Future of Warfare Chapter 2

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This is chapter 2 of my story Future of Warfare. It was late to post and I hope you enjoy!

BTW, I am 11 years old :D

Submitted: September 13, 2015

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Submitted: September 13, 2015




First Mission



7 years later…


“Wake up, soldiers!” yelled a familiar voice. I stood up and managed to open my eyes. It was Sean, like always, that woke us all up. He swiped his fingers across his mini touchscreen on his wrist and turned on the lights. Now I saw him for easily, he was wearing his exo suit, grapple launcher, stun line launcher, and other attachments. 

“This isn’t a drill, a society of terrorists called Chaos has set a bomb inside a building filled with thousands of innocent citizens so…” he continued talking about how we should stop the terrorists, and I noticed everyone was changing into their battle gear. 

“…and we must stop the bomb from detonating, so suit up,” I put on my exo, attached the jetpack, the stun line launcher, grapple, EMPs, grenades, plasma bombs, lightning grenades, mini teleporters, cloak, and other advanced attachments. 

After everyone was done putting on their battle gear, we head outside and got in our hover bikes and started to go towards the building. When we were a fair distance away from the building, about 1 3/4 miles away from the building. 

“Send in a scout to spy on them,” Sean said quietly. I could tell why, he saw a few Chaos terrorists guarding the doorway. I put on my thermal googles to see if more people were there. I saw another 6 people that were cloaked, but no one else. 

“Jack,” a voice to my right said. I turned to looked at him. It was Dan, my only friend I made over the years. “You nervous? ‘Cause I am, how long ’til that bomb blows?”

I set up a countdown on my touchscreen watch and it showed 19:53. 

“About 20 minutes, we should have en d I flinched at how painful that must’ve been. We landed after slow-mo was turned off and I realized I was breathing pretty quickly. Them we continued into the building.

I saw another 3 people behind a door and shot through the door. They fell to the ground and we broke through the door. I turned on x-ray vision again on my goggles and saw a giant robot through the door. I looked closer and saw a person was inside it and it was controlling it.

“That’s a RobSuit. Ridiculous name but not my fault. It has strong armor that bullets can’t easily pass through, an EMP launcher, a retractable energy knife attached in the arm that can extend to up to 3 feet, and an energy-based gatling gun on it’s arm and another two small ones on its shoulder. There are stronger ones that can annihilate easily. Be careful. Their weaknesses are EMPs, rockets, lightning grenades, and grapples,” Sean informed. Breach, slow-mo EMP, and lightning. That was our plan. 

We breached the door and I turned on slow-mo. I threw a lightning grenade that hit the RobSuit and it hit the two men and the RobSuit. The two men fell but the robot just stumbled. It stood back up and slow-mo turned off. Uh-oh.

Sean threw an EMP and the RobSuit stumbled back again. It shot it’s gatling gun and we all dived away from the line of fire. One bullet nearly grazed Dan’s leg, but missed. Then later Sean took out his stun line and shot it. It paralyzed the robot for a while which gave me a chance to shoot. I hit the person’s chest and the man went limp. The suit fell and the man was ejected out quickly and the flying body hit me and Dan and we went flying with the body. We hit the wall and my whole back shook suddenly with pain and a feeling like pins and needles. Me and Dan fell to the ground and groaned. Sean came over to help us up.

“I forgot to tell you guys to move out of the way. The ejector seat is stronger that a sonic wave blaster being shot at someone, which I have, and so do you guys. You all right?” Sean said.

I weakly nodded my head and forced myself the stand. Dan stayed on the ground and continued groaning. 

“You know, that suit’s still functional. You could use it,” Sean said, smiling. The countdown said 10:49. I shrugged and got in the suit. It was hard but interesting and I turned it back on. Every holographic screen around me activated and I started walking around. I looked at Sean and smiled. Sean was carrying Dan and I started to walk towards the next door. I breached it and used the gatling gun to shoot the 5 terrorists behind it. It felt good to be this powerful, then suddenly, out of nowhere, a rocket came flying out of nowhere and hit me. 

I felt lots of pain and fell to the ground. I heard Sean yell and I was suddenly ejected and hit a convenient mattress on the wall. Sean ran towards me and asked if I was alright. I weakly nodded my head but I wasn’t that alright. He helped me up and helped me walk. Dan was alright and threw a lightning grenade which got everyone. Nice one I thought. I managed to walk on my own without the help of Sean. I took back out my gun and started to run. I stumbled and Sean caught me from falling.

“Take it nice and easy. Don’t rush,” Sean advised. I jogged which didn’t cause me to stumble which was good and I managed to run again, but my vision was a bit fuzzy, but I could still see enemies and thermal. Then Sean patted me on the back and I turned around. 

