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Species 0 Species 0

Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian



Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian



In a new world filled with powerful people called Species. Filled with love,action, sex, and secrets this novel makes for a great read!
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In a new world filled with powerful people called Species. Filled with love,action, sex, and secrets this novel makes for a great read!

Chapter1 (v.1) - Species 0

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In a new world filled with powerful people called Species. Filled with love,action, sex, and secrets this novel makes for a great read!

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 21, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 21, 2013





She felt the water pushing her back down as the force pushed her back to the top. Her mind was numb she didn't want to think about the life she was leaving behind. She was given the name Peggy and she was the beloved queen of the Underwater. The Underwaters were home to the merpeople before a terrible war broke out between the merpeople and sea witches. Nothing was more vengeful than a powerful merperson who turned to the dark side. Led by Sutton, a natural witch, the sea witches overturned the King's power, killing him. Peggy was heartbroken and in order to protect her son she made a deal with Sutton.

Peggy jumped back to the moment, Poppy, her two week old son in her arms. She looked up and felt the surface rush pass her face. She takes a deep breath, her nose filled with the awful scent of the human land. Tears filled her eyes but she forced herself to hold them in.

  The history of the humans filled with money, slaves, war, vengeances. All things the merpeople never heard of....until the past month.

Peggy looks up at the moon, brighter on land than from the ocean floors. She looks down at her son, his beautiful brown skin and hazel eyes gleaming. She kisses him letting him know how much he is loved. She looks back at the ocean knowing it is no longer her home. This new world was now home to both Peggy and her son.

  Peggy quickly dresses in human clothes she carried with her from the Underwaters. The key was to fit in and the attire for the Underwaters would have men looking at her and women fuming. Peggy knew she was what the humans called beautiful. Her hair was long dark, dark skin, light golden eyes. She brushes her hair out while singing a beautiful song to Poppy. Poppy smiles and lets out a small laugh.

  "Are you alright miss?"  A girl around Peggy’s age asks her. Peggy looks up and notices this women's beauty as well. Short boy style hair and light green eyes. "Not really. Just was wondering if you know of a place me and my son can stay for the night?"  Peggy breaks down into tears. Kim bends down and hugs Peggy pulling her up.

"You can stay with me tonight."  Kim tells her. Peggy smiles and scoops Poppy up. 

  Three years later, Poppy races into the house after just swimming. Kim chases after him in a playful way. Peggy watches from the kitchen smiling at her new family. Poppy settles down on the sofa playing with toy fish and dolphins.

  Kim slides into the kitchen and kisses Peggy gently on the lips. "Whatever you are cooking smells amazing." Kim tells her holding onto her. Their attention is turned to the television as a special announcement plays.

  “Today marks the twenty-third attack on a Species here in the states. Eighteen year old, Matthew Dow was jumped by a hunter gang and beaten to death. Reports show young Dow had the power to move objects with a flick of his finger." The male reporter announces. Pictures of Matthew fill the screen while music plays.

  Peggy looks at Poppy who is still playing with his toys. “It’ll be alright Pegs. Nobody will ever find out about you or Poppy. I would never let that happen to you."  Kim assures her. Peggy grabs a towel and dabs at her eyes.

  Over the past year the government got knowledge of different beings. The term "species" came into effect to announce any person who isn't human. Vampires, witches, werewolves and the unclassified were all Species. Unclassified were the most human, they just had gifts that made them different. Some call the unclassified superheroes. Peggy was thankful the existence of merpeople was yet discovered.

  A loud bang sounds at their door, Kim and Peggy look at each other unsure what move to make first. Kim grabs Peggy's hand and whispers into her ear. "You have to get Poppy out of here!"  Peggy knows Kim won't be safe; she kisses her hard and tells herself to stay strong.

 Peggy grabs Poppy, telling him not to make too much noise as the two race out the backdoor.  She knows she'll never see Kim again.

"Mommy what's wrong?" Poppy asks. "It's going to be okay Poppy. It's just me and you."  Peggy kisses his forehead lightly.

Chapter One

20 Years Later

  Andy watches the guest at yet another rich party in Hollywood, California. Drinking, dancing, fucking, everything parties consist of. Andy knows that this isn't the normal life most people in America live. The people here think they can afford anything.

