The One to End the War

The One to End the War The One to End the War

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



This is the fantasy story im working on, fantasy, i know, is a big genre to take on, definitly as this is the first book ive started writing, and i know it can be better and every day i check through it and edit it. Anyway this is about a teenager who falls from the sky with no clue where he is and is found by a Girl who later on you find out is the same age as him and if you read it you'll find out the rest
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This is the fantasy story im working on, fantasy, i know, is a big genre to take on, definitly as this is the first book ive started writing, and i know it can be better and every day i check through it and edit it. Anyway this is about a teenager who falls from the sky with no clue where he is and is found by a Girl who later on you find out is the same age as him and if you read it you'll find out the rest

Chapter1 (v.1) - The One to End the War

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This is the fantasy story im working on, fantasy, i know, is a big genre to take on, definitly as this is the first book ive started writing, and i know it can be better and every day i check through it and edit it. Anyway this is about a teenager who falls from the sky with no clue where he is and is found by a Girl who later on you find out is the same age as him and if you read it you'll find out the rest

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Foolish Survivor

Hello!Hello! Are you alright?” Our hero looked at the blurry figure looming over him. “ My name is Rachine whats yours?” announced the figure who's name we now know as Rachine, so the figures probably a girl or a boy who's parents were so disappointed that they got a boy that to compensate for the loss gave him a girls name. “ I...I don't really know what my name is... come to think of it i can't remember anything about my self” said our forgetful hero “Well I will call you Grindan Survey, which means Foolish Survivor in Ancinis, quite suitable I think... good point actually what were you doing so high up? Were you trying to impress some girls showing them how high you can fly? Well I'm impressed I'll tell you that, you must have been touching the stars! And then you fell down like a heavy weight and landed right here on my prize winning carrots! MY BABIES!!!!!...... eh they'll be fine they've took a lot worse.” Grindan looked on confused and amazed for how long she could talk without taking a breath. “ What are you on about? Flying! I have never heard of someone flying.” Rachine had her eyes wide open “ You really don't remember anything do you?! Well then let me introduce you to the fine land your fat ass is lying on. Welcome toCrandinan, home to two completely different races ; The amazing Hernians, which I am Proud to be a member of, and the terrible, vile, I dare not speak their name but I'll shall anyway, The Crisimians.”Grindan jumped up “ Wait ,I remember ,the two great races of the forbidden land fighting just because they can, but that doesn't explain the flying.” Rachine walked to an open clearing and jumped, Grindan wouldn't be surprised if she sprouted wings but instead, much to the birds above horror she shot straight ,up arms by her side ,chin up. Hung there for a while and came back down gently, right foot then left foot slowly behind it. I'll take this as a chance to explain how the characters look like. Rachine is average height with mad orange hair and wild blue eyes. She was lean but not so packed up with muscle that one punch would send a full grown man to the floor. And most strangest of all was her clothing, she wore a tight black vest, black trousers and trainers but the dark blue cape was what intrigued Grindan, the cape seemed to move with her, slowly wrapping around her when she stood still and when she walked would billow out to the sides just to make it that bit more dramatic, it seemid to be alive and have a mind of her own. Grindan just had brown hair which spiked up in the front so it looked like if he ran into someone head on he would impale them with no effort. He was quite muscular, he sported a four pack but that was it. He wore a torn long sleeved shirt which was rolled up to his sleeves, dark blue jeans and a pair of red converses. Rachine walked over talking at the same time as her cape started to creep over her face “ What you saw there is what we call flying... I can tell by you're face you're still confused so I will explain further, us Hernians are rulers of magic we can summon fire into our palms and make the ground crack beneath our feet, Flying is basically manipulating the air around you and pushing away from it. If you're wondering why the Crisimians are able to put up quite a fight its because they have a great power, some people say greater than ours but I disagree, they have the power to change into two hideous monsters, one that represents your heart and another to represent your mind. Like you said we are at war no one knows why but throughout the generations we have been taught to hate them so that is what we do. Now the only question left is what are you?” Rachine stood in front Grindan staring straight into his eyes. Determined to keep his manliness he spoke up. “ I am not sure what I am but I am sure you would know if I was a Crisimian because I would've probably ripped you to pieces by now.” Rachine laughed, Grandine tensed his muscles ready to run just in case things got out of hand, at first Rachine had seemed like a quiet stupid girl who was too desperate for attention but now she had a masculine power around her that was kind of scary, Grindan didn't know what to think of her. “ I assure you, you wouldn't have a chance... I just remembered theres a San in town.” Grindan looked more confused than ever. “ O yeah! Silly me, I forgot that you cant remember a thing. A San usually tells parents what field of magic they will be stronger at but I'm pretty sure he will know whether your a Hernian or a Crisimian.” Rachine took his arm and led him into town, while they were walking Rachine introduced him to the town he was in, Its name is Magina the town just outside the capital of the Hernians territory, Magina was a big town in the school business where 5 of the biggest magical and academic schools were. As Rachine joked Lucky for Grindan ,Hernians only get schooled until they are 14 and then left to do what they please and Grindan and Rachine, as they later told each other, were both 15. The town center was strange, it was a stone circle with towering buildings around it. The buildings were what was strange they were so high you could see the top swaying in the wind which was quite hard to do as the buildings were so packed together. To one building there was about ten different shops and one wooden outdoor stair case which groaned over the weight of all the people on it. The stone circle itself was empty as everyone was on the stairs.Rachine led Grindan to a small tent in the middle of the circle, the strange thing about the tent was that there was no queue for it. Just before they walked in Rachine joked that if it turned out he was a Crisimian he would be in a spot of bother because the police station was only down the road, and she started laughing, Grindan didn't see the funny side of it. Inside was a old man with long grey hair in a robe with, what it seemed, no undergarments. Grindan stared into his eyes and he had the strangest feeling that this was not going to end well.

