

Change your ways

And maybe one day

There again will be

A you and


Cannot believe I am

Saying this speech with emotion

I take it all back

You don’t deserve my feelings

I should throw them away

 Just like you did to us

As one last act of kindness

I will help you up my


Is a strange thing

When it lies inside you

It loses its meaning

And becomes a shadow of a thought

But now I see in your eyes

Now that I am here

A sparkle in the corner

A glitter of hope in a foreboding suddenness

Of loss of love

Crying out to me before it falls

And can never get back up

To help awaken its spark

I sigh

Another one of your tricks

But despite

I feel warmth now I am with you

I will not leave

For I love




© Copyright 2017 Aaron Crowley. All rights reserved.

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