Empty souls Lost

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i am having a very off day... so i wrote.

Submitted: February 04, 2010

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Submitted: February 04, 2010



Frustration growing in my gut, I can feel my pain urging to escape
Always feeling put down… I’m never good enough
Every idea in my mind, stupid
Every move I make, wrong…
Trying and willing myself to be what they want me to
My heart hurts knowing I will never be right
All I every wanted was to be what you want me to be
To be accepted, to be loved
Never pretty enough, never skinny enough
All my thoughts on paper, never written well enough
My heart constantly torn into pieces by the words of others
I can see all the things I want… my alternate life looking me in the eye
Like a bridge I can’t cross, soft fingers reaching out to me
Eyes wide with the realization it’s not the hand I long for
Every second of each moment I can feel myself breaking down
Tapering the pieces of my soul together, trying not to fall apart
As I feel the warm tears forming in the corners of my eyes
Passion that I once held, slipping from my core
It spills out, seeping into the open ground
Swallowed by my insecurities
Thoughts taunting me… what I will become
All the things I can not have flaunted in front of me
Begging me to reach out and touch them, yet pulling away when I try
I feel empty
My body aching for fullness
I am lost… only he can save me
Wondering what it would be like, the paths not crossed
Would I be happy, wholeness surrounding my body
My insides turining out in attempt to take it all in
Though all along knowing time would run thin, the road would fork forcing change For my fate is never changing
The happy ending I will never see

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