if your faith is strong for God, this is probably not the poem for you. i dont have a faith/religion and this happens to be my views on it.

Praying for the ground to take me, drowning in the sorrow of my tears
Listening to all the jokes and the laughs
The world turning whether I’m on it or not…
Brown hair, blue eyes… none of those things matter
We all are pawns in his world of terror and resentment
Hating who he has made me to be, longing to believe he has control
No proof of love above or below for the soul I hold within
Mangled bodies and hurt minds dwelling inside happy faces
Walking on the cold earth, not seeing the flame burning inside
Wanting to be happy, to be whole… were is he to make this happen
Hiding in his heavens were he can’t help the ones who ask
Tears filling rivers and anger filling hearts, wonder filling minds
Little boys dying and little girls being raped
Murder and pain lining the streets we walk on…
Hundreds staring at the sky… thousands giving into the ground
He hasn’t come to save me, to save us
Celebrating his birthday doesn’t make him real, doesn’t make him whole
Someone, something to give them hope, to make them sane
Never would my father allow me to suffer, allow me to wilt in pain
He wouldn’t watch on as I lost all the matters
Wanting to lose myself, hoping that he will let me fall
Never will we know, up from down, left from right
We know what we are taught…
Awaiting the day when it will be proved… 25 long years
Maybe to fall, to be gone, dead… can I prove it then
Can I prove that I mattered and he didn’t
That he wasn’t my reason for living and that with or without him I live
For he is not my father, he is just a fairy tale
A dream, a story that over years has been written into word
Word will not save me…

Submitted: January 26, 2010

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