Who You Really Are

The old man greeted them with a enthusiastic smile, as he was smiling he let out a little giggle. Grindan concluded by his weird behavior they were his first customers. “Ah a young couple who are asking old Ronald to see if their little baby has got a future or not” Rachine started to get really embarrassed while being grossed out at the same time “ NONONONOOOOOO!!!!!!! WE are NOT a COUPLE!!!!! EEEEWWWWWW!!!!!!!” Rachine started running round like a headless chicken her arms flailing. Ronald turned to Grindan “ Odd girl your wife is, she is.” Grindan just rolled his eyes. Rachine had stopped running around and was bent over breathing heavily. “She is an odd girl indeed I'll admit that but we don't have a baby, see we were wondering if you could tell us whether I'm a Hernian or a Crisimian. See I had quite a big knock to the head and i don't remember a thing. Rachine just stumbled across me and being cautious brought me here.” Grindan explained. The old man seemed to be lost just staring at Grindan. Grindan felt like he was reaching inside his mind and pulling out details. Ronald nodded slowly and with a sigh said “ Well you are a Hernian but i cant say what field you''re strongest at. You may go.” Rachine and Grindan started to leave, just as they were going through the flap Grindan heard Ronald speak. “ You Grindan must stay I must speak to you.” Grindan stopped, Rachine oblivious to what was going on kept on walking. Grindan turned and closed the flap. “ How do you know my name?” the old man stood up revealing that he definitely was not wearing any undergarments and walked over to Grindan. “ I know many things, but i found out your name because of the girl, i heard her muttering your name going “me and Grinand nonononono, but I stopped you because you need to know who you are.” Grindan tensed up fearing for what was about to come. “ The feeling you got when you came in you got because you have seen me before but then i was considerably younger and my name was Fedser. You are not a Hernian but you are not a Crisimian either. You are something much greater, you are a Uyin ,the first race to walk this planet, who by the way spoke Ancinis, Uyins had the power to control the elements and the power to summon but not morph or create a monster to aid in their life. We did not have wars very often and when we did it was mostly a bar fight. But the leader of us was corrupt ,he yearned for the power to create and morph into a monster so he set out for a jewel that goes by the name of Cadssinf Traesd the master jewel, the jewel that would start the great war. Our leader got the jewel and he whispered what he wanted into its heart, but it changed what he said, instead of giving him the power to create and morph into a monster it split him into two different people, one who had great magical powers and one who could morph into a monster. The stone made a rule that no person can have the power to summon fire and to summon monsters so it destroyed the Uyins, some of us managed to escape to a fabled cave that protected those inside it to the most powerful of magic in this world, death. You were not one of those people who made it into the cave. You were older then ,you were a fully grown man, you fought the monsters and men that the jewel brought up to dispose of us and you decided to find the jewel and destroy it. Last we heard you touched the jewel and vanished. We thought you were gone forever as it turns out you're not. You are a legend to the remaining Uyins. You are Adrian” Grindan started to sway, slowly he regained his balanced. “ I'm afraid you must have the wrong person, I believe you haven't taken your medicine, I advise you do that and while you're there put on some undergarments for Christs sake!” and with that Grindan stormed out, only to find that Rachine had disappeared .


