Future of Warfare Chapter 3

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: War and Military  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is chapter 3 of my story, Future of Warfare, and I hope you enjoy it!

BTW, again, I am 11 years old :D

Submitted: September 13, 2015

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Submitted: September 13, 2015



Chapter 3:

Battle Training



After the mission, everyone was constantly talking about how nervous they got when Adam was still in the building. They were also constantly punching Adam in the arm and saying, “How dare you? We thought you were gonna die!” and so on. I myself also punched him in the arm, but just smiled at him. He admitted he was nervous and scared, but he said he got over it.

After all of the talking, we all went back to sleep ’til the next day.

“Wake up, soldiers!” Sean yelled, waking us all up. “Yesterday, Adam scared all of us because of his cruel prank, but he also defused the bomb which no one dared to do. His heart was set on defusing the bomb which no one else dared to. For his bravery, everyone give him an applause!” 

Everyone began clapping and some people cheered and whistled. Adam smiled and said, “Thank you, Sean,” and bowed. 

“So next time we have a mission like this, we can’t be stopped by the enemies and we need to pass through them quickly, so today, battle training!” Sean said.

Everyone groaned a bit then later understood. Sean told us to change into our battle gear and meet him at the training facility. We all got in our battle gear and we head our way towards the training facility. We saw Sean and we went inside. No one else was inside, except for us. 

“These are the rules, you’ve all been here before but I’ll explain them again. I turn the battlefield on and physical non-lethal holograms will appear and you need to shoot all of them as quick as possible. Be quick before I send in a RobSuit. This is all about teamwork, speed, and strength. Now get into your positions!” Sean instructed.

We all got in our stations and prepared.

“Remember! These holograms only shock you a bit when your hit by a bullet, they don’t cause any major injuries to you, but once your hit, your out!” Sean reminded. “Ready, set, GO!”

He pressed the button and realistic holograms appeared and the map turned into a battlefield, it all looked real, but it wasn’t. I looked behind my back and Sean was gone, like always.

Then a bullet went passed me and hit a guy behind me. He yelped a little and stomped the ground in frustration. He vanished and was out from the game.  I turned back to the fight and saw about 29 holograms and a timer on the top that said “RobSuit release: 1:54” and I started shooting, they vanished once I hit them and they didn’t come back. I got out a lightning grenade and threw it, it hit five holograms and Dan right next to me gave the thumbs-up. I returned it and continued paying attention to the battlefield. The last hologram disappeared and a buzzer sounded. The battlefield disappeared and I saw Sean behind me. 

“Nicely done. Your time was 2:43, new record!” Sean complimented. “Now we’ll do another—“

He was interrupted by the screen which said “ERROR!” He tapped over the touchscreen, looking a bit confused.

“That’s weird, this never happened before. It was as if someone was hacking us. Let me check,” Sean said. He tapped again and widened his eyes. “It’s Chaos! There hacking into our system! Everyone get out of the—“ He was cut off as he vanished and the battlefield returned. This time, it was different. The enemies looked different. They looked like the terrorists from the building fight yesterday. I looked closely and saw that they were and I started to get a bit nervous.

“Well well. Look what we have here. We just happened to find the most convenient spot to wipe you all out,” one of the terrorists said. 

“Y-Your just holograms!” said one guy from our group. He stood up and charged with his gun forward.

The terrorist shot him and fell to the ground, shrieking in pain.

He shook around and held the spot where the terrorist shot him.

“Somebody help me!” he screamed. The terrorist smiled and said, “You really think we’re holograms? Don’t believe so. Send in the RobSuits!” the same terrorist said.

I stared in shock as the soldier went limp, but he didn’t disappear.

The terrorists were real.

Everyone looked frightened when they looked at the body. Then something happened that made me panic.

Five RobSuits appeared, ready to fight. Everyone took out lightning grenades and threw them, but the terrorist just deflected them with some invisible force that was around them.

What is that? Some kind of shield? I thought.

I tried shooting but it just got deflected. The RobSuits were shooting and hit one man who fell to the ground and went limp instantly. 

Come one, Jack, think how to beat them…

My thoughts were interrupted when a bullet nearly hit my head and I dodged and the last second. Dan stared at me and looked scared. So was I. I took out my shock line launcher and shot it at the RobSuit, it made them stumble and freeze for a minute, but it didn’t seem to do any major damage. I got down as another shock line went pass my head. Then a stun line went flying and hit my leg. My leg instantly felt paralyzed and I couldn’t move it. I shrieked in agony as the stun went through my leg. I ripped it off and the pain seemed to ease and I crawled away from the stun line and back behind the short wall. I rubbed my leg, but I still couldn’t move it. I knew that the paralyzation only lasted for about 5 minutes, but it felt like an hour. It finally healed but it still felt a little numb. I tried standing but I stumbled. Then an idea came into my head.

If Sean made holograms, then why can’t we? I thought.

I went into my touchscreen hologram screen and tried to access the training facility. I went into it and tried to call in RobSuits. I thought it didn’t work, but later I saw 10 holographic RobSuits and they all shot the terrorists. They stumbled back when the bullets hit their shield. How are holographic bullets stronger than real bullets? I wondered. Then I saw three men down and limp on our side and I covered my mouth and gasped. Three men dead and we only have 19 left. 

I looked back up and saw that the blue shields around the terrorists were gone and I took the advantage. I shot with all my might and they all fell to the ground. 

Everyone was down except the RobSuits. Our holographic RobSuits were gone and there were still 2 RobSuits left. One of them went forward and used his grapple to grab me. The claws closed around my exo and sent electricity down the metal claw. I never felt so much pain and I screamed, but 5 seconds later, which felt like hours, the claw was cut off by Dan and the pain stopped. I fell to the ground and rolled onto my back. I saw Dan holding out his hand to help me up. But then later I saw the RobSuit run towards Dan and he didn’t notice ’til he was smacked further than 20 feet. He hit a tree and went limp. I tried to scream but I couldn’t. My eyesight was blurry and I saw a RobSuit lean over me and reaching out his hand. Just as the large hand was an inch away from me. It disappeared and so did the battlefield. I looked around and managed to see Sean holding ripped wires. He was panting and stared in shock at me and Dan and the three dead men. He dropped the wires and fell to knees and said, “No…” and he ran towards me and shook me around. 

“Speak to me!” he yelled. I managed to say, “I’m fine,” and I tried to stand. I stumbled but Sean helped me up. My back had that pins-and-needles feeling, only more painful, and I groaned with pain. He got out a chair and let me sit. My eyesight cleared out and I saw the rest of the group and they were panting and sweating. They decided to lie down on the floor and just lie down. Sean was talking to Dan, who woke up and was talking back and look like he might pass out soon. Sean helped him and put him in another chair next to me. I patted his back and I did the thumbs-up towards him and he managed a weak smile. Then he began to sleep. I felt like sleeping myself and let my body rest. I was thinking about if the terrorist would come back and we would have a worse situation. If we could only do that well against 15 terrorists and five RobSuits and without Sean, I would’ve been a goner. I decided to let myself sleep. I dreamed about my family back at home with terrorists invading there home and robbing our house. My mom crying as my little brother, Joe, was being grabbed and taken away. Then I dreamed of me fighting in a major war and with Dan and Sean by my side. Then the dreams faded and I went into a deep sleep with no dreams or interruptions.

© Copyright 2020 Aaron Zhu. All rights reserved.

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