War, nothing else.

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A little narrative where canada has tried to take over the world( im not being racist, its just the first country that popped into my head)

Submitted: November 22, 2011

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Submitted: November 22, 2011



As I stand here, looking down at the barren land before me, I look back at how it all happened. It was the year 2028, and you'll be happy to now that nothing happened in 2012 so don't worry, anyway where was I? O yes, England had become an empire again, no one stopped them, or even tried to, they had claimed France,Italy,Spain,Portugal,Egypt,Finland,and after 10 years of death,Russia, USA was now America and Japan had taken the rest of Asia, to escape being ruled by the Americans,Canada fled to Africa and took what remained, while they were hiding rumours were going around that they were planning an attack, so England, scared of losing Egypt, why?, I do wonder, joined with America and attacked Sudan, which is south to Egypt, the soldiers never returned, England and America took this as a threat, so they attacked once more and sucedeed this time taking Sudan within 2 months. Japan was watching on interested, Japan wondered what was so threatening about Canada so Japan sent 50 troops on a scout mission and what they saw we never heard of, it must have been pretty awsome because Japan joined forces With Canada, and took Sudan and Egypt, they then Attacked Italy, England saw a possible threat so retaliated, again no soldiers came back from Italy. England had little communication between their soldiers so had no idea why. Then Canada turned to America and attacked Mexico, being at the centre its a good place to be as you can attack both sides, and you can stop supplys that go through Mexico, going through mexico, see nowadays we didn't run on fuel, that ran out many years ago, but we ran on BEAM , BEAM stands for Bioetric Energy All Mass, the all mass bit means its very heavy for a fuel but lasts long, Bioetric is the category name for it. BEAM only, for some unknown reason, only worked on land, in the sky it would start burning up and would soon blow up if the altitude was too much. Anyway so heres this big war and many deaths, many battles. America deided to send a scout team of three men, so it doesn't attract attention, these men were; Me( Maxwell), Ryan,and Jack. We got into the central city, and started working as war tactitioners, we helped the Canadians kill many of our freinds but it needed to be done so we could get into the main core room, which had all the plans in, we didn't see a master weapon we saw a design for a building, which after studying some more was located under the Pyramid of Giza, we went to Egypt and after 2 years of trial and error we infiltrated the building, then we saw the master weapon, a massive metalic disk 8 miles long with a 2 mile wide face of medusa in the middle. after looking through countless blueprints we found out what it was that it did, MEDUSA's job was to flatten a stretch of land up to 100 miles long, which was a worry, it done this by bending the BEAM particles, see when we use BEAM it always leaves a trace of its particles everywhere, after 10 years of it in use everywhere we go theres a bit of force pushing down on us by the remains of the particles. MEDUSA increased the mass of the Particle by 500 times making at each one the weight of the Earth, they kept at th same size though, you might be wondering " surely it will go right through the Earth and cause a massive hole, but when a BEAM hits the ground it dissipates, the MEDUSA could flatten any place within 100 000 miles, which was worrying, we wondered why they didn't just flatten Europe or America right now, but as we searched on some more we saw the amount of fuel it used, they couldn't use BEAM to work the MEDUSA or it will flatten it, so they have to use a fuel with no chemical similarities to BEAM, the only other fuel in use except BEAM is granidont X56 which is only found on mars, and is very scarce, we hardly use it anyway it was just an extra discovery, so to get more of this fuel they would have to spend Billions to take a massive cargo rocket to go up there, collect the fuel, ccome back and do this without being picked up by the Americans or Englands Radars or sattelites. We could see by the charts that they had enough fuel left to do one more attack, this wasn't good. We repoted this back to America who reported it to England. They then sent all their troops to Egypt. Japans troops were all ready in Africa, as part of their treaty Japan had to move all their troops to Africa, leaving Japan defenceless, so they decide to make it a shared empire, so the Japanese left Asia and moved to Africa, So naturally England moved in. 6 billion against 3 billion, not exactly fair but it never was, all the troops attacked, I was part of them, I did not survive because of bravery or skill, no I was still alive because of my cowardice. While every one attacked I ran back, knowing what was to come. and I stood on top of the hill, I was inside the 100 metres range but I had calculated the past night that only half of it would be covered and I was just outside the 50 miles range. I watched as all my fellow freinds got crushed on the massive weight, I thought that this was victory for the Canadians for sure, but then I saw the Canadians, all of them were being crushed, I came to the conclusion that the Canadians attacked to early. So now it was my job, Maxwell the 3rd, recoverer of the human race, I walked away in shame, away from my twisted metal, screaming voices and ripping bodies past and  walked into my future. If only I had stayed with my fellow soldiers i wouldnt have had to witness what happened next.

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