Life & Love

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This is a poem about how love can affect a life so dramatically.

Submitted: February 24, 2013

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Submitted: February 24, 2013



On this winding path known as life,

We encounter challeneges full of strife.

Life is hard and dark,

But fear not for few many hardships leave too bad a mark.

This is because of love,

For it to be true, your feelings you must not shove.

For though you feel this for no other,

They may yet feel it for another.

This may seem harsh and cruel,

But don't be made to look a fool.

For this is life in its norm,

Though it does change into another form.

This is why i write,

Too many people give up the fight.

I am here to say do not give up hope and certainly do not mope,

Life will take you different places.

And you'll meet many new faces,

Some friendly, some foes.

How many, no one knows,

That is the unpredictability of our lives.

Who knows who will be our husbands or wives.

Some may have yet to find their soul mate,

But it is all up to fate.

Or so most would let you think,

If you believe that, your attempts will surely sink.

You most certainly have an effect on it,

So i beg of you, do not throw a fit.

Try for what you want,

But, it you should not flaunt.

For it may be hard won,

And may have not been much fun.

However, it is easily lost,

So is it worth the cost?

Will you flaunt something so dear to your heart,

As if it's just something you can put in a shopping cart?

Do not take that chance,

You don't need others to get even a glance.

Live your life without the need to impress,

For that will bring happiness more than you could guess.

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