  From nannies, new cars and latest fashion the humans are pity creatures to Andy. They have more than enough yet they still take from the poor. Andy's life lesson: people take too much the world takes just as much back.

 Andy considers himself the world in this case, he takes from the rich. He has two rules: never keep more than he needs, and always give to the needy. He gives back by protecting those in danger. Superhero? Fuck no!

  Andy feels a hand on his shoulder and finds himself being pulled onto the dance floor. The large arms wrap around his slim body like two snakes. Andy looks at the man his eyes beautiful sea blue and golden hair. His hard body is suited up in a black suit. A human would never know he was created to be a cold blood killer.

 "You catch up fast Howard." Andy whispers into Howard's ear as he is pulled closer.  "Maybe you just don't run fast enough." Howard's voice is soft and beautiful. Andy knew that was part of what him so dangerous. He watches Howard as the two slow dance.

"We had a deal." Howard tells Andy. "I know you don't want to make a scene here, all these humans. Somebody could get hurt." Andy makes himself sound younger and innocent.

 "Cut the act. We all know you don't care about humans." Howard is getting annoyed. Andy tries to hold back a giggle and pulls himself closer to Howard taking in the scent of him.

  A normal person wouldn't be able to tell Howard isn't human nor is he Species. He's a creation of the government, built as a weapon against Species. All built as beautiful young men "protecting" mankind.

"My boss isn't happy." Howard says as a warning.

"Most of the world isn't happy."

"We had a deal. You give us the location of Jenga and we would make sure you escaped." Howard tries to make Andy give in.

 "You see, Howard, I have some issues with your terms and conditions. Jenga is already pissed I left him so why would I put a target on my back?"  Andy asks.

"Well now you have several."

Andy looks around as Howard says this. He notices several other creations holding laser guns.

"You think killing me is going to help you find Jenga? I mean, if your goal is to get ripped into millions of pieces go right ahead." Andy warns.

"Tell us why Jenga is after you." Howard demands.

"He's just a man in love." Andy admits.

"What is his weakness?" Howard asks.

"Let me tell you something Howard. Jenga has a mind of his own, greater than any man or Species. I may need out but I will be damn if I betrayed him. Let's face it, when Jenga is done with the human race all of you will be bagging on the streets for spare change. Once you destroy the Species what do you think will become of you man made robots?" Andy notices several men raise their laser guns. 

 Andy looks at Howard his body giving into his power. The scent of rose and lust fill the air. Suddenly, Andy is the most beautiful creature he has ever seen in his life. He can't help but want him right there and now. Andy focuses his gift on Howard, making the chemicals in his brain tell Howard he loves him. Howard begins to feel his lust for Andy and wants him right in front of everybody in the room.

  "Be honest, was your plan to kill me once I told you where Jenga is?" Andy asks.

"Yes, but I won't let them kill you. I love you more than anything. You are beautiful." Howard kneels before Andy.

"Nobody can stick to deals anymore. Sadly for you, I always have a backup plan." Andy kicks Howard in the guy sending him flying.

 Just as a laser gun shots off, Andy jumps four feet off the ground onto the top part of the ball room. Another shot goes off and the humans begin to panic and scream. Andy feels all of their panic and wish he could shut it off.

 Andy keeps walking along the balcony until he notices a laser being pointed at a young boy. Andy focuses his power on the creation pointing the gun. The creation is taken over by depression images. He falls to the ground and begins crying. The boy looks up at Andy and Andy can tell he is a Species, he winks at him.

  Andy feels a gun tip on the back of his head.

  "You should never leave your back open." The creation says.

  "I figured you'd enjoy it." Andy turns around and kisses the creation. He feels another creation sneaking up behind him and quickly pulls a razor out of his shirt collar and throws it smashing the creations face. The creation he was kissing shots a third creation sneaking up on Andy.

  "Thanks. I really have to get out of here." Andy tells the creation.

  The creation kicks a window out for Andy and pulls a grenade off his clip. Andy smiles and kisses the creation.

  Andy jumps out the window as the grenade explodes. Fire is spewing out the sides of the building as Andy falls down. He lands onto his feet looking around for any creations. He steps forward knowing never to look back.