Grindan decided to walk in a straight line and ended up walking face first into a building. To him this system was strange, surely if you've just walked out of the center building or tent and walk in a straight line you will find your self on a path, not walk into a brick building. Grindan decided the smart thing to do would be to walk with your head up so you can see where you are going. As he looked around he saw two alleys he could take, he decided to take the nearest one. Down this alley way it was really quiet, there wasn't a single soul, the diversity between the center and this place was immense, but just ahead he could hear roars of which sounded like a massive crowd. Finally he got to a clearing, a massive clearing,well it would have been a massive clearing if it weren't for the thousands of people on its side line. Grindan slowly crept up to the spectators, he managed to squeeze to the front just in time to see a lightning bolt fired from one persons hand straight into another ones chest. Grindan gasped in horror as the person who got struck by lightning burst into flames and exploded. While Grindan was gasping the crowd were cheering, well half of them, the other half were booing spitting insults at the victor, above all the noise one comment that stood out was “ THAT WAS PURE LUCK!!! PICK ANYONE FROM THIS AUDIENCE AND THEY WOULD SEND HIM DOWN IN A MINUTE!!!!!” The victor heard this and said “ Fine then, I'll shall pick someone and they will battle me in a sword fight. No magic. I pick.... him” Everyone turned towards Grindan, he himself started turning round seeing what they were all looking at, he turned round and saw the victor, a man in full Armour pointing at him. A weedy man ran over to him and led him down some steps towards the arena, handed him a heavy thin sword and pushed him towards his opponent and doom. Somewhere a man shouted “ ARGENE, ARE YOU READY!!!!!” Argene didn't even nod his head he just stood there staring at Grindan. “ OPPONENT ARE YOU READY!!!!” Grindan shook his head rapidly. “ BEGIN!!!!” Grindan could've sworn he shook his head which means no, but before he could argue Argene burst at him with tremendous speed, and without even realizing it Grindan stepped to the side and stuck his foot out ,tripping Argene up. The crowd roared with laughter. Argene wiped mud from his mouth and stood up, glaring at Grindan, he took one step towards Grindan which was all he needed and started attacking with vicious speed, too Grindans surprise he started to parry all of the attacks, after 10 seconds of this he started to push Argene back with ease, at the fact that he was finding this so easy ,even though he had no idea what he was doing, he let out a laugh, which was a mistake. One of Argenes attacks got through and got Grindan in the thigh, Grindan let out a tremendous scream and Argene went again for the head, This time Grindan leaped back, lost his balance and ended up on the floor. Argene walked over leapt high and plunged sword first towards Grindans heart, Grindan squeezed his eyes knowing he would die, when he felt a weird feeling like someone had flicked on a switch inside his mind and he opened his eyes got up just before Argene landed and grabbed Argenes sword, broke it and pushed Argene away, with no idea what he was doing walked over, and to everyones surprise a burst of bright light erupted from his chest and what looked like a claw reached out and tore Argenes head clean of. Then the switch had turned of and Grindan was staring at a mans head on the floor 3 meters away from his body blood all over the floor and brain trailing behind the head. The crowd was silent. After the longest 10 seconds of his life the crowd cheered so loud Grindan had to cover his ears in fear of them bursting, he ran back out with spectators patting him on the back and found himself back in the alleyway again, Ran through as fast as he could, went across the center to the other alleyway and stumbled across Rachine still talking to herself, she looked up and screamed “ WHERE WERE YOU, YOU IGNORANT FOOL!!!!” Rachine stormed across to Grindan and slapped him right across the face, Grindan spoke up. “ We need to go back to the San” Rachines reply was, much to the surprise of Grindan, “ Ok then, lets go before he shuts” innocent Rachine was back.

The Search For Urgand

Grindan stormed through the tent, Rachine struggling to keep up, when Grindan saw Ronald sitting behind his desk, he froze, Ronald's eyes were wide open and blood shot , blood was dripping down his mouth as he murmured. Ronald's eyes moved to Grindan and his hand indicated that he should listen to his last words. Those last words were “ Find Urgand he will help you on your way” and with that the eyes and hand drooped and Ronald the dead San fell of his chair and slumped in a bloody heap on the floor infront of Grindan. Rachine turned to Grinand “ What the hell is going on, Why is he dead,why did we have to speak to him and why are we still here?” slowly and clearly he explained to her what Ronald told him, and the end of it she just nodded and walked out. Grindan decided not to argue and followed once they were outside she started walking to a nearby shop, just before she got to the door she stopped turned round and said “ First don't speak to me like that, I'm not stupid you know, and thirdly... no secondly theres your Urgand.” Grindan followed her finger to a wanted poster, great the man they were looking for is an outlaw, this is gonna be harder than Grindan thought and he knew it.