He looked frightened. He showed me the countdown and I widened my eyes. 

It was 5:23.

There wasn’t enough time so we used our jetpacks to fly out, and we saw the rest of the group fly out as well from different places. The group gathered up below the trees about 500 meters away from the building. Then I realized someone was missing. Adam was gone. The most friendly soldier in the group, our only source of happiness, my only other friend, everyone loved him. It started to rain hard, and I looked back at the countdown. 




Sean decided to call him through his phone, surprisingly he answered.

The rain was falling hard, and Adam was still inside the building. The rest of the group couldn’t help him. 

“Get out of there!” yelled Sean at the phone.

The bomb was almost going to blow, and thousands of people, so would he, would die. 

“I’m almost—to the—bomb—,” he replied from the phone.

“There’s no time, your life matters more!” Sean yelled back.

I sighed with worry and fear. If he died, then it would impact the others. He was a friendly guy, and almost everyone’s friend. 

“I—‘m here—just—need to cut the—wires!” he yelled back on the phone, but I could tell he was scared. 

Then suddenly, out of the blue, one of the soldiers started to run towards the building. I realized what he was doing, he was trying to save him. Then a stun line came out of nowhere as well and hit the running soldier. He yelped and fell to the ground, screaming, “NO! We can’t just let him die!”. We had no choice, he couldn’t make it out and he was already too deep to escape. I looked at the countdown and it was close to 0:00.




There was no way he could make it out, unless he managed to defuse the bomb. He won’t make it. I thought. 

“That’s one out of the 10 wires! I can do it!” Adam said from the phone, sounding a little excited.




I got a little more relieved when I heard him say he got one of the wires. But there were still 9 more. I could hear Sean whispering, “Come on…come on…you can make it…”. I wasn’t sure if that was reassuring. 




“Just 6 more wires! Almost there!” he yelled suddenly from the phone. I started to sweat and turned on the holographic screen to see how he was doing. He was doing well and I could see that he was sweating hard, which was likely. He cut 2 more wires and jumped with excitement. “4 more! Almost there!” I heard from the phone which Sean was shaking nervously, as if it might explode. Couldn’t blame him ‘cause we were kind of in the same situation. 




Just as I saw the time, he cut 3 more wires. “WHOO! One more! That’s what I’m talking about!” he clapped his hands and continued on the last one, then suddenly his expression turned grim. The thickest and strongest wire I realized. He got out a stronger blade and started to try to cut the wire. I looked at the time and started to panic.




Adam didn’t have enough time, and by now 6 people have already tried to run into the building to save him, but they all got stunned by the group. He was close to cutting the wire. But not close enough. 




Sean started to scream, “NO! NO! NO!”. And I started to begin the shed tears, for the first time in many years. I forced my self to stay confident, but couldn’t, and neither could the team.




“Almost there…” Adam said.




“Grapple yourself out of there!” yelled a person from the group. “Someone help him…” said another.




“Just a few more seconds…” Adam said.




“Get out of there! Do something to escape! You can’t die!” yelled another from the group.




“No, no, no, no, no, no,” I whispered quickly. Now everyone was yelling ways for him to escape, but none of them would work.




I looked at the hologram and he was crying now, and so was everyone else.




I dropped the hologram and imagined the building exploding. There was no way.




“Please don’t die,” “Just get out of there!” You can do it!” “NO!” everyone was screaming now.




The wire was 4/5 cut now, but that wasn’t good enough. He started to cut the wire quickly and it was almost cut down.




“I’m sorry everyone…” Adam said quietly. 

Then everything happened suddenly. Everyone screamed, including me, “NO!” The hologram shut off and everyone fell to their knees, screaming at the top of their lungs.

“Sorry that I scared you all! BAM! The bomb has been defused! Oooooh! Best prank ever! Ha!” Adam said excitedly. I turned back on the hologram and saw Adam dancing with the big wire cut in half. I wiped my tears and felt some anger, then started to laugh, and then so did Dan, then Sean, then everyone started laughing.

“You thought I was going to be blown up? Well, not today. I was only pretending that I was scared and sweating and struggling to cut the wire. I was cutting slowly!” yelled Adam. He flew off with his jetpack and I looked up from the hologram and saw Adam flying through the sky towards us. Everyone, including Dan, Sean, and me laughed and cheered. He landed and opened his arms, expecting a hug, but got slapped in the face. 

“You scared all of us, why would you do that?” someone from the group said, and later Adam started to smile as complaints from the group started to hit Adam. The mission was over, the bomb was defused, and Adam was safe, and so were we.

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