Chapter Two

  Waves crash and roll around, kissing the beach with each tumble, a salty breeze brushing against his feet like curious hands. The sun is beating down on his bronzed shoulders. His feet start to take him deeper into the water, before the hair on his neck prickles. A feeling of foreboding inside his chest. The ocean call tugs on his whole being, but the ache in his chest feels as if he's left his heart on land. He turns to the land just to see if anything is waiting for him. His mother arrives next to him, her long hair dark and beautiful.

"You can't embrace the sea?" She asks her son.

"No..." He sinks into the sand, his mother slipping off the rock to take his hand, her dainty fingers curling around his.

"It's your home, you need to know that."  She tells him.

A warm crimson shell glows in the distance and he rest his head on his mother's lap. She kisses his forehead as maternal as he hoped for her to be.

 She begins to sing an ancient song, He feels himself being drawn into her. Suddenly the singing stops, he looks up to see his mother is gone. The warmth is gone as well and darkness descends all around him. The world goes cold and something slashes out at him through the darkness red eyes piercing his....

 Poppy jumps awake as a truck zooms by the moving car he is in.

"Bad dream?" Adam, his boyfriend asks.

"I call them nightmares." Poppy answers, he's had the same dream several times the past weeks. "How much longer till we get there?" Poppy asks his body calming down.

"About seven hours."  Adam turns the radio up, a slow rock song plays. Poppy smiles at Adam, he feels a sting of pain in his heart at how true the words are. Poppy doesn't doubt for a second Adam but he is sometimes scared he doesn’t love Adam back the same way. He not only loves Adam, he needs him.

Four weeks ago Poppy lost the one person that he loved the most, his mother Peggy. He came home after a night out with Adam to find Peggy dead. She looked so cold as poppy called the police. He hasn’t cried at the death yet but the pain never leaves.

His world fell apart and not having a father or siblings, Adam was all Poppy has left. One night Poppy went to his mother’s grave and laid fresh roses onto the soil. He sat on a blanket in silence until he felt a body sit behind him.

Adam wrapped both his arms around Poppy’s body and the two sat in silence. When dawn came Adam blurted out, “Come home with me Poppy.”

Poppy knew he wasn’t talking about his home in Michigan but his home back in Palms, California. He didn’t think about it for long, he knew his life in Michigan was over. He shook his head knowing Adam would know the answer without him speaking.

Back in the car, Poppy couldn’t help but think about his mother and how much she hated his love for Adam. He wondered what she was thinking now about him running off with Poppy. Poppy tries to push the thoughts out of his head. 

“You don’t have to not think for me.” Adam tells him grabbing his hand. Adam is different and Poppy came to terms with it a while ago. Poppy knew that if others found out Adam was a Species the two wouldn’t be allowed together. Adam could read others minds and even control the weak minded.

“I’m not doing it for you.” Poppy tells him pulling his hand away. He hates how Adam can hear anything he is thinking at any given moment. Poppy knows he will never fully know what Adam is thinking of feeling. The song on the radio ends and Poppy feels bad for pushing Adam away. He takes his head and rests it onto Adam’s shoulder as the two drives closer to a new life together.



Poppy falls asleep on Adam’s shoulder and Adam doesn’t mind. Adam looks ahead at the beautiful city of Las Vegas. He is tempted to wake Poppy up but he knows he has been having a hard time sleeping.

He is tempted to enter Poppy’s head but knows how much he hates it. He finally gives up and enters his head to a beautiful ocean. The image is so peaceful and Poppy sits on a rock smiling. Adam wondered what it was that turned his dreams into nightmares.

Poppy wakes back up as a car honks nearby. He smiles at how beautiful Las Vegas looks. Adam kisses him on the forehead and pulls him closer to him. Poppy notices a wishing well in the center the court square.

“Want to stop?” Adam asks. Poppy nods his head yes.

The two park and step out of the car to the city. A beautiful drag queen dances around singing some silly song. Adam gets into it and she kisses him on the cheek, Poppy hands her a few dollars.

Poppy notices this isn’t his typical Michigan town and grins at how happy he is to get out of that town. Adam grabs onto his hand, and Poppy holds on back.

