hurting and hiding.

I can feel my stomach twisting
Hurting… wondering why I feel this way
Pain and anger hurling itself from my veins
Releasing the hate in forms of blood and sweat
Feeling sick inside, watching black shadows pass
Seeing all the evil faces burning into my soul
All I want to do is cry… cry everything away
Putting up a front, being someone I am not
Running away from who I should be to mask the truth inside
Stabbing knifes in my gut… wishing I had not seen what I have
To not know what I know
The sad earth wilting in the sky of the sun
Knowing that one day, with out choice it will come to an end
Tearing back at the layers, not wanting to be exposed
Urging someone to look inside. past the muscle, past the fat. Into the pain
Drugged up and falling down… feeling the devils pull
Knowing that still… and forever, I will be alone
Me and the pain, the blood… all the horrors of a failing life
Dreams falling into the cracks of never ending worry
To be hidden… it’s the only thing I know.

Submitted: January 26, 2010

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