Even worse he handled a massive sword, great. Grindan turned to Rachine “ What do you suggest we do?” Rachine froze “I have no idea...” A man over heard them and saw them looking at the poster and came over and said “ You won't be able to catch him, he may be a criminal but the people love him, that posters 2 years old, so if you're thinking of catching him don't try or we will have ya. If you're still thinking of catching him he's always at the Hogs Head at about 9.” and with a smile he walked of. Rachine and Grindan looked at each other, Rachine smiled and went “ That was easy”

It wasn't, turned out Rachine didn't even now where the Hogs Head was and Grindan realised they couldn't go in there without some Armour or weapons so Rachine sneaked into the local blacksmiths and brought out the best weapons she could find. Grindan got a broad sword with a spider etched onto the blade, a black torn cape, a shirt with a massive collar which he had up, buttons undone showing his muscles of, baggy black trousers and a pair of fighter boots with metal buckles, but Grindan laughed when he saw what Rachine was wearing, she had donned a green tight metal vest, green metal miniskirt and a green cape, her weapon of choice was a blackened metal staff with a orange orb on the top held in by claws. Looking absolutely terrible and not at all threatening they set of for Hogs Head, which they no clue was.

After two hours of searching they finally found it, The Hogs Head a small tavern full of singing drunks, as Grindan and Rachine stepped inside the song hit them full on:

And we shall strike our ghastly foes

with the fire and wind blows

and we shall return victorious

from the mountains of Gornias

Rachine stood there swaying to the music, Grindan searched for Urgand, it wasn't very hard, cos as it turned out he was looking for them ,or so it seemed, as Grindan swept the tavern one more he caught his eye sight and once again he had the strange feeling this was not gonna end well. Suddenly with a burst of shadows Urgand appeared right in front of Grindan with his sword to his throat he pushed him outside. “ What do you think you're doing going around dressed like that? You're not supposed to be here, you're supposed to be dead, and seeming that you aren't and considerably younger I would've thought you would do the smart thing and hide away, or did you come back to insult me some more Adrian hey, I always hated you at the academy, you, top of class better than the rest, while i was down the bottom struggling to keep up, well look at me now I'm more liked than you, and this time I will be able to kill you with ease, now that you're younger and weaker.”

Sir you've got it all wrong, I don't remember a thing and i definitely didn't come here to insult you. Ronald told me to find you said that you would know what I should do.”

Urgand sneered and lifted Grindan up and threw him across the street. Grindan tried to get up but his feet fell underneath him, and then the switch got turned on again, Adrian stood up and spoke in that kind but offensive voice of his “ I may be younger and weaker, but I'll still be able to beat you, I fell from the skies countless of times but I keep on coming up, rising from the dead, and you are going to regret throwing Grindan on the floor, 'cos I'm back, and I'm thirsty.” and with that a horrible beast rose from the cracks of the ground, its body was made entirely of fire apart from the teeth, five rows of razor sharp teeth in an unseen mouth, and with one swipe of his hand, Adrian commanded the beast, and it flew straight for Urgand, Just before Urgand got engulfed by the beast he spread his arms open and sent hundreds of shadows into the beast and the beast turned, let out an unearthly scream and dissipated. Adrian did a playful sulk and then summoned a whip of fire into his hand and struck Urgand with godly speed, Urgand stumbled and engulfed himself with shadows to put out the fire, just as Urgand's vision started to clear the next thing he saw was Adrian standing above him sword tapping his neck. Urgand dared not to swallow “ Welcome back old friend.” and with that Adrian sheathed his word and held out his hand for Urgand. Urgand stood up ignoring Adrians help and replied with. “ I sure gave younger you a scare, hey?” Adrian straightened up. “ And he's coming back, help him he's got a big journey ahead of him, and the switched was turned off. “ For some reason i feel like we're friends” Grindan said.

Yes we are and i must help you on your way” and with that they walked back into the tavern to find that Rachine was on the table singing with the drunks:

And the lightning from Urgands chest

Took the demon to his death

Urgand delivers only the best

and he is our hero through and ttthhhrrroouuuuugggghhhh!!!

Grindan turned to Urgand “ The last bit didn't even rhyme” and with a warm smile Urgand simply said “ Let them have their fun, correct them later.”

Urgands Speech

So then..... Right i guess Ronald told you who you really are.... good, well the reason why you are here, well why you're always walking this planet is because you are Adrian, but you're also Fedsin, Dreagon, and many other names, you keep on being brought back when there is corruption and power, the one name you always have is Drigaen Baes which means Bringer of Peace, you are here to make the world a better place, now in this certain case i don't see any other way than destroying the jewel.... Yes you could kill the two leaders but then someone else who still feels the hatred for the other race will reign... Rachine, your people have been at war for centuries and no one knows why all you know is you hate the Crisimians and they hate you, don't you think thats wrong?.... Well whatever this isn't about you ,its about Grindan, the Cadssinf Traesd is the thing fueling the hate of the two races, it needs them to hate each other so it can survive, now i do not know a way to destroy the Cadssinf Traesd but thats your job to find out all i can tell you is there are three trainers each one will train you in a different field, the first one is located at Ugina a small town in the middle of the Gred desert. I'll join you for the rest of your journey. We set of tommorow at six am..... well if you're not their in time me and Grindan will leave without you..... Grindan will be staying with me tonight.Goodbye”

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