When they reach the wishing well, Poppy dips his hands in and feels an instant relief from his nightmares. Adam pulls two pennies out of his pocket handing on to Poppy.

Adam makes his wish first and throws his penny in. Poppy follows, he tries to keep his wish in the back of his head so Adam won’t know.

Poppy waits by the wishing well while Adam grabs himself food. He stares into the water and wishes he could swim inside of it. He doesn’t know if it’s real or not but his mother’s face appears in the water. She’s smiling at him and as fast she appeared she disappears.

Poppy looks away as the red eyes appear in the water. He takes his hands and splashes the water. The eyes are gone but Poppy still feels them inside of his head.

Adam returns eating a cheeseburger his mouth full. Poppy laughs because out of all things Adam does manly, the way he eats is one of them.

“You sure you’re not hungry?” Adam asks him.

“I’m fine. I just want to relax before driving some more.” Poppy answers sliding his arm into Adams.

The two sitting next to each other looks like a swirl of vanilla and chocolate, beautiful and loving.  Poppy’s light brown skin and Adam’s tan skin are almost in perfect complication with each other. Adam finishes eating and the two sit in silence looking at all the things around them. Adam tries to force out the thoughts of the people walking by, he just wanted to sit here with Poppy. Poppy rests his head on Adam’s shoulder, loving how big his biceps felt under his shirt.

“I love you.” Adam whispers.  

Chapter Three

 Poppy opens his eyes to find himself in an almost vacant parking lot. Still in Las Vegas he can tell but he knows this part isn’t like the city. He pulls his earphones out and hears music from the club of the parking lot he is in. The club is called Comfort and it seems small for a club.

Poppy grabs his bag and pulls out a photo. The photo is of him and his mother inside the water together. He remembers this day as clear as the picture. The ocean was cold but comforting. His mother was so happy that day; she just inherited a huge will from her Aunt who just passed away.

He almost cries but stops himself and shoves the picture back inside his bag. He unbuckles his seatbelt and steps out of the car.

Poppy walks to the front door but is stopped by three bigger men standing in the doorway. He can tell by their belt, golden with a huge H in the middle, and their black boots. These men were Hunters, a society created outside the government and law that killed Species. Poppy began freaking out wondering where Adam is.

“Where you heading to my sweet cheek?” The lead Hunter asks.

“I’m just going into the club.” Poppy answers not looking at the men.

Poppy tries to make it for the door but the men won’t move.

“I don’t have time for this.” Poppy can feel his anger rising.

“Well, we ain’t moving.” One of the Hunters yells as he spits chew on Poppy’s foot.

“Bet his boyfriend is fucking him to hard. Fucking pansy, worse than Species themselves.” Another Hunter yells and pushes Poppy gently.

The men begin pushing Poppy around, harder and harder. Poppy doesn’t know if he should fight back and then he feels the first punch to his face. The blows keep coming and Poppy tries to protect his head without much luck.


The hits stop, Poppy slowly looks up to see all three Hunters standing in a daze. He waves his hands in front of their faces, no response. He turns around to see Adam standing there with a fuming look on his face.

“Adam, don’t do this!” Poppy begs touching Adam lightly on the shoulder.

“I’m so sick of this!” Adam doesn’t sound mad rather disappointed.

“It won’t always be like this. That’s why we’re going to Palms! We’re going to live a better life, together!” Poppy assures him.

“They need to learn a lesson.” Adam says through his teeth.

Poppy turns back around to see the three Hunters are now kissing each other and lightly feeling the other up. Poppy lets out a small giggle and tugs Adam back into the car.

Back in the car, Adam doesn’t start the car but sits there.

“What is it?” Poppy ask.

“I know…I know you think I am a monster sometimes. That is natural for a Human to feel that way towards a Species. Poppy, just know I will never hurt you or another person.” Adam confesses.

This time Poppy doesn’t dream of the water but of him and Adam running through a house soaked from the rain. Poppy laughs and falls back onto the couch while Adam climbs onto of him. Adam kisses him gently and rubs his side. Poppy pulls Adam’s shirt off and kisses him deeply. His body shakes and even though the two are wet they both feel warm.

