My Lost Star

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This poem i wrote about my pursuit of love and my finding of it. only it could not be because she saw nothing in me more than a friend. she was and still is my best friend whom i will love forever and always

Submitted: February 24, 2013

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Submitted: February 24, 2013



In this world so dark and bleak,

There are many who are timid and meek.

Such a dark place to find such a bright star,

It is sad to reach it you must go so far.

I am so close but the distance is still great,

In getting there, I must trust fate.

On the way my mistakes are not a simple few,

And most are fresh and new.

Many more will be made,

But if they get me to my star,

Not one of them i would trade.

Getting to that star means everything to me.

Getting there will be tough but i will not flee,

For it, no, she, is my life.

I will love her even if she is never my wife,

And there for her i will always be.

Though her feelings for me are not the same,

this does not give my feelings any kind of maime.

For it is her that i love,

She fits me as snug as a glove.

Yet i wonder, if this is all worth it,

I put forth so much effort that all i want to do is sit.

My star is fading away,

It is gone, much to my dismay

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