Return of the Forgotten

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A sneak peak at my upcoming trilogy, this is the first book, hopefully i will have finished the book by next summer:D

Return of the Forgotten

An explanatory chapter

The world was beautiful once, with trees everywhere, and birds singing to them. Then a greedy man came along, Dane Maske, an inventor  of the new age. His masterpiece was the ANGEL, a medicine that could resurrect the dead, and give eternal life. After 100 years everyone had it, and the worlds populations kept on growing and growing, so Dane ordered that the people who don’t pay their taxes to be killed, yet he forgot that the ANGEL gave people eternal life; they could not be killed. The medicine enhanced their white blood cell’s efficiency greatly, someone could burn alive and melt, and the body will reform itself, chop off their head, they grow a new one. Dane had no idea what he could do with them, but the he had an idea, the bodies before ANGEL; the ones that were dead, he dug up and burned, and built airtight boxes no one could escape, and he put the surplus population in them boxes. Underneath everyone’s noses were thousands of people screaming for eternity, people who will be forever out of breath, forever hungry, forever thirsty, forever in pain.

By this time no one was left who still believed in the ancient beings who once walked on the ground as the essence of the world, the song of the nature to be built, the power of the beasts that would roam, and the feelings they would feel. They created everything, but with one rule: “Those who try for eternal life must be prepared to face the shadows.” It used to be that everyone believed In them, but overtime, people thought it was all bedtime stories for kids.

Dane didn’t believe, and he wasn’t prepared, on the year of Sach, 2483, the shadows came. As it is written in the prophecies of Honitru: First the energy of the world is drained; the lights went out. Then the beasts would start to howl and the soil will turn; The local dogs started to bark and the trees started to fall into the ground leaving bottomless potholes in the earth. In light you will be unable to see; The sun disappeared. And darkness will swarm from the light; The shadows erupted from the magma filled holes.

So it began, The Shadows started to kill people instantly, daggers of shadows would pierce a man’s heart and witnesses would see a blinding stream of light flow up and pierce a hole in the darkness, and the man would tumble to the ground, lifeless, his body would turn and twist and change, he would grow strange features; maybe wings, maybe fangs maybe a mane: they would become a monster. then a shadow would pierce them again but this time consuming them , and they would rise and wreak havoc on the people who were unfortunate enough to survive the first wave of attack. Slowly the world’s population dwindled, and no records were took from 2484-3001, so one can only guess that when the first record spoke of a barren world with little life, that the shadows had killed everyone and disposed of them, and then left. Yet how the new man came to be after the shadows was impossible to know.

In the year, 3470, a lost prophecy by Honitru was found.

When the shadows rise and light falls, soon the scales will be set and a barren world will be left. And some will have survived, and they will start again, but the shadows will not be ended with their reign, when an ancient being causes death because of human desires, the shadows will rise, and then as men.

The survivors started a colony, and over a 2 generations this small colony had turned into a kingdom, and the kingdom thrived and the population grew steady, and in the high court were the descendants of the first survivors. There were no big assassinations, no huge wars, even very few petty thefts, but one day the court was arguing, and power became the subject, and each lord wanted more.

And so the colony became several, and they grew larger, and war started again, so lay on the land of Askuj, so named after the first recorders name, three empires, one small and one forgotten and one known, the smallest empire was the Empire of Weser, The known one was the Empire of Daskus, and the forgotten was the Empire of the  Aenugleilos, one who practiced an unknown power and lurks in the shadows waiting to reveal the truth.

A Tattered Dream

A caped man walks into a tattered hut; a table lays on the left wall, with a candle on top and lit, a fireplace on the right wall, with no oriental designs, a chair on the back wall next to the door leading to his destination. On the chair lies a sleeping guard, covered in black chain armor, with a black helmet with a black cape at the back, a sword on his right, a club on his left. The caped man pulls out his own sword slowly so he doesn’t attract the guard’s attention, he creeps up to the guard and lops of his head, he was not afraid of being charged for murder, no one will ever find out anyway. He opens the door and introduces himself as Gotinus, he is replied with a harsh slap to the cheek, he does not expect it and stumbles, a woman leaps on him and presses a makeshift knife to his throat. There are tears in her eyes, why? Gotinus wonders. Coming to her senses, she backs off and turns to a pile of dust. A recurrent dream for the caped man; one that brings him joy and sadness; to see her face again and then to miss it. He wakes and screams at shadows. WHY?! Repeating, echoing down the hallway, yet no-one hears it, yet everyone is in ear shot, they are ignoring him, just like the ones who are apparently watching over him. He whispers prayers that he knows are worthless, he tosses and turns at the thought of her smile, to hold her again, it is all he prays for. She is a shy timid girl, who never could hate anyone, yet with realism, she’s not living in a daydream land, though his world feels like that. The news came in the morning.

“What do you mean he is dead? How could anyone have been able to kill him, you couldn’t even walk around in the other room without him knowing you’re there. How did this happen?” Gotinus paced around the main entrance to his palace, a regal palace themed to the colors red and black, red drapes hung the curtains,  soldiers in black armor stood guard, red furniture, with black appliances.  The messenger just shrugged, “I didn’t get told anything else, all else I know is he was found lying on the couch dead, with a sparrow, with a dagger etched into where his heart would be beside him, but I highly doubt that the sparrow killed him…”

“Stop your rambling, thank you and tell Frees it is grave news and I will appoint the new General. Leave us.” This was not the first time a general had been murdered with a sparrow found next to him, yet who could be so skillful and not working for the empire? They obviously weren’t working for the rebellion; otherwise there would probably be fire. Gotinus had a bugging feeling in the back of his head, like a monster from the deep trying to steal a fisherman’s catch, and this catch being a memory.

The next morning storm clouds were rolling on the horizon, it was time for the annual Gerse parade, celebrating the first general who forced back the monsters of the deep and forced them into the mountains where they stay, and no civilian has been lost to any of the great monsters since, it was also to be a week before the funeral of General B’Yek X, the X representing he was the 10th general we have had. Gotinus was waiting on his servants to call on him to get dressed for the parade, he hated being in public; the smiling people, the mothers holding up their babies to be blessed by the emperor, the couples holding each other at the blessing of seeing Gotinus’s face. The public were to be in a shock that day, Gotinus was not in a good mood, and he had not been for a while, but now he was emotionless, which was a bad thing, it meant he was holding in a rage that would consume him in the following days, who he would take it out on this time was unsure to know, but usually it was only the servants or his guards or a few drunkards wondering around the streets late at night, never once had he taken it out in broad daylight on the public. He was in his study when the servants came in and passed him his clothes fresh from the tailor, especially made for this occasion, a black tunic with red under flaps, an overthrow scarf of the finest silk in a deep purple. Padded stockings of a blood red, but in traditional fashion the red blood of Fedes, the opposed mythological lord of the monsters, a deep dull red with silver dots embedded in random spots, but only slight silver dots, that could be barely seen by the human eye, he stepped onto his carriage and the parade began with a flick of his wrist, and an uproar of the crowd started him off. He had already pre-tutored the guards on his plan, so when he pointed they knew exactly what he meant. Applause turned to silence in a second, a guard strode toward a young girl that Gotinus had pointed at, grabbed her round the waist, and threw her toward another guard who held her high for all to see, she was only eight so very light. Gotinus gave a nod and the guard, with a tear welling up, yet he would not let it fall, he would be punished. He took the girl by the throat and held her up again, strangling her for everyone to see. The crowd had been silent, wondering what was going on, and when they saw the answer, they went wild.



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