Poppy rubs his fingers down Adam’s abs and pulls down his swim trucks. Adam slowly opens Poppy’s legs up and kisses his thighs gently. He rubs his hands up and down Poppy’s neck while kissing and sucking between his legs. Poppy moans and closes his eyes giving into the pleasure. He pulls Adam back up by his hair and kisses him again.

Poppy pushes Adam back down on the couch and climbs on top of him. He licks the water off Adam’s chest tasting the sweetness of Adam’s body. He looks Adam in the eyes and gets fearful. Adam’s eyes glow a piercing red. Poppy screams at the sight of his boyfriend with bloody thirsty eyes.












Chapter Four

 Andy unlocks the door to his new apartment in Palms, California. He turns on the lights and laughs to himself. All the places he’s lived and yet they all look the same to him. The sounds of California night life are muffled in the room. He opens the fridge and grabs out a juice. He takes a seat on the sofa and rest back. He closes his eyes and he is taken back to a time that felt long ago.

Andy pulls a large duffle bag onto his balcony back home in Indiana. His brother, Dallas, is standing on the balcony as well. Andy notices he has a look of sadness on his face, which hurt him since their faces were the same. The two came into this world together and haven’t spent more than three weeks apart. Andy stands across from Dallas and suddenly he notices a difference in the two. Dallas was lucky in life, he was born human. Andy always wondered what made his genes so different from his twin brothers. Why was he born Species? Dallas has beautiful short brown hair while Andy’s was more a light hazel color.

“Are you sure you want to do this Andy?” Dallas asks his voice much deeper.

“You don’t get it Dallas. I am in love! I love him. It’s something I have never felt.” Andy admits.

Both brothers know this is a lie; Andy has been in “love” many times.

“It’s just running of with this guy. Andy, we don’t know much about Species to trust all of them.” Dallas points out.

“I’m good. Can the rest be that bad?” Andy shrugs his shoulders.

Dallas tries to hold back his tears and anger at his brother.

“Dallas, please, try to be happy for me. This town is too small for both of us. I’m sick of walking into town to have people stare at me and ask me to do tricks.  People throwing rocks at us and blaming us for anything that goes wrong, mom and dad would not want us to live like this.” Andy regrets making the last comment.

The two made a deal never to speak of their parents who gave them up when they were seven. Both boys remember their parents. Their mother was beautiful and Species, their father strong and human.

“I’m sorry Dale.”

“It’s fine.” Dallas doesn’t show much emotion.

Andy reaches into his bag and pulls out a moon shaped necklace.

“I want you to have this Dallas. Mom gave it to me and I kept it hoping she’d come back for it.” Andy hands the necklace to Dallas.

Tears flow from both of the brothers eyes.

“I may be leaving but I’m not leaving you.” Andy tells him.

“So you’ll come back?” Dallas asks scared of the answer.

“Yes I will. I’ll come back just for you.” Andy hugs his brother tightly.

Andy comes back to reality, crying at the memory that took place four years ago. He sits back up not wanting to cry anymore. He turns the television on and the news is playing a special report. Andy heard about this new disease but tried to push it out of his mind.

Zombies. That’s what the news was calling them, people who somehow were affected with an undead disease. Their flesh was rotten and peeling off. The most scary and unusually thing about these zombies were that they had a craving for human flesh.  This craving caused them to attack anything and everything. Human or Species nobody was safe from there creatures.

The government tries their hardest to maintain this disease but knowing these creatures use to be human caused a lot of rebellion.

Andy shuts the television off when a photo of a Zombie appears. Shutters run down his veins and he’s only been afraid of one other thing in his life, but Zombies added to that list. 















Chapter Five

 She felt the cold wind blowing through her hair; normally this would be okay on a relaxing Friday night in California. However, something about this night felt weird to her. She kept walking the dark empty streets trying to make it home as fast as possible. After the government called a curfew on the town due to high-risk Species attacks Debbie was scared.

This all felt so unreal to her, she had always been a great advocate for Species. She always said a human is a human no matter what their ability is.

Her mind was changed a few nights back when the news of the Disease was spread across television stations and news stands.

Debbie stops in her tracks when she hears a low growl coming from the near bye park. Her heart begins to beat fast and the wind is filled with an awful scent.

“You may want to run Debbie.” A man’s voice whispers.  

