the story of a boy recovering from suicide attempt

It hurts, the pain shown by the color red running down his arms
Knowing the danger in front of him he continues forward
Feeling the yanking un his gut, he ignores the light calling to him
Wanting nothing more than to be worthy, to not have to look over his shoulder every time he
Speaks a word
Someone is after him and he doesn’t know why, he cant see his worth
The pain and the memories slowing him down
Maybe he wants to go, would that possibly take away all the bad that he has seen and felt
To allow someone to spill his blood in attempt to not spill it himself
Allowing himself to slow, the memories chasing him catch up
All the pent up anger and fear for the day this would come
He feel his cheeks moisten while his arms turn red
Fading into the darkest place he knows, he dreams of what will come
Is there something after this, all the pain and fear
Will there be peace at the end of the line… will he allow his demons to take him there
The possibilities circling the space between his past and his future, avoiding the now
Feeling the energy drain from him he can smell the blood surrounding his lost mind
Finally drifting away all he can hear is the song of voices, voices calling him back to the
World he hates
To the people that cant heal him, and the drugs that will only numb him
Laying in the room now, all he can hear is the beeping of the no-so-sorry machines forcing him to stay alive
Another attempt lost, never will he find the peace he longs
For another dark day will just bring another sad memory to chase him
With his mind unsettles, he allows himself to breath and accept the help the world offers
Only with the hopes that something, someone… can take him from this place and allow him
To see the ones past
To feel the freeness of no blood more pain. No gravity to hold him down
One day he will float to the clouds he has been desperately trying to reach 

Submitted: January 26, 2010

© Copyright 2023 AaRon32684. All rights reserved.

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