Debbie turns to the voice to see a very handsome man in GI clothes; his skin is so real, to perfection. Debbie instantly retreats knowing this man is a Creation.

“Don’t worry; I’m not going to hurt you. My name is Winslow. I am a Creation, a new breed sent to fight.” Winslow informs her.

“Fight what?” Debbie asks.

“That.” Debbie turns around to see a man with rotten flesh and limping.

This was her first time ever seeing the Disease.

“Get down.” Winslow yells, he pulls a gun out of his belt and shots the zombie in the forehead.

“That wasn’t too hard.” Debbie jokes.

“Well, that was just one and one lesson I know that zombies are like ants.” Winslow points behind Debbie.

She turns around to see over six zombies staring down her flesh. They seem to be ignoring Winslow but after all he is a machine not a human.

Debbie runs behind Winslow this causes the zombies to full on attack. Winslow begins shooting, hitting several in the forehead. A zombie gets close to Debbie, he kicks the man in the face and does a show off type roll pulling out two guns and shooting two more zombies.

Three zombies jump him and he loses one of his guns. Debbie doesn’t know what to do, she could run let this creation be killed or save him. If she even could save him.

She notices the gun Winslow dropped and quickly picks it up. She points at one of the zombies head and pulls the trigger. Rotten flesh splashes everywhere; Debbie closes her mouth to ensure she doesn’t swallow any.

Winslow gains control back and sends the remaining two zombies flying off of him. He spends around, grabbing the gun from Debbie and shots both the zombies in the face.

“That is how you kill a zombie.” Winslow says blowing onto his guns.

“They really create you to be James Bond.” Debbie looks at the rotten bodies surrounding them.

“What do you do with them?” Debbie wonders.

“That’s above me; I was not created to ask questions.” Winslow tells her.

Debbie can’t help but notice how beautiful this man is, she moves her eyes away hoping he didn’t notice.

“I should be getting home. Thank you so much for saving me.” Debbie shakes his hand and begins to walk. She notices Winslow is following her and stops in her tracks.

“I need to make sure you are safe. You have the scent of fear all over you.” Winslow says.

Little must he know that with him in her presence Debbie was the least bit scared.

“How old are you?” Debbie asks.

“I was created two weeks ago to this date.” Winslow says.

“Wow, I have reached cougar status.” Debbie whispers under her breath.

“You are young.” Winslow tells her.

Debbie was only twenty but she had a rough upbringing and was more mature than most girls her age.

“Look, Winslow, you are super kind but I need to just get home. I will be fine.” Debbie says hoping he will continue to follow her.

“You aren’t like other humans I have met.” Winslow says.

“You’ve only been alive for two weeks.” Debbie pokes.

“Very good point human.” Winslow says.

“My name is Debbie. Do you want to come over, drink some coffee?” Debbie invites.

“I would love to Debbie.” Winslow does an awkward bow.


Chapter Six

Poppy lets the water rush down his body as he showers in a hotel outside of Las Vegas. He can’t seem to get the images out of his head of Adam with the red eyes. The water from the shower doesn’t make him feel as relaxed as the one in the wishing well had. He rinses all the soap off of his body and puts his head under the water.

He feels warm hands wrap around his body and doesn’t know how to react. Adam turns him around and kisses him rubbing against his naked body. He lifts Poppy up onto the wall and kisses on his neck. Poppy was really hoping this wasn’t a repeat of last night’s dream.

“It’s real babe.” Adam laughs.

Poppy giggles back and gives into the pleasure of the man he loves inside of him. He loves how Adam’s body is like a cool rock with the water running down it.

“I don’t know what it is but I’m so happy with you Poppy.” Adam admits kissing Poppy on the forehead.

Poppy kisses Adam again feeling his cool body brush up on him.

As of right now in life, Adam is all Poppy needs.

“I’m going to get dressed.” Poppy hops out of the shower.

Adam finishes washing up and turns the water off. He stands in front of the mirror looking at his smooth face. Adam can’t deny how handsome of a man he is. He looks into his own blue eyes but for some reason he only sees red. He listens to the soft rain falling outside the hotel.

He looks back at his reflection and notices it has changed. The reflection is now smiling at him. Adam brushes the mirror with his towel but his reflection holds the same grin.

Adam splashes water onto his face and races out of the bathroom scared of what he just saw back there.

“Is everything okay?” Poppy asks him.

“Yeah.” Adam lies to him as he gets dressed.

The two continue driving down a dark road in silence, Poppy finally breaks it.

“Whose mind did you first read?” Poppy asks.

“My mothers, she was cleaning downstairs and I could hear her in my bedroom. It freaked me out you know, I told them and they told me to keep it a secret. I got use to it and as you know I know how to use it now.” Adam tells him.

“Sometimes I wished I had power.” Poppy admits.

“It’s not worth it, to hear what others think.” Adam says.

Poppy tries to picture hearing the thoughts of others daily.

“Do you feel what they feel?” Poppy asks.

“Every minute of the day except when I am with you.” Adam confesses.

The rain begins to harden making it hard for Adam too see much of the road. Poppy looks through the windshield and he can see perfect, as if it’s not even raining.


Chapter Seven

Alex- Palms, California

Palm High-School students cheer as their track star Alex Campbell competes in a track meet. Alex loves listening to his friends cheer him on. If he wins this one it will be his 100th win in all eight years running track. He feels himself speed up, but slows down just to avoid being noticed.

Alex knows what he is, even if he doesn’t allow others to know. Being a Species in high-school was worst than being the biggest loser. He is the top junior, homecoming court, student council and track star.

His girlfriend, Jordyn, is his right wing. Young, beautiful, and stars is how the two made each other feel. Jordyn is the head cheerleader and President of Social Honors Club.

Alex passes the finish line not feeling the least bit out of breath. The crowd cheers as the announcer congrats Alex on yet another win.

Alex high-fives some of his buddies and grabs Jordyn kissing her as the newspaper snaps a photo of the two.

“You keep on winning.” Jordyn says.

“It helps that I have the best girlfriend.” He kisses her again.

Jordyn blushes lightly as Alex looks behind her at the bleachers. Andrew, another junior looks at him but shows no facial expression. Alex smiles at Andrew but Andrew looks away.

“Catch you later babe. I got to freshen up.” Alex says to Jordyn kissing her and slapping her butt before racing off into the locker room.

Once in the locker room, Alex takes his shirt off and splashes water onto his face. He looks around to see the locker room is empty. He hears a thud from behind him and jumps trying to control his super-speed.

He laughs once he realizes the locker room is still empty and continues to change clothes.

“Good job.” Alex turns around to see Andrew.

“Thanks.” Alex quickly puts his shirt back on.

“Look, Andrew, I have a girlfriend. I have a great life. This...whatever it was that happened the other night, it can’t happen again.” Alex says with hurt in his eyes.

Andrew tries to not show the hurt in his own eyes but Alex can tell. Out of the entire guys Alex knew Andrew made something in him stir. Andrew made Alex feel human and normal.

“Nobody will ever know.” Andrew tells him.

Alex grabs his hand, not sure what he is doing. He pulls Andrew close to his shirtless body and looks him in the eyes.

“We can’t, not here.” Andrew says.

“I don’t care.” Alex kisses Andrew tightly on the lips.

He does care, he would never tell anybody about this. This was the secret between the two of them.


Chapter Eight

Andy repositions himself for the fifth time in the ten minutes he’s been sitting here. He is waiting for a job interview for a local nightclub called Comfort. A part of him is hoping he will stay in this place longer than he has the past three places. An older man, he reminds Andy of a Creation but he knows Creations don’t work normal jobs. His scent is strong and sends Andy into high alert; he feels his power coming on.

“Mr. Campbell, it’s a pleasure to put a face to a resume. I’m Mr. Heart the owner of Comfort.” Mr. Heart’s voice is deep and old, almost making Andy want to leave.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you too.” Andy says sending off a wave of pheromones which doesn’t seem to faze Mr. Heart.

“I see you are interested in being one of our shot boys.” Mr. Heart states as he looks over paperwork.

“The job calls for a good time and I love a good time.” Andy grins and tries to see Mr. Heart’s past.

This was a second ability Andy gathered, he could see the past crimes any human committed.  Mr. Heart’s past was blank and Andy felt something was behind this.

“Are you alright Mr. Campbell? You seem a little…distracted” Mr. Heart says.

Andy stares at him as the scene around him changes and he is pulled into a memory.

“You never once just wanted to get up and run away?” Kyle, his boyfriend asks him.

The two are side by side each other on the grass. The sun shines on both of their faces and they hold hands.

“I don’t know, I feel like there is too much here for us to just run away.” Andy tells him.

“I would do it. I would give all of this up for you.” Tommy looks at him, and Andy stares at the sun.

“Do you ever ask yourself what you would be? If you weren’t a Species?” Tommy asks.

“Never.” Andy says.

“Come on, you can be anything you want. What do you dream of at night?” Tommy sits up asking.

“I have always wanted to travel the world. See the sunset on the border of California and the ocean.” Andy admits.

“Let’s go! Let’s go now!” Tommy jumps up and pulls Andy up, Andy just laughs and the two dance around some.

“I never want to lose you.” Tommy whispers into his ear.

Andy is now looking at Mr. Heart who seems to be annoyed now. He doesn’t know what made him think of that memory, which was a past life, a long time ago.

“Mr. Campbell? Are you alright?” Mr. Heart asks again.

“I’m PG.” Andy hopes he didn’t just screw this interview up.

He focuses all his attention on using his powers and the scent of roses fills the room. Mr. Heart drops his pen and tries to stop himself from jumping over the table and banging the guy’s brain out.

“I need this job, badly, Mr. Heart.” Andy says in a sweet, kind, voice.

“I’ll do anything to get you to work for me. Can you start tonight?” Mr. Heart slurs.

“So be it.” Andy smiles, gathers his jacket and walks out the door.










Chapter Nine

Debbie types zombies into her computer once more hoping to find something new. These poor people are dying by the bunch. No, not dying, becoming creatures.

She hears a light knock on the door, not sure who would be visiting her now, she slowly walks to her door. She opens it up, blinded by the sun and Winslow’s beautiful face. She reminded herself that he wasn’t real, nothing he felt was real.

“Miss. Debbie, I must check up on you. You were attacked by zombies the other night.” Winslow tells her.  

“Yes, I know this.” Debbie regrets how bitchy she sounds.

“I must make sure you are not infected.” Winslow informs her.

“Well, you can see I’m not. Have a good day now.” She goes to close the door but Winslow pushes it back open.

“No, I need to inspect.” Debbie looks down and notices Winslow is holding some kind of kit.

She rolls her eyes and allows him to pass into the house.

He follows her into the kitchen, setting his kit down. He opens it pulling out a flashlight. He grabs her face and shines the flashlight into her eyes looking at them.

“Are you kidding me?” Debbie backs away from him seeing spots in her eyes.

“I don’t want to do this anymore than you do.” Winslow says.

“I get it you have to.” Debbie feels sort of bad, if Winslow went against what he was told he could be shut downed.

“May I see one of your hands?” Winslow asks.

Debbie reaches a hand out; Winslow grabs it, poking her finger, and squeezing blood onto a testing strip.

“This must get old after a while.” Debbie says putting a band-aid on her finger.

“I am still very young.” Winslow says not understanding what Debbie met.

“Do you feel human? Do you feel emotions?” Debbie asks.

Winslow looks at her and he looks away feeling dumb that he can’t understand her questions.

“Sorry. You kill any zombies lately.” Debbie changes the subject.

“You tested negative for the disease.” Winslow dodges the question and packs his kit back up.

“Awesome.” Debbie puts two thumbs up.

“Are you going to kick me out me out now?” Winslow smirks.

Debbie giggles and closes her laptop.

“I am curious Winslow. Are there any good zombies?” Debbie asks.

“Not that I have come across. I have a hard time believing there is any good in this world. Humans blame the species but they are rushing to kill each other.” Winslow states.

Debbie is shocked by this statement, for the first time Winslow sounded like a human.

“When you are created do they give you a life? Memory?” Debbie asks.

“No. We are created in the perfect image.” Winslow looks at Debbie and shakes his head.

“I should go.” He says picking up his kit and racing out the door.

Debbie watches him drive off in his government car. She feels something inside of her but quickly pushes it away.



© Copyright 2017 Aaron Estes. All rights reserved.


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